All-Unemployed Team update: Kevin Smith among six new additions


PFT’s All-Unemployed Team said goodbye to two of its charter members Tuesday. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw is off to Indianapolis, with defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis on his way to Chicago.

Each signing makes a lot of sense. When healthy, Bradshaw is a starter-caliber back, and Ellis was the No. 7 overall pick five years ago. Both players are experienced and in their primes. Bradshaw is 27, with Ellis turning 28 in July.

Bradshaw was the last relatively young featured back left on the market. Michael Turner and Cedric Benson have each been lead backs, but both will be 31 by the end of the 2013 regular season. Peyton Hillis and Beanie Wells also have experience in this role, but Hillis’ 2010 breakout season seems long, long ago, and Wells’ durability is something of a question.

Ultimately, we tabbed Kevin Smith to take Bradshaw’s place on the All-Unemployed Team. Smith is only 26, and he’s shown some spark in limited action with Detroit in the last two seasons. Smith also has injury concerns, but he looks capable of holding down a roster spot, and his versatility is also a plus.

That said, teams looking for a power back might prefer Benson or Turner. Wells, meanwhile, is just 25 years old. But there isn’t a clear-cut top back on the market with Bradshaw gone.

To replace Ellis, we turned to longtime Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton. Yes, Ellis is a 4-3 tackle, while Hampton has played in the 3-4 throughout his 12-year career. Nevertheless, it was time to get a nose guard on the team.

In other All-Unemployed Team news, we have a new fullback: ex-Raven Vonta Leach. We don’t expect him to be on the club too long.

There are also several new names at linebacker. Thomas Howard and Chris Gocong join the mix at outside linebacker, and Bart Scott was added at inside linebacker.

Finally, the Patriots’ signing of Tim Tebow didn’t necessitate any new additions to the club. Vince Young remains the quarterback — and is all the more the best option available now that Tebow is off the market.

16 responses to “All-Unemployed Team update: Kevin Smith among six new additions

  1. “Vince Young remains the quarterback ”

    I disagree.

    Id roll out a bloated, out of shape, gimp knee Daunte Culpepper before Id ever call Vince Young.

  2. Kevin Smith is actually a stud if you look at his YPC for the last few seasons.. You’d think he slept with the coach’s wife for the way they abruptly phased him out in favor of LeShouretyardage last season

  3. What happened to Hillis? The guy was a beast until he started trying to get a better contract and had all those hamstring setbacks. I never really believed in the Madden Curse but damn…

    I still think he can be extremely effective on the right team. He’s a huge guy that can run the ball, catch that ball out of the back field and hurdle over people. Plenty of teams that have worse RBs. I can seem him being beneficial to teams like the Cowboys. Remember when Romo used to dink and dunk those passes off to Felix Jones in 3rd and longs and fail miserably. Hillis is more like a RB/TE combo and you know how Romo loves his TEs. Heck, convert him back to Fullback and have him on the field with Demarco Murray. If the Hillis of 2010 could show his face that would be scary.

  4. Browns need to swoop in with that salary cap and pick Leach and wells, More Leach that Wells. Leach is a need and Wells is a statewide sell tickets hero type, even with the injury.

  5. @antalicus
    Hillis has never been the same since reading his own headlines and that thing with the C.I.A. didn’t help.
    If you look up headcase in the dictionary you see Hillis’s picture.

  6. Beanie Wells is the definition of “just a guy”. he runs into the line and falls down. Never saw a single play the guy made that ever impressed me and unfortunately I love my family very much so I watched the frickin Cardinals every weekend for the last 3 years. You could replace him with anyone with those same measurables and get the same production. he is not skilled at football in any way, he’s just a 25 year old in good shape.

  7. Once and for all. Vince Young does not have then mental capacity to play quarterback in the NFL for a sustained period of time. He hit it hard and once it was figured out he’s done. He’s not worth the risk given his instability, immaturity but more than that his mental deficiency.

  8. “Kevin Smith is actually a stud if you look at his YPC for the last few seasons.”

    Apparently we’re thinking about different Kevin Smiths. The one I watched averaged 3.6 yards per carry last year and may be the only player in the NFL with a negative yards-after-contact.

  9. Thereisalwaysnextyear: You are SO right. I am fairly certain that even if he hit the film room, slept with the playbook, or even LIVED in the training facility, he simply does NOT have the mental acuity to assimilate the complexities of the professional game. It is the only explanation that makes sense. He SHOULD be able to function as a backup, however reserves need to know the playbook and read defenses as well as the starter, AND step up at a crucial moment in time. VY would be on a team if he could demonstrate these aspects of the game. Good call.

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