Leach wants to return to Texans


While the timing could have been better for fullback Vonta Leach, the outcome isn’t entirely a surprise.

The Pro Bowl fullback is back on the market, cut by the Ravens.  He’d like to go back to the place where he spent five seasons before arriving in Baltimore.

“Obviously, which teams you have the best fit at,” Leach’s agent, Ralph Vitolo, told FOX 26 in Houston. “The most logical fit and the smoothest transition to another team would be Houston because he’s already been there.

“He understands the coaches, the scheme.  He’s worked with Arian Foster and the rest of the offensive line, so it would be a very smooth transition to go back to Houston.”

Actually, it would have been smoother if it had happened before the Texans signed veteran fullback Greg Jones.

If the Texans aren’t interested, Leach is interested in the Broncos, Cowboys, and Bengals.  Either way, Vitolo said he plans to contact all 32 teams.

Um, Ralph?  It’s probably safe to take the Ravens off the list.

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  1. Every team should be interested. This is the guy who makes sure your running back doesn’t need to visit Dr. James Andrews.

  2. leach is still a baller, but my broncos aren’t going to be interested. jacob hester’s role has been expanding rapidly this offseason, and he is more versatile, offering good coverage on kickoff units

  3. I bet he does..

    Vonta helped Foster win a rushing title, but Jones helped MJD win one the very next year, behind a very bad passing attack.

    I don’t know a lot about Greg Jones but I’m not cutting him to pick Vonta back up. I really like Vonta, and I wish he’d have been back on the market earlier but thats too much money for a fullback.

  4. “Um, Ralph? It’s probably safe to take the Ravens off the list.”

    according to the ravens official website, the ravens are still interested in bringing him back…

  5. Ravens would still re-sign him, provided his salary demands go down. I think someone will pay him more than the Ravens are willing, but if there isn’t, I think he could choose to return on a better priced deal.

  6. Interesting. Vickers and his 1.5ish million base are on the bubble in Dallas, and while Leach is a clear upgrade, I cant really see Dallas spending the money for him even though it would be worth it. It would be a nice pickup though

  7. The Texans had Leach, then Vickers. Take it from me, Leach is a much better option than Vickers.

  8. The Giants already have that Henry guy (can’t spell the last name) as a solid fullback.

    I think Leach would be a great fit in Denver. He’s worked with Foster and Ray Rice, and would be a great addition to the backfield.

    Would be good for Monte Ball, as a teacher and a blocker. Keep the pressure off Peyton Manning. He’s also a good receiver and has good hands.

  9. Bengals are going to a 2 TE set with Probowler Jermaine Gresham and first round pick Tyler Eifert. The need for Leach was 2 years ago, to lead through the hole for BJGE-not now….The scheme has changed

  10. 2 TE set blah blah blah For the Bengals do you think they’ll run a 2 TE set on every down? Dummy, Leach would be a great addition much like the addition of James Harrison on defense, tough and has got a ring a great leader for the offense.

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