Last chance to vote for Bears’ Mt. Rushmore

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For the first time since we’ve launched the Mt. Rushmore series on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, only one team takes the stage tonight.

The Bears.

And so it’s your last chance, Swerski, to vote.  Or, in Swerski’s case, to buy another computer so he can vote again.

It all gets rolling at 5:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, on NBCSN.

22 responses to “Last chance to vote for Bears’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Butkus, Halas and Ditka are gimmes, in my book. The fourth spot comes down to Singletary and Payton. In the Bears tradition of great defense, gotta go with the LB, Singletary.

  2. I went with history first: Halas and Red Grange. They started it all. Then Payton and finally Butkus. Butkus because he reminds everyone of the toughness the Bears defense has been over the decades.

  3. He’s too old for most to remember, but Bronco Nagurski should make the cut.

    Member of the inaugural HOF class, 4-time First Team All-Pro, and voted No. 19 in the NFL’s Top 100 Players of All-Time List a couple of years ago. One of the best players in NFL history, even though none of us saw him play.

  4. Butkus, Halas and Payton are the 3 obvious ones…that 4th spot, however, is brutal…brutal in the good way, as in: too many great players, not brutal in the Jaguars way of: crap, we don’t have anybody to choose from…

  5. Halas: invented the game. ‘Nuff said.

    Butkus: The standard by which all middle linebackers should be measured.

    Payton: Greatest player all time.

    Ditka: Sorry Bronko, Sid and Red, it’s close, but the dude led the Bears to the Super Bowl, pointed out that Halas threw nickels around like manhole covers, and serves a mean pork chop alongside a glass of his Kickass Red. Good enough for me.

  6. Only a Bears fan would be dumb enough to leave the founder of the NFL off their list.

    Ditka and Barry Switzer are equals as coaches.

    Butkus and Sayers are career losers.

    Papa Bear, Red Grange, Payton and Dan Hampton.

  7. By the way, this is targeted to all the pompous Packer fans who kept writing, “gonna need a bigger mountain…”

    The Bears’ Rushmore is stacked with as much, if not more, top level elite talent than that of GB…and this if from a fan of neither team.

    Packer fans, get over yourselves.

  8. lks311 Bears have a heritage just as storied and significant as the Packers…but you can NOT say they have more top level elite talent than GB. That’s just silly.

  9. Halas (because he’s Papa Bear – if anyone on this list is a “given,” it’s gotta be him), Ditka (he’s Da Coach, he won us our Super Bowl, and he is who so many people think of first when they think of the Chicago Bears), Butkus (because the Bears are defined by defense, their defense has been defined by great linebackers, and Butkus defined the position), and Payton (Sweetness deserves a spot on our Mt Rushmore for so many reasons)

  10. I went with Halas, Payton, Butkus and Ditka. I wanted to put Sid Luckman in there because he just dominated! I chose Ditka instead for being a HOF player, winning the SB as a coach and for still being the modern day ambassador for Da Bears since his retirement!

  11. Papa Bear won eight championships during his tenure. Ditka won one ring , that boob traded his whole draft for Ricky Williams. Packers fans wouldn’t put James Lofton on their Mount Rushmore, so why use Butkus?

  12. tscarney, there’s a guy on the Packers’ list (Reggie White) who played 1/2 his career with another team. Again—not as impressed with the final 12 as others might be.

  13. In the end our votes meant squat, ’cause Florio just picked who he wanted, anyway…What a waste of time.

  14. More than a few names come to mind when looking at the list. Ones that aren’t there.
    Such as Doug Buffone. 15 seasons, 7 times had 100 plus tackles, 24 career pics.
    and Doug Atkins. 4 time all pro. started on 8 probowls.

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