PFT Live: Bears talk with John Mullin, Patriots talk with Tom Curran

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Our series of Mt. Rushmores rolls on Tuesday afternoon with the Bears and Packers, and we’ll be talking about the Monsters of the Midway on Tuesday’s edition of PFT Live.

John Mullin of CSN Chicago will join Mike Florio to discuss the members of the organization who are deserving of one of the four spots on our version of the famous South Dakota landmark. Names from the past like Dick Butkus, Gale Sayers, Walter Payton and Richard Dent will be mentioned as will the fact that linebacker Brian Urlacher is the only Bear of recent vintage to make the list of 12 finalists.

Tom Curran of CSN New England will also be on the program to discuss what’s new with the Patriots. We’re assuming the majority of the conversation will have to do with the news that free agent wide receiver Austin Collie recently visited with the team. After all, what else could possibly rival that?

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Bears talk with John Mullin, Patriots talk with Tom Curran

  1. My understanding is that today would have marked the 100th birthday for Vince Lombardi, who is arguably the greatest head coach in NFL history. And who instead is being talk about ad nauseam today by the sports media? Ah, yes, one of the game’s giants, Tim Tebow.

  2. The Tebow story is compelling, like it or not. I personally would like to see him develop into a HOF QB. Not because I have any particular fondness for him, but because he gets so much unwarranted hatred.

  3. Tebow may be a great man. But he is a terrible quarterback. Play tightend or another position and get out of the circus for all the wrong reasons and do something positive on the field to help your team.. just saying

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