Chad Johnson seeks shortened sentence

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Yes, Judge Kathleen McHugh should free Chad Johnson.  Through the lawyer whose butt Chad slapped to spark his 30-day sentence, the former NFL receiver officially has asked to be released.

Per the Associated Press, attorney Adam Swickle filed a motion on Tuesday asking Judge McHugh to reconsider the decision to reject a plea deal and incarcerate Johnson.

On Monday, she was poised to approve an agreement that would have rectified Johnson’s probation violation (he missed meetings with his probation officer after last year’s plea of no contest to charged of assaulting his wife) by extending the term of the probation to December 21 and imposing 25 hours of community service.  But when Johnson gave Swickle a playful pat on the rear end and the courtroom reacted with laughter, McHugh pulled the plug on the arrangement.

“Mr. Johnson has been a professional football player in the National Football League for 11 years and patting another individual on the backside is viewed as a sign of respect and gratitude,” Swickle writes in the official paperwork.  “It is clear that the court misinterpreted Mr. Johnson’s interaction with his attorney.”

Swickle also argues that the laughs from the audience were “not Mr. Johnson’s fault and he should not be punished for the actions of third parties.”

It’s all a bit of a stretch.  Johnson knew he wasn’t on a football field.  He knew or should have known that behavior of this type isn’t appropriate in a courtroom.  Instead of blaming the judge for not understanding how football works or on those who merely reacted to what they witnessed, Swickle should simply apologize profusely on behalf of his client and ask the judge to consider whether a 30-day sentence is justified under the circumstances.

Actually, the better approach would have been for Swickle to submit a one-page motion attaching a handwritten letter from Johnson in which he admits that he was wrong and seeks another chance to comply with the terms of his probation.

Flimsy excuses based on strained logic won’t do much to persuade Judge McHugh that she should relent.  A heartfelt acceptance of responsibility and a clear demonstration that Johnson has finally learned his lesson will.

40 responses to “Chad Johnson seeks shortened sentence

  1. OMG! Knock it off Chad..its 30 days in the county jail..Not 2 years in State Prison..You can sleep that off.. my guess is you wont do over 15-20

  2. How about a request from the attorney asking for her to cut him a break because she publicly endorsed his great lawyer skills only to then shortchange him and make him look like an idiot when he didn’t step up and fight for his client when it really counted. I’m no legal expert but no way in hell I’d have let that go down without an aggressive and passionate challenge. His response was extremely weak and pathetic. He didn’t put much thought or effort towards trying to help his client, and seemed like a pretty lousy attorney to me.

  3. boo hoo! how many people who are not celebs or famous can violate probation and not be punished for it? he would not be getting a second chance but a third if she let’s him get away with this. probation instead of hail was his second chance and he failed to meet the terms now he has to do the time. maybe if more judges said you had your chance and now you have to do the time crime would not be so bad.

  4. “It is clear that the court misinterpreted Mr. Johnson’s interaction with his attorney.”

    Good luck with that. If the original action was enough to be held in contempt of court, poking the Judge with a stick after the fact might double his sentence.

    On the bright side, Johnson (and HBO) might be able to parlay his prison time into a reality spinoff of Hard Knocks.

  5. Fact: If I had assaulted my wife there would not have been a plea deal to pull off of the table if I acted out of line in a court of law.

    Fact: If I had allowed myself to be in this type of situation, I would not slap my lawyer on the bum in celebration of the plea deal to begin with.

    Fact: If Chad Johnson wants this kind of street cred, 30 days is not that bad. Just ask Mike Vick.

    Fact: Chad Johnson should not have assaulted his wife to begin with. Then a plea deal would never have been there to be pulled off the table.

    Fact: Chad Johnson was a bum of a player that had talent. Now he is just a bum that unfortunately has just under 25 million reasons to live. Sad.

  6. How about you extend his community service, actually something positive for the world instead of putting someone in jail for a butt slap

  7. Classic example of a judge abusing their power. I could care less about a football player getting thrown in the pokey for a month but I do care about judge who wields its power emotionally because they felt slighted. Makes me sick.

  8. So if he does the jail time, won’t that mean his probation would be done, these days people are doing a third of their sentence, especially in california, I think he could do ten days and be out!
    Don’t bend, don’t break, could be done with soon!

  9. “laughs from the audience were ‘not Mr. Johnson’s fault and he should not be punished for the actions of third parties.'”

    Well, I’ll agree with him there. Reaction of the audience is what doomed Johnson.

    Judge should’ve let the chuckleheads have it.

  10. I fully agree. There is a time & place for everything. I can see the attorneys point, but you have to be smarter than that. In a court of law? c’Mon. You reap what you sow.

  11. Look, Ocho Cinco was wrong; you shouldn’t be goofing around in court, especially when you’re there to make up for missing an earlier probation meeting.

    But 30 days for a joke butt slap? Come on. That’s pretty obvious grandstanding. She’s like the Joey Crawford of judges.

  12. patsarethegoat says:
    Jun 12, 2013 12:06 AM
    Why is he on profootballtalk when he doesn’t even play pro football anymore. who cares

    Clearly, you do.

  13. I like Chad, but smacking his lawyer on the backside is a clear sign of immaturity. Immaturity proves why you were in the courtroom to start, not why you should get leniency. Hate to say it, but Chad needs to grow up and legitimately own the chaos which has become his life and correct it.

  14. If there’s one thing Chad Johnson knows how to do, it’s get released.

  15. Would a fist bump gotten him 15 days? High 5, 10 days? If he turned for a quick handshake would he be free?

    I cant understand what he did wrong to get the plea deal rejected.

  16. He obviously doesn’t get it, increase his sentence to a couple of years to help him.

    Maybe he’ll get it then.

  17. Actually, I’m not sure why that pat-on-the-butt could be seen as disrespectful by any reasonable person. Judge might’ve been PMSing or Chad Johnson might’ve reminded her of somebody who knocked up her daughter or whatever, but it’s irrational to take offense at that simple gesture – it’s not like he groped his butt or goosed him. Just a pat on the butt. Period.

  18. So we are going to spend more of the tax payers money to house this man just because the judge wants to have a power trip? Why not just increase the community service hours required and lengthen the probation time?

  19. The 30 days is NOT for the butt slap. The 30 days is a result of him beating his wife, having scheduled appearances with a probation officer to avoid this outcome and him missing them. Therefore this is the result. 30 Days in jail.

    Now set the scene….famous athelete in a court room full of other probation violators. He’s as much an entertainer as he is an athelete and goes up to the podium for his hearing. After recieveing a deal the judge didn’t think he deserved for beating his wife and missing his court ordered probation hearings he pulls a move he knows isn’t ok for a court room AND gets chuckles from the “audience”. An “audience” who most likely are a little less interested in respecting this judge than Ocho should be and see him getting away with what he wants….even a deal he didn’t deserve.

    Should this judge be more worried about public opinion not realising why he’s actually in jail or keeping order in a court room probably a little short on people interested in order?

  20. Where’s the racist Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? They should be visiting your cell shortly seeing it was a whitey judge in all! Just sayin’!

  21. Women judges, emotionally driven, not logically driven. Ego slighted by laughter in her courtroom, there you go…. Regardless of the personalities involved, this is an example of one person having too much power… In the blink of an eye one side can do a 180 on an arranged deal for any reason and nobody can do much about it.

  22. You know how at the end of TMZ they have that little thing that goes “I’m a lawyer”? I propose that at the end of florios “legal” articles this is played.

  23. Of course logic will not work, straineed or otherwise, as it requires a judge with humility and be able to admit their reaction was an overreaction. Now, how many see that actually happening? Yeah, me neither.

  24. while ochenta y cinco is an established idiot, the judge was way over the line. the judge had approved the deal, and offered a humorous comment that served no purpose to the proceedings (suggesting that knucklehead thank his lawyer for getting the deal approved). this provoked the pat heard round the world.

    and its clear that the laughter led to a fit of pique as the judge felt one-upped by not getting the funniest part in the script. but to waste the money and time of putting someone in the pokey just because you can is more disrespectful to the justice system than the pat on the ass.

    and to the raider fan: i think some your facts aren’t facts at all……….

  25. I personally think people laughed at the stupidity of it. Pro athlete or not who acts like that in court. Smh wait until you outside to celebrate.

  26. Chad Johnson is what Drs call a sociopath. He doesn’t get along with other people or rules. He makes up his own rules as he strolls along. Court attendees laughed because of something Chad did, which was Chads motive. Judge was correct in 30 days. If I had battered my wife I would have lost my job and jailed, maybe probation. CJ is exactly where he needs to be,,locked up, away from everybody else.

  27. that judge is a classic example of a woman in a place of power abusing the power when she felt slighted. I still can’t believe the look on her face, talk about failure to be impartial and have a huge ego. She looks like someone just stole her cookie and she’s pouting about it, then throwing a tantrum. ridiculous.

  28. He assaulted his wife, He violated probation, and he made a joke out of a judges court room. Most celebrities today feel entitled and think they can do what ever they want. As for the $ for the jail time, expect a portion of that to be added to his restitution. Maybe prison stripes will teach him something Bengal stripes never did… It’s time to grow up Mr. Johnson!

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