Cowboys still believe Josh Brent will be a contributor, some day

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Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent is accused of driving drunk and causing the accident that killed teammate Jerry Brown, and as he may be forced to stay in jail until he stands trial after he tested positive for marijuana. So why don’t the Cowboys just get rid of this guy?

The answer is simple: According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, the Cowboys still believe Brent will be a contributor for them on the field, some day.

Brent’s legal problems make it unlikely that he’ll play at all this year. Even if he were to escape going to prison, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will probably suspend him for a full season, as he did with Donte’ Stallworth, who was forced to sit out the 2009 season after he struck and killed a pedestrian while driving drunk.

But the Cowboys still believe that Brent, whom they drafted in 2010, can be a valuable member of their defensive line, perhaps in 2014. And as a result, they’re likely to keep him on a reserve list and hope he can eventually play again.

29 responses to “Cowboys still believe Josh Brent will be a contributor, some day

  1. I would say how can this guy get another chance, but oh yeah, Leonard Little. It’s the NFL, unless you’re in jail, if you can play you can have a job.

  2. The Josh Brent who was charged with intoxication vehicular manslaughter, and could be facing up to 20 years in prison. I weigh 160lb and have a better shot.

  3. I agree. Why waste your time with this guy? Average player at best and it sends the wrong message with trying to keep him around. The organization doesn’t have to dump him off without assistance. They can still do that, but he doesn’t get an opportunity to play football with the Dallas Cowboys.

  4. Cowboys still think they gonna win Super Bowl with romo someday lol

    Cowboys fan here this team is a joke Talented team but no heart. I will take heart anyday

  5. Yeah, Josh Brent will contribute… he’ll write a weekly Cowboys blog from his prison’s computer room.

  6. Never let it be said that Jerry allowed principles or morality to complicate his decisions.

  7. “Ye without sin cast the first Football” so proclaims the football Messiah Jerrah Jones!!! Wrong is wrong and right is MONEY!

  8. That’s typical Jerrah. He likes to think he’s outsmarted the masses again.

    ‘Murica’s Team.

  9. You’re all missing the point here. He will be a contributor to the Dallas Cowboys. He will be busy in the State penitentiary making the license plates for their cars.

  10. The Cowboys really want a knucklehead like him to be on the team? It sends the wrong message that its okay not to act responsibly and cause serious harm to someone on the Cowboys if a player can contribute. Cut Josh Brent so that other players can see that there are consequences to bad actions.

  11. Be proud Cowboys fans… proud…………and THIS is a perfect example why Jerrah’ the GM versus Jerry the Owner will continue to produce no more than .500 seasons. This is a glaring insight into how Jerry thinks and regards situations. He simply doesn’t have the culture in place to be able ‘rehabilitate’ an obviously poor-character person and yet continues to think that somehow the guy will contribute. Giants, Eagles and Warrior fans must love having Jerrah’ in their division!

  12. This speaks volumes on the ethics of Jerry Jones. There are a lot of teams that would have cut him because of his actions but Jerry has turned America’s Team into America’s Enabler. Thanks for clarifying your priorities for us, Jerry.

  13. The Cowboys are waiting for the conviction and suspension, that way they aren’t on the hook for the remaining bonus money and they can tell Jerry Brown’s mother they helped Josh as long as they possibly could. Werder and everyone above me are a bunch of little pre-school minded losers that have nothing to do but point fingers and gang up on a team they hate. Werder is a crap starting idiot and you all are a bunch of his followers. Which is worse? Get a life.

  14. So damn glad I’ve been a cowboys fan for all these years. Makes me wonder why sometimes, it’s a damn shame this dude is a piece of crap.. I do not support this and I wish the Cowboys didn’t either, that’s why I decided not to buy their gear or attend any games. It’s a damn shame, call me what you will, I’m tired of all the circus antics that has come with this team and that’s why we won’t win a damn thing any time soon..I will still root for my team but not supporting them with buying anything of theirs.

  15. If being as rich as Jerry Jones causes a person to abandon any pretense of decency or conscience like this, I guess I’m glad I’ve never been rich.

  16. Jerry doesn’t want to get ahead of the legal process. Once the courts decides his fate then he can take appropriate action. There are salary cap ramifications if he simply cuts the player. The Cowboys don’t want to keep him but if they make a rash decision they will lose potential cap dollars. For now keeping him is the best option.

  17. I agree that there seems to be special considerations given to celebrities, politicians, etc. But most ppl deserve a second chance! You might just need this someday…….

  18. Let Josh Brent go and cut your loses.
    He is a total mess up. He doesn’t deserve to be a Dallas Cowboy or an NFL football player.
    The Cowboys have a habit of nursing players they shouldn’t keep
    Get a Nose Tackle that is worth some and that can help team instead of hurting the team!!

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