Rams Mt. Rushmore candidates stretch from L.A. to St. Louis

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The Rams started in Cleveland before moving to Los Angeles and then, 18 years ago, to St. Louis.  For the franchise’s Mt. Rushmore, however, the first stop yields to the last two.

All 12 finalists come from the L.A. or St. Louis eras, with no one from the team’s eight-year stint in Ohio (1937-45) sufficiently standing out.

The dozen who did are listed below.  Pick your favorite four.  The winners will be unveiled on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

29 responses to “Rams Mt. Rushmore candidates stretch from L.A. to St. Louis

  1. Dickerson, Faulk, Jones, Warner

    The Greatest Show on Turf was once in a lifetime. I have to put Warner in over Youngblood as much as it pains me.

  2. Between the Fearsome Foursome and the Greatest Show on Turf plus Jackie Slater straddling the two eras, this one is tough.

    Faulk, Youngblood, Jones, Olsen.

  3. Wow, I had forgotten how many really great Rams there were. I had thought this one would be pretty easy.

    Personally I would have to go with

    Deacon Jones
    Kurt Warner
    Eric Dickerson
    Jackie Slater

    Of that group I suspect Jackie would prompt the most thumbs down responses but he was one of the leagues dominant lineman on some pretty suspect teams for a lot of years.

  4. I am not a Rams fan but I have to admit that I am surprised not to see Steven Jackson on this list. He is the Rams all time leading rusher, and he did so on bad teams. He was a team player who always gave his all for the team and fans. Just saying….he at least deserves to be on this voting list.

  5. The words that go after these cats names says it all: Super Bowl Champion.
    Warner Bruce Faulk and the Deke because he revolutionized the defensive game. (Apologies and all due respect to T Holt.)

  6. This is one of the harder ones, considering they had some very talented players from different eras. I went with Van Brocklin, the recently departed Deacon Jones, Jackie Slater (even despite Dickerson, it was Slater that I identified more with the Rams having played 19 years in LA and 1 in St. Louis), and Kurt Warner (for the Super Bowl years).

  7. Deacon, Dickerson, Faulk, Warner

    Pretty tough to leave a few of those old timers off, but have to give recognition for what Faulk and Warner did for the franchise.

  8. Let’s start with the two locks: Deacon Jones and Eric Dickerson. Not only two Rams legends, but also two NFL legends.

    So that leaves 2 spots open to 10 guys. Given the history of the franchise, you have to think that the players most instrumental to the team’s lone Superbowl win deserve to be represented, at which point you immediately think of Warner and Faulk. That period between 1999-2001 was dominated by those two; if it wasn’t for Az Hakim’s muffed punt and Martz’s insanity during the Superbowl, who knows what might have been. I’m too young to remember guys like Merlin Olsen and Jack Youngblood, they are certainly worthy, but I have to go with the GSOT.

    Deacon, Dickerson, Warner, Faulk.

  9. First, we eliminate anybody who played for the St. Louis Rams.

    That should make the choosing a little easier . . .

  10. Tough list and can’t help but still be a little confounded by the LA/St. Louis split even though they’ve been in MO for a while now (the Rams just scream LA to me). Anyways, FWIW: Jones, Olsen, Dickerson, and Hirsch.

    Hat tip to the commenter who pointed out Steven Jackson not being on the list. Should have received some votes.

  11. The two non-negotiables on my list are Deacon Jones and Marshall Faulk. Then I decided Jackie Slater was a non-negotiable too. That leaves one pick amongst some great players, but Jack Youngblood fills the gap.

    Deacon Jones, Marshall Faulk, Jackie Slater, Jack Youngblood.

  12. Norm Van brocklin, Dickerson, Faulk, and Decon Jones.

    very tough to do bur I don’t want warner on our mountain and Arizonas too. they can have him because we have more to choose from

  13. From a Ram fan since ’76 this one is tough but I went with Youngblood, Deacon, Slater and Bruce.

    Faulk and Dickerson just werent Rams long enough and Im afraid most people these days probably associate Warner as a Cardinal….Warner himself seems to anyway.

  14. I’m going with two all time greats and two SB champs
    Dickerson (although SJax should be at least on the list)
    D. Jones (The man was a true FOOTBALL legend)
    Marshall “Superman” Faulk
    Kurt Warner

    The comments re-enforce my belief that people don’t give the Rams enough credit, sure we may not have been a football power house, but when we were good, we were DAMN good!

  15. Jackie Slater has to be on there. 20 years as a Ram and most of that time at a pro bowl level.

    John Robinson’s mom could have rushed for 2000 yards running behind Slater.

  16. Deacon, Merlin, Eric & Marshall

    LOTTA LOTTA great names left off the list. I went with the four who IMHO are the greatest players on the list. But I feel very uneasy leaving off such incredible players like Van Brocklin, Youngblood, Slater and Warner.

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