Report: Packers preparing to release Desmond Bishop


Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop racked up 218 tackles and eight sacks in two years as a starter for Green Bay. Now the Packers and Bishop could be going their separate ways.

According to Jason Wilde of, the Packers intend to release Bishop if they can’t restructure his contract or work out a trade.

Bishop has been with the Packers since 2007 and earned a starting job with the team in 2010. He started 25 games over two seasons and posted a career high 115 tackles in 2011. A hamstring injury last preseason forced him to miss all of last year and Bishop has yet to be able to take part in any of the Packers offseason workouts. He was held out of OTAs and the team’s mandatory mini-camp last week.

Bishop said he is close to 100-percent and was looking to get back on the field soon. However, that field may no longer reside in Wisconsin.

It appears unlikely that Bishop would accept a contract restructure. Bishop came out and said he had his sights on being the league’s defensive player of the year. Someone with that belief in their ability isn’t going to accept a contract restructure just because of an injury. It addition to reports the Packers were seeking to trade Bishop before the draft, it appears a parting of ways may have been inevitable.

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  1. As a Packers fan I’ll never understand their love for AJ Hawk. He’s the guy that should have been released earlier this offseason. I would much rather have the physicality of Desmond Bishop starting at ILB. Brad Jones looked good last season and probably would look even better with Bishop playing next to him.

    Now Bishop will sign with the Giants, Vikings or some other team on Green Bay’s schedule this season and after he makes several huge plays the cameras will zoom in on the dumbfounded look on Mike McCarthy’s face and Ted Thompson owl face in the press box.

  2. Welcome to Denver. The only weak link on the broncos is the position he plays. This is as obvious as it gets.

  3. Before these gb trollers say “Vikings will pick him up”…
    …well duh? Why not. The Vikes get him on the cheap now. And they’ll have the cheesy defensive playbook to shut that overpriced fathead blonde chick down.

  4. This is horrible news. Aside from Matthews he’s basically the only guy on the entire defense who can lay a hit on somehow.

  5. p.s.
    Just another mistake from TT. Tasteless as well. Since this player had a ridiculously high goal for helping his declining team get hopefully get better.

  6. Wow, that’s too bad. Hamstring must be far from recovery. Was looking forward to Bishop/Jones duo and no more TRex arms AJ Hawk with his average tackle being 7.8 yard DOWNFIELD

  7. Teddy is cold blooded which is what it takes at the top of the organization to stay competitive year in and year out. That being said, Bish will be missed big time.

  8. Hate to see it. Bishop had a long road to becoming a starter, and was a vital cog in Super Bowl season. Still, it’s had to believe that a player with a need for mobility can play effectively after a snapped hamstring. The medical people must have expressed doubts to GM and coaches.

  9. Wow nice move! -Rest of NFC North
    but in all honesty is AJ Hawk really that much better than this guy, he has talent.

  10. I won’t believe this until it happens. I thought bishop was a better all around linebacker than Matthews.

  11. Terrible move. Bishop flies around the field and just makes play after play. He’s coming into his prime and was on the cusp of a great year if he can stay healthy.

  12. Tired of hearing just how great Ted Thompson and that staff is.

    The reality of it is they are 9.75-6.25 on average while having two of the better QB’s in the league during his time.

    That’s pretty average for this “spectacular” group.

  13. Hey who needs a defense or a running game or a kicking game when you have St. Arron to run around airing it out 60 times a game like some poo flinging monkey. Talk about a house of cards built on one guy!! No Aaron, Green Bay = Jacksonville.

  14. Why is anyone surprised by this move. . . this is a typical Ted move. Hopefully the fanbase, might take a few more stupid decisions from Ted, but hopefully they realize he is not as good of a GM as people think. He might be a great scout and talent evalulater, but that doesn’t a good GM.

  15. Neither Brad Jones nor AJ Hawk are starting caliber ILB’s, and now they let go of the only good one they have. UH-OH… We’ll have a hole in the middle of this D again this year:(

  16. If the raiders managed to pull this off that’d be SWEET!! this guy is a beast when healthy!! Clay and aj are overrated !

  17. I’m impressed, actual realistic Pack fans have spoken. Good to see the uncertainty creeping in.
    I’m sure Jennings and RS have opened the lines of communication. He would be a gift for the Purple to fill the middle.
    Make it happen TT your the best.

  18. Well, the Browns could use him, and we have cap room. They have nothing at ILB besides Jackson since they switched to the 3-4.

  19. Don’t jump the gun on this. Perhaps Jason is incorrect or his source is incorrect.

    Somebody could be doing some underhanded stuff here.

    When DJ Smith was cut he was immediately snapped up on the market. Cutting Smith would not have happened if Bishop was not coming back.

    Matthews, Perry, Bishop, Hawk, Jones, Moses, plus whoever else can somehow manage to make the team. That is a good group that was down both Bishop and Perry last season.

    I don’t trust anything on Twitter.

  20. I’m also mystified, but you gotta trust the decisions so far. Not all have been hits, but only one team is consistently wearing the division champ hat. TT and MM must have confidence in Manning and the draft. They seem to be shy suddenly about keeping guys >30 with injuries.
    GB fans: stay classy…quit stooping to Vikes Cheap shots. (Same goes to you, Purple.). Respect the NFC North. There is great tradition in every team. No other division in football can boast as much.

  21. A who’s who of puber commenters.

    Terrell Manning will be starting in the middle for the Packers and with the addition of Datone Jones you will likely be seeing less 4 LB sets.

    Mike Neal being tried out at a LB. Some of those packages are going to have some serious beef. Datone Jones throwing a hump move only to have Nick Perry right behind him with the same kind of strength and athleticism?

    You silly ESPN pubers don’t know what’s coming.

  22. This news saddens me, unless his career is over like Nick Collins than its a dumb move now especially. I guess if it happens it happens, I don’t own “Stock” so can’t do anything about it.

  23. Im curious how anyone can say the Packers suck? 15-1 2 years ago, Champs 3 years ago, & the most recent Norris Division champs…thats sucking?

    Any argument starting with “they’re nobody without Rodgers” immediately gets eye rolling & whatevs…why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE RODGERS!!!

    Packers are gonna be 12-4 at the very WORST CASE SCENARIO…Vegas odds believe it to be true, & even with a tough schedule, I see no reason to think otherwise.

    If “if” was a 5th we’d all be drunk…Rodgers+possible run game+a defense that shouldnt be worse than last years 11th ranked D=a team I would hate to share a division with…

  24. I’m enjoying all the GMs that have apparently been posting comments to this article. Seriously people, put some thought in your posts. Mini camps and OTAs have already started and Bishop has been a part of those. Obviously they aren’t liking what they are seeing with him coming off a major injury. All Ted Thompson has done since he’s came to GB is make tough decisions that have been in the best interest of the long term success of the team.

  25. Although I am unhappy, there must be a reason. And to all of you clowns slamming TT, who has he let go that went on to great success elswhere? Point is, he usually gets it right. Other than not pulling the trigger on Marshawn Lynce a few years ago anyway.

  26. I miss the days when a player was with a team their entire career. Free agency was cool at first but I hate the ” here today gone tomorrow” NFL of today….HTTR !!!!

  27. Makes no sense we keep Sherrod for a season when broke his leg, he never proved himself. Bishop is a beast and was a monster the year we won the Super Bowl- and we’re cutting him. AJ and Brad Jones at MLB sounds horrible. AJ is slower than most DL and Brad Jones is about as physical as an average CB. TT please think of something so we can keep him.

  28. If this truly does happen I am confident that Bishop simply isn’t healthy. The training staff has a very good record on letting guys go when the injuries have taken their toll.

    I remember watching him his rookie year in preseason-first game dished out two violent, beautiful hits knocking the helmet off 2 Jaguars. Knew right then he was going to be a beast. He is the best ILB by far on our roster if healthy.

    Also a really good dude, actually played COD with him a few times. Great person was very cool.

    Hope this report is false but if it turns out to be true best of luck to Desmond. Packer nation will forever be grateful, if it weren’t for his shoe lace tackle on Vick in 2010 SB run, chances are we would not have been able to claim our 4th lombardi.

  29. Do not like. This is the second time they’ve kept Hawk over the better player (Nick Barnett).

    That being said, if it frees up cash to get deals done with Shields, James Jones, and Raji, I can’t complain. But still, Desmond Bishop > Kevin Costner > AJ Hawk.

  30. Never understood the love of Hawk when he supremely underperforms to his draft status, but they pay him as if he is a star, and then resigned him as if he was as good as they thought he’d be when they drafted him. Bishop is a beast and when he was healthy he laid it all out on the line. This is further reason why players should have more guaranteed contracts. He didn’t play last year because he was injured, and now they want to force a pay cut or cut him, four months after free agency when all of the big money is dried up.

  31. I think AJ Hawk must have photos of TT in a compromising position because this doesn’t make any sense.

    Hawk is average at best and remember, he was picked #5 overall. TT’s pride is such that he can never seem to let him go but I would cut Hawk in a NY minute to keep Bishop.

  32. If it is due to injury, TT blew it by not getting an ILB in here via FA or trade. Hawk and Jones don’t have the talent needed for the Pack to go anywhere in the playoffs this year. Wow, hope AR and the offense can put up 70 points pretty regularly.

  33. Maybe Bishop isn’t going anywhere. We’ll see. It is easy for us to judge talent from our couches. The decision-makers do this for a living. They probably have information which is unavailable to us….don’t you think?

  34. @ stellarperformance
    Bishop is gone because the packers cant pay him. He’s not going to take the kind of pay cut that the packers want him too. that already weak defense just got weaker

  35. James Jones, BJ Raji, and Sam Shields – got contracts up in the air, may as well clear some cap space and sign ’em.

    Rob Francois/Sam Barrington/Terrell Manning have talent – maybe one of them step up the way Bishop did when Barnett went down, AJ is mediocre… Brad Jones did alright considering he’s a 7th round Outside Linebacker that was moved inside during the middle of the season last year.

  36. chi01town says:
    Jun 12, 2013 12:53 PM
    @ stellarperformance
    “Bishop is gone because the packers cant pay him. He’s not going to take the kind of pay cut that the packers want him too. that already weak defense just got weaker”
    So losing Bishop makes our defense weaker? Even thou he didn’t play last year – we were still ranked 11th in spite of the injuries/rookies, now we’ve got some more youth-depth-experience, but we’re gonna somehow be weaker?

    Makes about as much sense as saying our offense is gonna be more anemic cause of the loss of Driver/Jennings/Cedric.

    By the way, how about your team tries scoring more than 15 points on a team’s defense before calling ’em weak.

  37. I suspect there is a little more to this story than meets the eye. I have a lot of confidence in Ted’s ability to field enough talent to contend. After all, he’s got the hardware.

    Unlike those other hapless, tasteless teams.

  38. I assume all the posters bashing Thompson (for something he hasn’t done yet) have attended all of the OTAs like Thompson and McCarthy have and have seen that Bishop is running as well as before – right? Sure.
    Everyone would want Bishop back if he can be the player he was. If he has lost a step due to the injury (I don’t know and neither do you) then it’s a different story. Maybe we should wait and see.


    A.J. Hawk is the turd in the punch bowl and should have been gone before Bishop….

  40. This will be Bishop’s 7th year. This is the last year of his 4 year deal. He got paid for all 3 years (with one year off with pay for being hurt). He’s coming off major injury for the last year of the contract. Questions about him are many. Yes, good move by the Packers. He should take a pay cut. If he plays well, offer him a new contract next year and make up the money he was cut. This is not a unreasonable offer to Bishop by the Packers.

  41. Trusting TT on this.

    I don’t believe GPB wouldn’t let Bishop go if they felt Desmond was able to contribute at his 2010 & 2011 levels.

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