Marvin Lewis: Andre Smith to miss minicamp, will be fined

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Bengals right tackle Andre Smith will miss the club’s mandatory minicamp this week, head coach Marvin Lewis said Tuesday.

“He won’t be here these three days,” Lewis said, according to the club’s official Twitter feed. “He’s dealing with something he’s got to get through.”

According to Joe Danneman of Fox 19 in Cincinnati, Lewis indicated that Smith was missing the minicamp for a personal reason unrelated to his January arrest in Atlanta for possessing a gun at an airport. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport also reported Smith’s lack of participation Tuesday was not tied to his contract or any on-field concerns.

The Bengals will fine Smith for his absence, Lewis said, according to multiple media outlets.

“You have to be fair. There have to be ramifications,” Lewis said, according to Fox 19.

The Bengals can fine Smith as much as $66,150 if he misses all three days of minicamp.

Smith, 26, signed a new three-year contract with Cincinnati in April. He did not attend the club’s organized team practice activities (OTAs).

The Bengals’ offseason workouts conclude Thursday.

28 responses to “Marvin Lewis: Andre Smith to miss minicamp, will be fined

  1. Absolutely clear after all of this why no teams in need of a right tackle pursued this guy. Here’s a guy with the build and ability of a DJ Fluker and the work ethic and drive of a JaMarcus Russell.

  2. just stupid. This guy is a clown. I am so sick of andre smith. However im glad we re-signed because no matter how much I cant stand him as a player I do acknowledge the fact that he is a GOOD right tackle. He doesn’t have any drive, focus, and he needs to be sent to a concentration camp. ( not that concentration camp ) Hopefully he gets his things together and back up last season with a better one this year. Doubt it, but its possible. Bengals take a QB, and RT in 2015’s NFL draft. Guaranteed.

  3. “I’m surprised given Smith’s excellent work ethic in the past” — Absolutely no one.

  4. The Bengals have taken a lot of flack for drafting Smith, but when you look at the first seven picks of the 2009 draft…

    1) Matt Stafford – Nice!
    2) Jason Smith – BUST
    3) Tyson Jackson – BUST
    4) Aaron Curry – BUST
    5) Mark Sanchez – BUST, BUTT-FUMBLE
    6) Darrius Heyward Bust – BUST
    7) Andre Smith

    Lazy or not, he had a tremendous year last year, and is a monster when he’s motivated.

  5. ghostrider45 says: Jun 11, 2013 1:24 PM

    “Mean while, joefromtoronto is missing……. that is bigger news.”

    He will be fined as well.

  6. Damn it!!! I kept saying this all along, DON’T RE- SIGN THIS GUY!!!! I hope we have a plan B.

  7. Bonnie,

    relax if he reports he reports if he doesnt we put Anthony Collins in his place….I think Anthony is a better Pass Pro OLineman anyway….and run blocking I would BARELY give the edge to FATSO…Let’s see what happens… If it’s not related to the DROPPED gun charge… Then something is going on not sure what they would be that would cause him to miss Mandatory Camp…..

  8. pooflingingmonkey says: Lazy or not, he had a tremendous year last year, and is a monster when he’s motivated.

    It was no coincidence that he was motivated and played well last year. Guys like him are only motivated when it’s time to get paid. I’ll put money on it that he shows up for camp out of shape and eventually gets “hurt”.

  9. Andre is in shape. Fat and lumpy is a shape.

    The guy is such a putz. For the FIRST time in his career, he had finally gotten out of the doghouse with the coaches and fans, played some pretty good RT, got his money (and few in Cincinnati begrudged him the cash)–and he does this.

    How many times do these yutzes have to be told to take care of personal stuff on personal time, and to be where they’re supposed to be on “company time”? They are PAID to be with the team, clear your freaking schedule and BE THERE. IT’S YOUR JOB!

  10. Speaks volumes that all he has to do is show up and he gets to keep $66K. Ungrateful slob.

  11. $66,150 FOR 3 DAYS…and that’s just the fine. geez, wish I could throw away that kind of money. Must be nice to do but even if I was a multi-millionaire I would have a hard time being fined that much for being lazy/unavailable to do my job,.

  12. “He’s dealing with something he’s got to get through.”

    [insert Golden Corral joke here]

  13. He had 5 months off to take care of “personal stuff”. People aren’t stupid Andre – everyone knows something is up. Trying to drop some fat real quick, covering up an injury etc.
    All of the teams will remember this next time you are looking for a contract and I’m sure this kind of garbage was a big reason you didn’t get any takers at the 9 mil/yr you wanted.

  14. So does Mike Brown look like a dummie now standing his ground on 6m per year???

    Hey Mike, Marv and Duke.

    Nice Work on the deal! You did not break the bank for butterball

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