Plans emerge for Super Bowl Boulevard in Manhattan

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If weather becomes an issue at the next Super Bowl, at least the major events in the days preceding the game will be held indoors.


The week of pregame hype before the NFL’s XLVIIIth installment of the quintessential American sporting event will unfold outside, in Manhattan.  Gary Myers of the New York Daily News has the details, and the designs.

Super Bowl Boulevard will stretch along Broadway, from 34th to 44th Streets in New York City.  Between 40th and 41st Streets will be parked an eight-lane toboggan run that will accommodate up to 1,000 riders per hour.

It’ll all be great, barring a blizzard or an ice storm or any other weather event that keeps people away from the open-air celebration.  While some remain strident about the possibility of bad weather, the fact remains that the NFL is rolling the dice.

And the stakes are high.  If it all works out, the league will be able to double down on another cold-weather, outdoor Super Bowl in the future.  If it ends up being a debacle, the NFL will be inclined to retreat to a rotation that includes games played indoors — or outside in warmer climates.

Cities like Philly, Chicago, and Denver will be hoping for unseasonably warm and consistently dry conditions.  Elsewhere, folks will be doing a rain/snow/ice dance, secretly hoping that the league will be forced to stick with places like New Orleans, Miami, Arizona, and (eventually) Los Angeles.

23 responses to “Plans emerge for Super Bowl Boulevard in Manhattan

  1. Weather is and always has been a part of the game. No reason it shouldn’t be a part of a Super Bowl..

  2. football is played in the elements, and the superbowl should be too. you have the superbowl in Dallas and what happens, they have ice and have no remedy for it b/c they have no equipment. at least in NY/NJ they know what to do in case of inclement weather. It’s going to be awesome. wish Nashville would get a superbowl! Go Titans.

  3. Football is meant to played in any weather, why should the biggest football game of the year be indoors or in good weather conditions?

  4. florio, why can’t Kansas city be on that list of potential super bowl sites in cold weather?

  5. This is going to be a trainwreck! Can’t wait!

    The Super Bowl isn’t about the normal fans or the game as it is based on the advertisers/corporate paybacks and their posses.

    It is a mini-vacation for them and the last thing they want is poor weather. It’s a major market event.

  6. I’m an old school guy…and side note, I’m down with Kansas City having a SB, in historic Arrowhead @ottawabrave91…and hate football indoors. Turns games Into an arena football like track meet, and look visually inferior, on screen, compared to a game on grass outdoors. Also, part of the reason the role of RBs has gone down, is domes and retractable roofs. Don’t have to worry about needing a good RB in bad weather…if every city has a retractable roof. Retractable roofs are ruining the game! I read somewhere that , the Colts dome closes when temps are under 65…or there’s a threat of rain Wtf?!?! Just horrible!!! I’m all for a game in NY or KC or Philly. Don’t know about a place like GB tho…a -5* SB is a little much. A40 degree SB is fine!!

  7. “It’ll all be great, barring a blizzard or an ice storm or any other weather event that keeps people away”

    Parking alone on an average weekday in perfect weather conditions would keep me away.

  8. to all the people complaining about weather being a part of the game and the superbowl should be played in inclement weather. It all comes down to money. When the sponsers and spectators are paying out the nose for tickets. they do not want to sit through 30 degree weather. They want to enjoy them selves. I am a huge browns fan, and have been to multiple snow games at cleveland browns stadium. As much as I love the browns, by the end of the game, IT SUCKS you are basically frozen solid. If I paid thousands of dollars for a ticket, I would not want to have to be bundled up and freezing my ass off

  9. I love outdoor games in bad weather, but I think I’d stop short of a SB in Chicago in February. The wind chill could reach below 0. They don’t call it the windy city for nothing!

  10. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. It’s football! Enough of this pampered party pandering.

  11. This has to be the dumbest idea yet!!!! New Yorkers cried and wouldn’t try a terrorist in NYC but will host a Superbowl in the dead of winter! Gimme a break!!!!!

  12. I used to think bad weather games were cool until I saw Buffalo Cleveland play in a snowstorm on TV in Cleveland.

    If you saw that game know what Im talking about. Visibility so bad you could barely see the field, and virtually no passing game.

    It was not NFL caliber football. And as bad as though two teams were, it was the weather that caused it.

  13. I’m hoping for NY to be a great Super Bowl experience for all involved. I’d rather see the Bowl go to new and interesting places and not just the usual suspects. The Bay Area will be part of the rotation, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it in cold weather places too as football in the snow is always fun. They might even get some real fans in the game instead of boring suits, but doubtful.

  14. I’m rooting for this to be a success but SB Boulevard with a toboggan run sounds like its already going to be a colossal failure. They should just close down the streets of Hoboken for SB week and let out of towners enjoy the experience there and its 50+ bars and restaurants.

  15. its an unfair competitive advantage to the 10 or so teams in the SB rotation to have the opportunity to play a home game in the super bowl. Luckily it hasn’t happened yet, but it surely will eventually

    in addition to the fact teams in warm weather cities are able to use this as a negotiation tactic to get more public financing to fund new stadiums with the prospect of a possible super bowl

    baltimore supports its team and always has. we have the infrastructure in place to support a SB, why shouldn’t we be on the list as well?

  16. Yes they’re definitely gambling here, they need to ensure they only play in warm weather sites like Dallas to ensure there is no issue with bad weather, oh wait ……

  17. never in a million years did I think there would be a Super Bowl being played 20 mins from my house. I’m so excited for
    this. NJ all day!

  18. It is so ridiculous to harp on the weather possibilities for this game, which are just the same for the two championship games held the week before, and no one does such handwringing over them.

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