DeSean says team wants to know who starting quarterback will be, too


Honesty may be the best policy, but it also can spark a perceived mutiny.

At a time when Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who does everything fast, has decided to take his time when naming a starting quarterback, Mike Vick has said he’d prefer to know sooner that later — and that Kelly has no problem with such candor.

So why not have more guys join the chorus?

Receiver DeSean Jackson told NFL Network on Tuesday that the rest of the players also would like to have an answer to the question that’s on everyone’s mind.

“I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know,” Jackson said.  “At the same time, the team wants to know too. We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback.”

Jackson admits that the competition between Vick and Nick Foles is a close one.

“I don’t know, it has been kind of even,” Jackson said.

Vick may not be thrilled by that degree of honesty from Jackson, primarily because Vick surely would disagree with the accuracy of the assessment.

It’s all the more reason for the players to find a way to avoid the kind of candor that can cause problems in the locker room and, in turn, on the field.

As the Patriots demonstrate pretty much continuously, just because a question has been asked doesn’t mean it has to be answered.

48 responses to “DeSean says team wants to know who starting quarterback will be, too

  1. And with that news, The dolphins already contacted his agent to schedule a workout

  2. If DeSean is saying it’s “even”, being basically the biggest Vick fan out there, that means Foles has outplayed Vick

    But let’s assume Jackson is right, and it’s been “about even”, if it’s even, why give the nod to the guy with 0 upside over a guy in his 2nd season?

  3. If I’m Chip Kelly I’m wishing Jackson would just shut his hole and let me evaluate my players without talking to me through the media.

  4. Agreed with everything you said, somekat.

    Kelly should give the “team” their wish then and name a starting QB now and name it Nick Foles. Vick serves no purpose here unless they plan on winning a SB this year and they honestly feel that Vick is good enough or the best fit to take them there, because Vick is old, not getting any better and if they are not ready as a team this year, then you need to find your QB of the future.

  5. It makes more sense to name ur starting qb as early as possible. These players get caught up in the coaches game and it affects everyone. Coaches coming out of college seem to be notorious for bringing things down to the wire.

    These starting players need as much reps as they can get together to perform the best they can.

    Then the media asks questions and blow things out of proportion and add to the problems.

  6. It’s hard to imagine Vick taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Foles is the unknown quantity.

    Smart money is on the kid, with the Eagles drafting their QB of the future in the 2014, which looks to be a deep class if Foles is not the answer.

    There is no future with Michael Vick. None.

  7. I wonder if they name Foles the started tomorrow how many would come out and say, hey wait a minute, what I really meant was I wanted Vick to be named the QB. Maybe some of this is what the problem with Philly has been. The inmates thing they run the asylum.

  8. Man, I love ya DeSean, but just catch the ball, get in the end zone, hand the ball to the ref, and go cash your checks. That’s it.

  9. This franchise has bigger problems than QB if Desean is speaking for the “Team”. I hope Chip sticks to his plan and weeds out the prima donnas.

  10. Coach Kelly did the same thing at Oregon….it keeps everyone guessing while the competition more keen. The best will rise to the top and the wannabees watch….Hey Mike, can you handle the truth without crying to the media? We are watching!

  11. Vick is the best QB on that team and
    Vick will fill the seats in that building. he is still the fastest QB in football and gives the Eagles the best chance to go to the playoffs. I dont know what this coach is thinking

  12. With either Vick or Foles, the Eagles should plan on going deep in the playoffs in no time…..soon.

  13. Chip Kelly is showing that he is a college coach. He doesn’t seem to understand the basic concept of stability at the QB position and why you need your #1 QB taking ALL of the snaps in training camp with the 1’s. There is so little time to prepare for a very, very short season. I’ll still keep an open mind, but if Kelly fails I hope Jeff Lurie lets him go before too many seasons go by.

    This isn’t college. You only have so many practices before the season starts by CBA rules. Your #1 QB has to be ready to hit the ground running, so to speak. The coach is making a rookie mistake. Hope it doesn’t derail his career, but I think it might. Once you lose the veteran players, and he is on the verge of doing just that according to inside reports, your reputation never recovers.

  14. Desean is the same guy who went to the coach’s office and yelled at the coach for temporarily demoting him to second team in OTAs.

    The only thing he has going for him is that Vick pushed for former coach Andy Reid to give Desean that 50 mill contract.

    If Desean didn’t have that 10 mill salary hanging around the Eagles neck this year, it might get interesting. Regardless, Vick helped him get his money so now he has to support his biggest supporter.

  15. More is made of this than there needs to be. So DeSean answered a question honestly. So what? Who gets everything they want in life, when they want it? He’ll have to wait, just like all the Eagles fans who will have to wait at least a few more years for a Super Bowl win.

  16. It’s only June and this team is already starting to implode. When will they learn. Jackson is such a punk. Do you want to win a superbowl or just know who your staring QB is?

    The Eagles are slowly become the media circus that is known as the Jets. Maybe it’s the color green.

    Dream Team, Dynasty, Where’s my QB…

    Shut up and play and let the coaches do their job.

  17. He was asked about it, and he answered the questions. You sports fans that hate the athletes are a waste.

  18. I see Foles in my crystal ball with a darn good off. line. With Vic you get an accident waiting to happen. I think fans forget what kind of a line Foles had to work with last year.

  19. If Chip Kelly is running a fast paced practice, and getting in 3 times the reps than the team was doing last year…then even splitting the reps evenly, Vick is still getting more in now than he was last year. I would be more concerned that a QB who can not do simple math will never grasp the offence. What do these players think any coach would see in non contact OTA’s that would settle a competition at any position? Starting jobs are won and lost in training camp. You must earn your spot on the team. Losers expect to have things handed to them, winners go out and take it.

  20. I think Jackson should be concerned with who the starting receivers should be. I think his position is in as much jeopardy as the Q.B. Remember Chip’s adage that big guys beat little guys. I believe as of now Jackson is an expensive punt returner.

  21. The team doesn’t need squat. Foles will take over week 10 and win the super bowl. Remeniscent of Brady’s emergence. Vick is this year’s Bledsoe.

  22. There is no need to name a starting qb until, at minimum, preseason games have been played. Making decisions without the needed information is a recipe for disaster. If the players are uncomfortable, so much the better. Being comfortable and having everything locked down before training camp got these bums from 8-8 to 4-12. We all know Vick isn’t the answer here anyway, he and his peeps line Jackson and Leanard Weaver should just pipe down.

  23. “Jackson admits that the competition between Vick and Nick Foles is a close one.

    “I don’t know, it has been kind of even,” Jackson said.”

    For Jackson to say this it means Foles has been better. DeSean is a HUGE Vick guy so this is a major admission from Jackson.

    Only the fools that blindly defend Vick think he’s the best QB on the team. He’s never been anything but a disappointment, loads of potential but never matured mentally in a football sense. His whole Eagle career comes down to 2 games. He proved what he is against GB that year in the playoffs, getting the chance to win it & throwing the deciding turnover.

    Can’t wait for the MV7 era to be over! What a waste of talent this is has been.

  24. Amazing! You want these Guys to “shut up” and just play ball,but if they don’t answer questions,then you crucify them.You can’t have it BOTH ways! If you don’t like the answer don’t ask the question.

  25. Mike Vick = Turnovers

    Sorry my man but you simply don’t protect the ball as much as you should.

  26. As an Eagles fan, I can’t tell you if Chip Kelly will be a success in the NFL or not. All I can say is he deserves some time, plain and simple.

    At the same time, I find it humorous that DeSean would second Vick’s comment about naming a starting QB, while in the same breath stating that the competition has been pretty much neck and neck btw Foles and Vick.

    Why name a starter when neither has necessarily run away with the competition?

  27. Jackson shouldn’t be concerned. No QB will stop him from running straight down the field every play hoping he catches a 60 yard bomb. No QB will stop him from pouting when he has to do something outside of this, or when this does not happen for him. So he shouldn’t care at all.

  28. DJAX should work on being a starting WR, not telling the coach who he should play!

    NOTE to the WR’s on this team if you don’t block you don’t play!

  29. I’m shocked in the fact that Vick is still on this roster. Hopefully they end up trading Vick before training camp. It’s time to start new and fresh. The Vick experiment has ran its course in Philly…

  30. This clown…

    even in his own interview he states that the competition has been pretty level between Vick and Foles.
    So why then would you make a choice without one of these guys pulling ahead..
    Leave the coaching up to chip..

    Currently you are a 3rd team receiver,, worry about yourself running with the 1’s first..

  31. I love this coming from a guy that has done nothing for 2 years now. DJ needs to shut his mouth and practice. Average players should not have a voice in the media. I love how the inmates try to run the prison these days. If I spoke out where I work guess what, I am done. And btw there is no way Chip is naming a starter before training camp. Vick is going to be traded for like a 6-8 round pick.

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