Mike Sullivan thinks Josh Freeman’s “much smoother” this season

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On Monday, we heard from Buccaneers quarterbacks coach John McNulty that quarterback Josh Freeman had a very good reputation among coaches around the league.

That bodes well for Freeman should he become a free agent after the 2013 season, but it doesn’t mean all that much for the Bucs during the 2013 season. That front has seen a lot more focus on head coach Greg Schiano’s occasional forays into suggesting other possible starting quarterbacks, which doesn’t do much to convince anyone that Freeman has a great reputation in his own locker room.

Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan says that’s not the case at all. Sullivan called Freeman “our quarterback” and “a heck of a player” while pointing out that he set several franchise passing records last year in his first season in a new offense. Sullivan thinks Year Two will bear even more fruit.

“[There] has been a lot of improvement from Josh, and really all the offensive players the second year in the system,” Sullivan said, via Pewter Report. “This time last year — it is like a foreign language — just learning the formations and the calls. Now we have a complete offseason, a training camp, a preseason and … things are much smoother and we are really excited about where we are at.”

It’s been entertaining to see all the good cop/bad cop stuff the Buccaneers have done with Freeman this offeseason, especially when Schiano plays both roles himself, but there’s really not much left to say on the matter. Freeman’s going to get this year to make his case for a big contract, which will almost certainly come with the Bucs if he makes the convincing one Sullivan seems to believe he’ll make.

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  1. Freeman has just gotta realize he doesn’t have to do everything. Sometimes punting is ok believe it or not, but sometimes he just makes the most head scratching decisions mostly trying to make a play that isn’t there. Play like 2010, maybe not monster numbers but smart, winning football.

  2. Josh has got all the physical tools to be an elite QB…if he can just get past the maddening inconsistency that has plagued the first few years of his career. BUT, the good news is that he is still very young…my guess is that under Schiano, Freenan becomes a very good (top 10) QB over the next couple of seasons. Some people are just late bloomers!

  3. The only controversy with Bucs QBs are the ones generated by the press, including here on pft. The Bucs are very satisified with Freeman.

    It is not unusual that they have not offered him an extension yet. He still has a year left on his contract. It’s also possible he was offered an extension but refused because he want’s to prove he is worth more money.

    Even if the Bucs move on from Josh Freeman, it will not be Mike Glennon who takes his place. Glennon is will be a career backup, and not a very good one at that.

  4. Presuming Nicks and Joseph stay healthy this year, Freeman’s going to be standing behind one of the best offensive lines in the league. That sort of thing can make about everybody look better, and Freeman’s always been very good when he has time to throw. He’s markedly better on deep throws than short stuff, and, if he has time in the pocket, he’s going to have an exceptionally good year.

  5. .

    Freeman is somewhat mobile and can make all the throws. He may have developed some bad habits under previous circumstances, however they appear to be correctable.

    An example being trying to force risky passes into tight windows.


  6. The 1 good thing about this situation is that good ole JF is in a contract year…. Every Off season since the day he was drafted their have been those who have given every lame excuse or reasoning for his inadequacies and have tried so desperately to sell him to the majority of the fan base as year after year he has been a lemon!

    Now, no matter what gets said, it is either become an asset to this team or be kicked out on his! The shame of it all is that their are finally a number of players on this team that are quality players and their youth and time on this team is being squandered waiting for JF to boom or bust!

  7. Tampa has a horrible history of treating the QB like garbage and watching them go to another team and do well. Examples include Doug Williams, Steve Young, and Trent Dilfer. Bad coaching and no offense let those guys down. Let’s not let it happen again!! This guy has all the intangibles and a good system in place and is in year 2 of this offense. Enough media-generated controversy already. True Buc fans know that Freeman is going to deliver this year and I hope that TB can lock him up for the long term.

  8. @tyelee:

    So we should throw an unproven rookie in there in place of Freeman?! You don’t think that would be squandering quality players on this team? Let’s see how VJ feels about that move. Freeman was the unproven rookie once and he’s done far better than worse. He’s earned the starting spot. Wanting to push him out the door in favor of someone who hasn’t played a down in the NFL is what’s lame here.

  9. Josh Freeman is the QB that I enjoy watching the most after he is picked off. The guy can hit!!!

  10. And also what people seem to forget is that Freeman has had 3 different offensive schemes in his 5 years in the league. When you think of the top QBs in the league they have been under the same offense their entire careers (Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc). All I’m saying is give the guy a fair opportunity under the same offense for at least 3 yrs

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