Draft could become a multi-city affair

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For anyone who has attended the draft in New York City, it’s clear that the second evening and the third day lack the sizzle of the first night of the event.

The NFL knows it, too.  Which could result in a dramatic change for the event.

The draft could be moving.  To three cities in three days.

According to Don Banks of SI.com, the league is considering uprooting the draft from New York City and splitting the event over three cities per year, possibly with some geographic connection among the locations.

Banks presents as a potential for instance the first round happening in Chicago, the second and third rounds occurring in Detroit, and the balance taking place in Minnesota.  (Packers fans, we’re merely passing along Banks’ example.)

The possibility remains in the planning stages, and the goal would be a fan-focused NFL road show that dispenses with the outdated exercise of manually delivering a card from a desk to the podium, like it’s a pizza.

In addition to lower costs resulting from team employees staying home, the league could realize increased revenues.  As Banks points out, the destination of the draft could become the subject of a scaled-down Super Bowl competition, with cities offering all sorts of packages premised on, as Jim Irsay would call it, “SERIOUS Coin.”

76 responses to “Draft could become a multi-city affair

  1. Now the NFL is just getting ridiculous. What’s next-“National Draft Day Holiday”?

  2. horrible idea. The location of rounds 5-6 arent going to make them more interesting. Hard core will watch them, others wont. Why do they constantly try to fix what isnt broken?

  3. Yawn…it’s stupidity like this that causes everyone to DVR the program and watch it later. How about less commercials and less time between picks?

  4. Good Lord! Someone please, PLEASE stop Goodell and his marketing machine before the league we all love is left utterly unrecognizable.

  5. Sounds like a terrible idea to me. Just pick a different city every year and hold the entire draft there. The 1st round will always be more exciting than the 7th round no matter where you hold the draft.

  6. Rumor in Indianapolis is that Jim Irsay takes a shot after every pick. I’m pretty sure he either passed out laughing or threw up when Travis Frederick was taken by the Cowboys.

    To put that Travis Frederick pick in context, Irsay usually lasts at least three full rounds before hitting the floor.

  7. I’m glad the NFL is considering moving the draft, why should New York be the only host? Could be fun to check out other cities, however it would be a bit chaotic to do 3 cities in 1 draft to say the least. One city per year and change it up the next, otherwise you’re making an easy situation much more complicated

  8. Actually, it kind of makes sense to have the last day of the draft in Green Bay, because Ted Thompson loves to trade his higher picks for lots of sixth- and seventh-round picks. Packer fans would love to go to the draft and watch their team dominate the last two rounds.

  9. “Yeah, man. I can’t wait to go to the 4th-7th rounds of the draft tomorrow night!”

  10. While we’re at it, why not collaborate with MTV to put all draft entrants on a few tour buses with Goodell and league officials and draft them as they tour the nation over the course of a week. We’ll call it Road Rules/NFL Draft Special. Tune in tomorrow to see which draftees attempt to light a blunt while Roger uses the stool.

  11. NFL just tryna pad its bank account..Draft already takes long enough..Red carpet..Old timers..special guest..its REDICULOUS..takes way too long as is.

  12. I applaud the idea. Especially in Cities/markets that don’t have opportunity to host a Super Bowl (i.e Green Bay, Kansas City, Denver, etc.).

    The New York crowd is getting cliche anyway.

  13. They can load the entire set onto a space shuttle and do it from the moon for all I care; I wouldn’t watch it if they did it in my living room. More fans should do the same.

    I’m happy for the kids that get drafted and I like reading about my team’s picks, but we really don’t know anything until camp starts so why get sucked into a marketing event…we will see how the kids turn out over time.

    It makes since to watch the draft for guys that love college ball too, but nothing brings out know-it-all posers like the draft…

  14. Ok so they go from firmly saying they’d never move the draft from NYC to now saying they want to hold each draft in 3 different cities.

    From one extreme to the other.

    Just hold the damn thing in a different city each year!

  15. Mann why is a 3 day event???football is the only sports that Televised there draft

  16. That’s the worst idea I have ever heard of! If you don\ anything, keep it two days and one place. You can moved to different places year to year. And have the draft in in February after the Super Bowl!

  17. One Event. One location. They are trying to be way too cute with this. Its almost as bad as the team in London idea. But I don’t think anything will ever top that in stupidity. Heaven forbid they expand the NFL with a minor league. It could take place all over Europe. We could even call it… Wait for it… NFL Europe!

  18. I care more about what we’re getting for content after round 3.

    I want to see film of every pick that they have. If Im watching NFL N, I don’t want to be watching a replay of the day before, I want to be watching mike mayock tell me why that 5th round defensive lineman fits a team’s scheme, or why a player fell to that point if he was a guy in his top 100.

    im sure its too much to ask, but if they wonder why its so boring and dull, you stop reading picks, you stop covering every pick and let some go by without anything more than a name on the screen, you get a lot of boredom

  19. I’m in favor of the idea, especially if the third and final day is in Minneapolis. Let’s face it, the only way the Trash Cities is going to get noticed on the NFL stage is to hold the draft there. It sure isn’t going to be a NFL playoff game or a Superbowl victory parade.

  20. Steeley McBeam says:Jun 11, 2013 2:54 PM

    This is dumb. They should just have an online draft like fantasy football. Then team employees could just do it from their couch…

    We’ll need cameras on them so we can see their reaction when the website hits a glitch and they find out the autopick gave them a kicker in the second round.

  21. Umm yeah because that will work out well with execs shuffling back and forth

  22. They should do it at BW3 like everyone else. They should not let one team in and they have to text their picks in like they couldn’t make it that night. And they all need to be mostly drunk by the end. Either that or move it to London where they could increase global brand awareness…

  23. Oh Oh, here’s a great idea; we can make the 7th round more interesting by drafting it first!!! Make the teams draft in reverse order, then we won’t know who the number one pick is until the very end!!! Brilliant, someone call Goddell

  24. I think they should move it to the school of “Mr. Irrelevant” the previous year.

    So next year it should be conducted at the University of South Carolina– school of TE Justice Cunningham.

  25. I like the idea of moving the draft. They should move the draft like they do for the superbowl. Might even give the city that win the superbowl bid should win that years draft. But leave it in one city and dont move it around to three different places. It does not make since. This year Chicago next year Detriot next year Dallas etc.

  26. Terrible idea. In this past draft, Alabams DRJesse Williams was in the green room as a potential 1st round pick. He ended up being taken in Day 3. Why should Jesse travel from Chicago to Detroit to Minnesota because his stock was lower than expected?

  27. What’s wrong with the tradition of having the NFL Draft in the nations largest city? Maybe we should take the Liberty Bell out of Philly and let some other cities have it for a while, or move Christmas to June occasionally, let’s rotate our nations Capital around and let Detroit or St. Louis be the seat of power for a bit, or move the Academy Awards out of Hollywood and into a corn field in Des Moine, Iowa occasionally? We seem to have so few traditions left these days….why not hang onto a few. This one has worked pretty well so far.

  28. I’d prefer multiple sites including non-NFL cities. Just think of the possible expansion sites.

  29. Just when I thought you (Goodell) couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this and totally show how dumb you really are. (With apologies to Dumb & Dumber)

  30. I’m all for giving other cities an opportunity to host the draft but this is a dumb idea wreaking of that tard Goodell. Cost to fly the execs to the 3 different cities will exceed the gate. Plus, day 3 sucks no matter what city it’s in.

  31. afcdomination says:
    Jun 11, 2013 3:20 PM
    I care more about what we’re getting for content after round 3.

    I want to see film of every pick that they have. If Im watching NFL N, I don’t want to be watching a replay of the day before, I want to be watching mike mayock tell me why that 5th round defensive lineman fits a team’s scheme, or why a player fell to that point if he was a guy in his top 100.

    im sure its too much to ask, but if they wonder why its so boring and dull, you stop reading picks, you stop covering every pick and let some go by without anything more than a name on the screen, you get a lot of boredom

    I didn’t bother to watch much of the draft this year, but when I did turn it on, I wanted to stab Rich Eisen in the eye with a fork. Dude, shut up about T’eo and Geno Smith already! If they’re the only prospects left on the board whose names you recognize, get out of the way and let Mayock do his thing. Worst coverage ever.

  32. Hey, creme of the college crop. Where would you like to be when you’re drafted? The toilet bowl that is detroit? Or the largest city, and if you’ve been there, best city in the US.

  33. Different NFL City every year.
    (EVERY NFL City eligible)

    All Rounds in one place.

    Huge SuperBowl like Fan Fest to accompany it.


  34. It’s official, I am deciding to no longer watch the draft. Period.
    We learn nothing by watching it that we can’t read after the fact. I sincerely hope that millions more follow suit and end RG’s arrogant and idiotic changes to anything and everything about the NFL. It’s turning into touch football with a side show of Real World.

  35. They keep messing with a good thing & eventually nobody will want to watch it. They should have kept it like it was – the whole draft over a Saturday & Sunday. It’s getting to the point where the NFL’s chase for ratings & dollars will alienate its best fans. Also, no one would want to go to Green Bay for the draft if they held it there.

  36. It’s like watching the New Kids on the Block being over exploited. Lol I don’t even watch the draft anymore because you can learn more on the Internet than watching the damn thing

  37. Stop ruining a good thing. This constant chase of additional revenue streams is getting painful to listen to. Stop with the London talk, stop tweaking the draft, and stop putting bubble wrap on the players.

  38. Hey, Roger, how about progressively worsening neighborhoods in the same metro area? For example for L.A.:

    Round 1: Beverly Hills

    Round 2-3: Pasadena

    Round 4-7: MaCarthur Park

  39. It should be held in whatever city has the 1st pick in the draft. That way fans of that team get to go nuts when they get that franchise player.

  40. How about having the Draft in one City, doing rounds (1-7) in one day, 9am-10pm. Breaking down the rounds, Rd1(7min)3.5hrs, Rd2(5min)2.5hrs, Rd3(4min)2hrs, Rd4(3min)1.5hrs, Rd5(3min)1.5hrs, Rd6(2min)1hrs, Rd7(2min)1hrs? Its much easier to plan 1 day off from work rather than 3 days. Most fans don’t get to watch all three days of the draft, which sucks. Also having it on 1 day would afford most fans the opportunity to throw a get together or party like the Superbowl. On the league’s part, they would be able to cut out a bunch of payroll, travel expenses(hotels, meals). They could sell the commercial slots for much more, draft day merchandise, bigger sponsor’s, way more to be made.

  41. Frankly, I don’t see the appeal of a stranger come out to a podium and announce the name of a player that may or may not make an impact for your team (or, mostly, for a team other than the one you root for). It’s an exercise in watching paint dry and it’s amazing how it has turned into a money-making experience for the league.

    But no matter where it is (or how silly staging it in different cities so players outside of the first round can just stay home instead of travel), the event is still the same.

  42. alex35332 says:
    Jun 11, 2013 5:53 PM
    It should be held in whatever city has the 1st pick in the draft. That way fans of that team get to go nuts when they get that franchise player.
    As if teams already didn’t have enough incentive for tanking the season, now you want to encourage them to tank further to reap revenue of a 3 day draft?

  43. There should be 2 drafts one for seniors (4 rounds) and one for juniors and redshirts (3 rounds) and be the end of It.

    Bad teams hardly can get better with one good player, they need at least 2 to get competitive again.

  44. The draft was at it’s best when it was over a weekend and in late April.

    Multicity is garbage.

    Frankly so is Thrs night , Fri night, Sat!

    I want the draft on a weekend so I can spend it with friends. I would think teams would as well makes it easier to get people to a draft party.

    If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

  45. Dumb. Stupid. Moronic. Lame. Did I miss anything? Bring back Saturday and Sunday draft days, take Thursday and Friday and shove them were the sun don’t shine.

  46. and they can have the supplemental draft in London. Start crowd control planning ASAP.

  47. Ugh…can someone please kidnap Goodell and drop him off in a volcano…this guy HAS to go…horrific idea

  48. Why does the Comish insist on changes that completely make no sense? It’s almost as bad as moving games to London. I’m still trying to figure out why he needs to have American football in a country that values Futbol over anything else. Why can’t he realize that the NFL is the last sport left that is strictly American?

  49. Let me express my humble opinion. I have been a die-hard NFL fan since about 1969-’70. I love the Draft and look forward to it every year. But, I believe I am among the 99% of fans who really have no strong desire to be there IN PERSON. I much prefer watching the drawn-out proceedings on TV. Therefore, I could not care less where the even is held. For my sake (and I would guess I am not alone) they can hold it in the ESPN Bristol studios for all I care. Or in a tiny sound stage in Los Angeles. What does it matter? I like that they offer some insights on the broadcast, but for my money I wish they would speed up the process and make it a 2-day event. If it was properly produced that would easily be doable and would be a lot better for the audience at home.

    Seriously, what level of dork must one be to need to be in the same building as the event? Your team is still gonna draft the same players whether you’re there or on your comfortable couch.

  50. This makes sense. Perhaps more sense would be made if you made it into a 4 day event. And held the event in a different division every year.

    With draft day 1 being held at the division winner. Another way to reward the winning team.

    Though, the NFL and media would need to get over it’s love of the eastern teams….

  51. Duh, tree cities huh?………..Oh yeah Hoboken, Joisey City, and uh dat dere Bayonne. Dat oughta do it.

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