Rex says he’s rooting for Tebow — to replace Brady


The Patriots might be trying to downplay the addition of Tim Tebow, but at least one opposing coach is rooting for him.

In fact, Jets coach Rex Ryan would like to see Tebow atop the Patriots depth chart, because that would mean Tom Brady isn’t.

Asked if he was curious how the Patriots would use the backup quarterback he never found a use for, Ryan cracked: “Not really. If they want to replace Brady with him, that’s fine.”

Ryan also admitted the obvious, after his one year of work with the newest Patriots quarterback: “It didn’t work out here. Obviously Tim had more success in Denver than he did here. So, it is what it is.”

It’s easy for Ryan to make shrug it off now, that the circus has moved on to another town. In fact, he opened his press conference Tuesday by alluding to the throng that had moved north.

“I have a funny feeling there’s going to be more questions about former players than there are current players,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

“It’s not a surprise to me that Tim would be picked up. Obviously, as I’ve said before, (he’s) a tremendous young man. Very competitive. I’m happy for him and look forward to competing against him.”

And if it turned out that the Jets competed against Tebow any significant amount, it might be Tebow’s greatest contribution to the Jets organization.

89 responses to “Rex says he’s rooting for Tebow — to replace Brady

  1. I’m sure this will be a rejected post but Rex Ryan is a certifiable ass clown. I never thought I’d be rooting for Belichick against any other coach but when you obtain a player, fail to utilize him correctly, and then rip that player when it’s clearly bad coaching that’s failed the Jets, it really shows a lack of character and fundamental personality flaws.

  2. I’d bet they would actually win a SB against the Giants with Tebow starting. That Brady guy is washed up.

  3. “And if it turned out that the Jets competed against Tebow any significant amount, it might be Tebow’s greatest contribution to the Jets organization.”

    Prophetic statement.

  4. “And if it turned out that the Jets competed against Tebow any significant amount, it might be Tebow’s greatest contribution to the Jets organization.”

    Sooner or later the cheap verbal shots at this guy have to stop. It really isn’t funny anymore.

    And, I’m not a Tebow fan as a player. You’re giving credence to the Tebowmaniacs – let’s not do that please.

  5. Wow a horrible team still can’t learn humility and humbleness. Well Rex Ryan your team sucks. Your defense is lousy. Your qb Sanchez helps the other team out more than his. Your organization drafted a qb who can’t really play as well to equal the pick spent on him. I mean what are your positives? Your weight? What’s more funny is you lost the AFC championship twice and somehow you thought that meant you could win a Superbowl and when that didn’t happen it seems like you guys needed something to take attention away from how bad the team really is. What scapegoat was it? Tebow is his name-o. I hear how much he was a circus and all that, but we all know you were in a down year couldn’t win a game really do save your life and you’re supposed to be a players coach, but yet somehow you weren’t for Tebow? I tell you what Ryan start getting that lousy resume of yours ready because I see you being fired after this coming season when the jets have another losing season. Maybe you could get a job as a backup coach? Hahaha no team will want you and then when you maybe get a job as an assistant we can say how we hope you coach in place of so and so’s head coach so the other team will win you fat loser. Start learning how not to insult other players even if your trying to nicely insult them its still the same. I can’t wait to see you fall flat on your fat face.

  6. Awesome scenario, Patriots-Jets in the Meadowlands, Jets up by 20 at the half, Brady gets benched and Tebow comes in and leads the Patriots to a 10 point victory.
    I know it’ll never happen because there is no way that NE would ever be down by 20 to the Jets.

  7. Maybe Ryan will get his wish…

    Maybe Brady goes down with an injury, the Patriots feel more comfortable handing the keys to Tebow over Mallett, and maybe Tebow comes to New Jersey and does what he did to the Jets while he was running that Bronco Offense? Wouldn’t that be a sweet kick in the ass for Rex? He sees Tebow dominate in Denver, so decides to keep him from harming his team by bringing Tebow to the NYJ. Only to find out he’s not creative enough to get something positive from the situation, then to see Tebow smack his team up while in a Patriot uniform… What a story that would be. Primetime.

  8. “Rex says he’s rooting for Tebow — to replace Brady” I can’t stop laughing!!! Best line ever from Rex!!

    Honestly I feel the same way!! Down with cheaters Brady and Belicheat!

  9. I don’t know why Rex hated Tebow so much, but he fit the offense he wanted to run. He wanted to run most downs, control the clock, and have a throwback offense.

    So he picked the QB with the butt fumble. Go figure.

  10. The Patriots, if they want to, can find more uses for Tebow in one game than the Jets did in an entire season without Brady leaving the field or his position. Oh, and the Jets started Sanchez and still couldn’t utilize Tebow in any way. The Tebow pickup was embarrassing for them, but more than anything it shows how much the owner is ruining things. Let football make the football decisions and the team will speak for itself; no need for creating hype to sell tickets. Jets fans want to win like everybody else.

  11. Rex is on swinger sites. He likes watching guys do things with his wife.

    That’s not a man.

    So of course he hates Tebow and will continue to take shots at him every chance he gets.

    Tebow is the anti Rex Ryan. So this just makes sense.

  12. “if it turned out that the Jets competed against Tebow any significant amount, it might be Tebow’s greatest contribution to the Jets organization.”

    The last time the Jets competed against Tebow, they lost–Broncos 17, Jets 13.

  13. What this article tells me is ………
    1) Ryan Did not want Tebow because he is married to Sanchez. (Not Foot Or Butt Fumble References)
    2) Ryan kept Tebow on the bench because his head coaching IQ was not at a level to find a way to maximize a players skills.
    3) He knows Belichick will find something he can spring on the Jets with Tebow that will make Ryan look stupid.

  14. Rex Ryan? His sarcasm is laughable since he’s the one who has stuck with Sanchez. Didn’t he have a tattoo of Sanchez? I say this will be Rex’s last season as a Jet coach. So there is a possibility that Ryan may be unemployed before Tebow. What an irony that would be. Maybe Rex should have been asked how Brady would have done last year if he would have been playing for the Jets offense instead. Sanchez sucks but the Jets are in such a mess I can’t see them doing much better this year.

  15. I am a Giants fan and do not have a horse in the Tebow race. However, I crack up at all of you commenters, and so called analysts, who clearly do not have the neccesary skillset to evaluate Tebow. You watch ESPN, and stay on this site to long, and listen to the constant Tebow bashing. There was a reason his peers voted him in the top 100 2 years ago. He is a damn good football player. Belicheck is a genius, name a third string quarterback that is a better football player or quarterback than Tim Tebow. Please. Whether he plays strictly QB, or whether he plays some TE/FB/???, he will be an asset to the team. Wish the Giants would have drafted him, as they are another team that will dispense of the “distraction” talk.

  16. Rex is just saying that he knows how bad Tebow really is and that he is no threat.

  17. Funny, because when Tebow was a Bronco he beat the Jets… So what makes him think it would be any different if Tebow were to be the QB for the Patriots? Either way, you still suck.

  18. I am not a fan of the Jets, Pats or Tebow, but why is it that I would love to see Tebow do something to beat the Jets and then enjoy the camera shot of Rex’s face right after?

  19. When will Rex learn to shut his trap and let the play on the field do the talking. Tebow wasn’t the reason for a lousy Jets season last year.

  20. “Asked if he was curious how the Patriots would use the backup quarterback he never found a use for, Ryan cracked: “Not really. If they want to replace Brady with him, that’s fine.”
    Rex is not curious about how a rival team within the same division is going to use their new player. Seems like something a coach should be curious about to me, but what do i know. Basically he is saying he isn’t curious about what the Patriots game plan will involve in 2013. Explains a lot about why the Jets have been so bad.

  21. i am a fan of brady and tebow i want tebow to be a qb but i no unless the patriots lose the first couple games of the season that tebow will proberly be a oart time tight end or a full back even though i dob’t wan’t him to be a tight end or a full back wish the jags would have got him they could beat the patriots with tebow and jones-drew

  22. If Rexy is still trotting out Sanchez as a “starting” QB, anything the Pats throw at them will work.

  23. Keep your mouth shut,your Quarterback can’t take a snap under center. The jets are a bigger train wreak then the Raiders!

  24. As a long time Jets fan, a disgusted Jets fan….why is Rex wasting a wish instead of having used Tebow when he benched Sanchez??

    Get all the ink now Rex, soon you’ll be toast and we’ll miss your pearls of wisdom and those of these Jet-hating trolls.

  25. Tim Tebow took the Broncos to the playoffs and beat the Steelers…….where is the love people?

  26. I say you put both Brady and Tebow in at the same time in the pistol offense. Line Tebow up as a fullback. That would be sick.

  27. I believe Rex spent more time talking about Tebow than Belichick did his entire press conference. There will be no media circus in Foxboro as the Patriots will lock the media out except for scheduled appearances.

    Belichick intimidates the media in the same way Parcells did.

  28. You trolls are just sad. Any coach or player would rather face Tebow over Brady. U got one guy who a lock for HOF and another who barely hanging on to be in the NFL.

  29. Rex, this might come as a shock but the reason Tim Tebow worked out better in Denver is because, well, they let him play. Earthshattering, I know.

  30. Every Jet Fan is rooting for you to be replaced and while every other Fan wants to make sure that you stay around to keep supporting the worst QB in the NFL!

    No wonder your neighbor had to beat you up when you coached in Baltimore.

  31. Please let Tebow replace Brady for the games against the jets. Just to rub Rex’s face in the fact that he is a fool that chose a pampered little brat of a qb over TT. Tebow may not be the most talented guy in the league. But he would beat the jets twice a year…(I know it wouldn’t happen, of course, but god what a great way to stick it to Rex)

  32. The top line of this article says;

    Rex says he’s rooting for Tebow — to replace Brady

    Actually as bad as Tebow may have played in Jet’s practices, he still deserved a chance to start a game. Sanchez was the worst QB in the league last year and statistics back that up.

    The fact that Rez wouldn’t let Tebow start a game is unexplainable IMO.

    Ryan should get the axe this year, actually he should have gotten it last year.

    Rex is history…

  33. I truly believe that if Buddy Ryan had not been a head coach in the NFL that his 2 buffoon kids would still be living at home with their mom and dad. I picture them both sitting in a basement eating pizza and playing video games.

  34. Sorry Jets STILL couldnt beat the Patriots with Tebow (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN) at the starting QB spot someone said it best certified ASSCLOWN Rex Ryan

  35. I don’t think Rex would want Tebow to compete against the Jets; he might find out the hard way that Tebow is a better QB than anyone they have on their roster.

    It’s not like the Jets ever gave Tebow a chance to play QB. They brought him to do what? Sell jerseys? Right now, the Jets are third-class organization with a potty mouth egotistical coach and no QB. Taking potshots at Tebow isn’t going to solve that problem.

  36. Here we go with the tebow chants and how everyone loves him and blah blah blah. Even his own home team didn’t want him. All you clowns talking bout Brady going down and teblows coming in just stop. If Brady goes down mallet is gonna be at the helm. End of story.

  37. So lemme get this straight Tim tebow is awesome cause he’s a “good guy “and he loves Jesus ? WOW!!! Freaking original there man.

  38. The fat man can laugh and make jokes now. Tebow will be the one laughing at the end of the season when he still has an NFL career and Rex is unemployed and looking for a job as an assistant somewhere.

  39. It has become apparent to me that Rex Ryan just can’t compete as a coach at the NFL level. Don’t try to point out the success he had early, he is a terrible practice coach and has a lot of difficulty adjusting to other teams at this level.

    Maybe if Rex wants to stay in the league its time for him to stop insisting that he only be a head coach. He is obviously better suited as a mascot and if he would just accept that he could have a long NFL career at that position.

  40. on 4th and goal in the 1st matchup Belicheck will give the ball to Tebow to score on the Jets just like he let Woodhead show out on them….Its coming..Payback is coming and Im not a pats fan…LOL Rex needs to zip it sometimes…

  41. Can we do a PFT Pie Chart day? and get credible data showing the correlation between Education and Tebowmaniacs? Also the belief of fairy’s and Republicans.

  42. I think by the end of the year Ryan will be saying the same thing about himself and the Jets: “It didn’t work out.”

  43. KIND of ironic you say that Rex…….all of the other teams in the AFC EAST have said over and over how they’re glad you’re the head coach of the Jets and pray that you’ll be there forever! How does it feel knowing that the only people that don’t want you around are the fans of the very team you coach????

  44. Jamarcus Russell could lead the pats over the jets. Sorry jets fans but until Rex is gone your team will continue to be a joke.

  45. So, after spending an entire year ruining TT’s career, Rex wishes him luck!? Isn’t that the way it always is in life…the ones who dump and thump on you as they kick you out, turn around and wish you all the luck in the world!! How can ANY player on the Jets believe a SINGLE thing Rex utters?!

  46. LOL, the difference between Tubsy and BB being that BB CAN coach his way out of a soggy paper bag. And anyway, how would Footsie McFatass know jack squat about Tebow, he never bothered to see what he could do in a real game, not even once.

  47. If Tebow gets the chance he would beat the Jets. Rex is a clown that nobody likes and he is the ONLY thing worse than Elway.

  48. Rex needs to shut up. It’s not even fun to hate the guy anymore. He has suckchez as his QB. Him running his mouth is a joke.

  49. -you hate rex and anything about him but look how many of you got whipped into a commenting frenzy about the article you hate seeing.
    -i’m a jet fan. still don’t hate rex. don’t like everything about him but he’s clearly a really smart defensive football guy. the jury is still out on head coach. if this is a learning curve, there have been some extraordinary head vcoaches who have started out about the ‘same’
    -i blame sparano for not playing tebow (or at least leaking a story to the media about how badly he sucked so it was easier for everybody to make sense of the thing)
    -i blame rex for trusting him too much
    -i blame johnson for getting the guy without purpose
    -where’s the part of this article where rex trashes tebow? can’t find it. he said i hope the backup ‘qb’ starts in place of the hall of famer. there’s a knock in there but it’s pretty skimpy
    -can’t you guys find something else to do?

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