Bears sign Sedrick Ellis


The Bears had one free spot on their 90-man roster at the start of business on Tuesday, but they’ll close the day with a full complement of players.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bears have signed defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis. Ellis visited with the Bears last week, part of a tour that also included stops in Detroit and New England for the seventh overall pick of the 2008 draft.

The Saints were the team that picked Ellis in that draft, but he never really lived up to the lofty draft status during his five years in New Orleans. Although he started 70 games for the Saints, Ellis turned out to be more of a solid piece than the building block he looked like he might be when he came out of college.

Solid would likely suit the Bears’ needs for an option behind Henry Melton and Stephen Paea on their depth chart at defensive tackle.

16 responses to “Bears sign Sedrick Ellis

  1. Nice move by Chicago, hopefully he will play up to the potential that got him drafted #7…And IMO you are not a massive bust if you play well, even if some people may feel you didn’t live up to expectation.

    Go Bears!

  2. Ellis is definately not a bust. Very few players, even very high draft picks, turn out to be Hall of Famers or even Pro Bowlers. Ellis has been a solid (if unspectacular) player. It’s just another case where media hype turned the public’s expectations way above what is realistic.

  3. No he’s a bust. The term bust has everything to do with where you were drafted compared to how you perform. Which is why you never hear about a fifth round pick being a ‘bust’. Good depth player, crappy first round pick= bust. But it’s still a good signing for the Bears. Part of a rotation is exactly where Ellis belongs.

  4. Little bit lazy and streaky but he can be a good player when he’s got a good two-gap DT playing next to him. If you are counting on him to anchor the middle of the line though, you’re gonna be disappointed.

  5. To me a bust is a guy who played lights-out in college, got drafted in the first round, then sucked at the pro level…A guy who played well in college, got drafted high, and continued to play well should not be labeled a bust…Not his fault the GM may have ‘reached’ when making the pick…In a case like that, you can say he was drafted too high, but not that he’s a bust. JaMarcus Russell and Cade McNown were busts…Not Sedrick Ellis.

  6. Guys that are signed a month before training camp shouldn’t fall under the ‘guy who’ll provide some depth’ category. He has to make the 53 first to prove his worth. There’s a reason he went 4 plus months without a deal.

  7. You Bear fans are delusional.

    Any Saints fan will tell you they are happy to see Sed go, as he didnt provide much beyond laziness here in NOLA.

    After winning the SB, he checked out and been nothing but a headache since.

    He has a 1/2 sack in his last 30 games. 30 games!!!

    Good riddance.

  8. So the Bears trade away their massive first round bust, and fill the empty roster spot with another team’s massive first round bust. I can dig it.

  9. Good pick up Emery. the D-line he
    is playing on will make him better and he will have a chance to rest.
    NOW Ellis plays defense in Chicago
    so he knows he has to play his best.

  10. a guy w/ 70 starts a massive bust?

    Sed didn’t have guys like Peppers and Melton who command a bit more attention than anyone the saints had on that line.

  11. Great pick up will smith shined with Ellis pushing on the pocket and he’s a backup player the bears on paper look ready to make a deep run into the playoffs besides backup qb weakest position is FB

  12. Sed needs to stay away from the buffet and feast on NFC North meat like Rodgers, Ponder and the goof in Detroit.. Come on big man you are a Bear now.. That Defensive pride has to get in that big gut and dig in big boy!! Go Bears !!

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