Rob Ryan: Run defense has “definitely been fixed”


A big part of the reason why Rob Ryan is currently the defensive coordinator of the Saints is the team’s putrid work against the run last season.

Under former coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the Saints slumped to the league’s worst run defense. They allowed a league-high 147.6 rushing yards per game and allowed runners to gain nearly 5.2 yards per carry, the highest total allowed by any NFL defense since 2006. Even those without Ryan’s long experience as a professional football coach would be able to share his belief that Spagnuolo’s scheme wasn’t quite sound. The good news for the Saints is that Ryan says the issue’s already been dealt with this offseason.

“Honestly, I don’t think the scheme was very sound in the running game,” Ryan said, via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “That’s not a fault of anybody else. I’ve just been around football my whole life. I know it wasn’t. We’re going to fix it. That’s definitely been fixed.”

The additions of players like nose tackle John Jenkins, safety Kenny Vaccaro and defensive end Kenyon Coleman — who Ryan calls “the best run defender in football as a 3-4 end” — are intended to help remedy the team’s poor performance in the ground game. If they can do that, it will free up more time for Ryan to address the unthreatening pass rush and ineffective secondary, which are the other two big reasons why Ryan’s in New Orleans.

23 responses to “Rob Ryan: Run defense has “definitely been fixed”

  1. When is this clown going to start dressing and grooming like a professional? If I spent millions on a team this is the last guy I would want being the face of it.

  2. I never grow tired of Tim Tebow stories or the Ryan brothers making bold claims they can’t back up. That’s why I spend all my free time on PFT. Thanks for making my day complete. You guys rock. :/

  3. Given that they somehow went from #12 vs the run in 2011 to dead last in 2012 after adding a few run-stopping pieces(Bunkley etc), I’m willing to believe it was a scheme thing.

  4. Good thing for Rob Ryan he no longer has to get blown out by the Redskins twice a year. It figures that a low class, cheater organization like the Saints would bring him on board. They’re a great match for each other.

  5. This makes me laugh. Saying you have something fixed before you even play against other teams! The saints suck.The only thing they have going for them is Drew Brees and they pay so much just to have him they ccan’t really afford any other talent. I am just going to laugh when Rob Ryan gets a reality check that he’s not as great of a coach as he thinks he is. Rob and Rex seem to have this thing where they run their mouths and can hardly bring anything to fulfillment. Rex obviously is probably going to lose his job after this coming season and Rob has been bounced around now so much saying the same crap. Hey Rob if you were such a great coach how come you can’t stay with a team that long? Spare yourself the embarassement and don’t try to act like you have fixed something before the season even starts! The birds are still gonna pass all over the saints and now run it down their throats with Jackson. The bucs are gonna do the same thing, just not near as much passing, as much as I dislike Can Newton he’s still going to shred the saints d too by making them stack the box or having a spy on him and then he’ll pass to smith. Honestly I can’t wait to see the saints fall flat on their face again. Rob Ryan I hope you can at least learn that you’re talk is getting to be like your brothers hilarious and less and less as you realize you suck!

  6. The 22nd in run defense last year with the “Super-Talented” Dallass Cowpokes is amused by this article!

  7. Has anyone thought to look and see how his teams historically do against the run? I mean, as Raider fan, I seem to remember the defense looking great for about 3 1/2 quarters most games and then going to hell in a hand basket.. including the run defense… It’s amazing how much traction these two twins got from their father’s reputation….

  8. For those interested.. I just did.. and in 9 years as a Defensive Coordinator, Rob Ryans run defenses finished higher than 20th only 2 times…. Not that impressive over 3 teams if you ask me…. One can argue in Oaktown his hands were tied because of Al…. but… I don’t know.. not brimming with success in my opinion… Good luck Saints…

  9. Here we go all talk and nothing to back it up, perennial defense for him is in the 19th-20th in the league…#whodatisdead

  10. Was it the scheme or the personnel that was suspect? It seems to me the scheme worked fine for the Giants when Spags was running the defense that stifled the highest scoring offensive team in NFL history in the Superbowl.

    If Rob Ryan’s scheme is so great, why is he on his 4th team in almost as many years?

  11. You only have to read his stuff once. He says the same thing over and over and it’s meaningless. His dad was the same way. Rex seems to have understood and seems to be developing a little bit of the humble gene compared to the rest of his family.

    Of course, getting your rear handed to you twice a year by Belicek will do that.

  12. To all you haters,don’t hate the SAINTS because of their coach,hate cause they gonna kick y’alls teams asses! WHO DAT! WE DAT! BELIEVE DAT! And if you don’t believe DAT,we will gladly show you when we meet your team. Oh and don’t worry if you cry,I am sure my boys would bring some Kleenex along to dry your tears when we kick your ass,in your house. Peace out haters! See y’all soon.

  13. Saintssoaring2012 with what, if any, evidence do you seem to think the saints will be better this year? Peyton comming back or Ryan being hired? If that’s your case read the facts. Is your opinion bias? I mean I love the Falcons that’s my team, but we play a way harder schedule then the aints, but I’m not saying how bad the aints are gonna lose to the birds am I? The aints have nobody except for brees. Now tell me what can one player do? The falcons on the other hand have talent more than one player. The aints ain’t gonna do anything this year. I hope you stay on this blog site for this next coming season that way I can save your comment and then just paste it back to you when your aints ain’t even in the playoffs. I hope y’all have a wonderful season down there though filled with bounty that are never claimed.

  14. astaib38
    The saints split with the falcons last year with the worst defense in history. WITH all you your “superstars”. tell me again what the series record is since brees came to town i seem to have forgotten.

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