Romo questions validity of NFLN Top 100 list

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In what could be a pre-emptive strike at the possibility his name won’t appear among the final 30 names to be unveiled in NFL Network’s 10-week space-filling extravaganza (have you heard about our Mt. Rushmore series?), Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has questioned the overall validity of a Top 100 list premised on a supposed player vote.

Romo has raised two arguments regarding the process in comments to Shan Shariff of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.  First, Romo questioned the extent to which it truly is a vote of the NFL’s player.

“Until I see one person who is a Dallas Cowboy who votes on that stuff, you know at some point I figure they would ask me, Jason Witten or Demarcus Ware to vote,” Romo said.  “I think then maybe it’s a vote by the players. . . .  I don’t think it matters too much.”

Romo then addressed the substantive value of having players vote, when players are exposed only to a limited slice of the NFL.  Indeed, each NFL team plays only 12 other NFL teams during the regular season.

“I would have a hard time telling you who was great in the AFC last year,” Romo said.  “You just go by what’s written about and talked about.”

It’s not the first time a player has scrutinized the overall value of the players-only voting.  Eagles defensive end Connor Barwin has suggested that no players vote on the list at all, a contention the NFL has refuted.

Still, the league admits that only 28.3 percent of the players voted — and even then they simply listed their own personal top 20.  Under Romo’s reasoning, even if 100 percent of the players listed the top 100 players, the system would be flawed by each player’s limited exposure to the league at large.

39 responses to “Romo questions validity of NFLN Top 100 list

  1. As a Redskins fan I couldn’t be more amused by this article. I can’t even imagine RG3 being this sensitive and petty. It’s going to be so fun watching RG3 dominate Romo for the next however many years it takes Jerry to realize Romo is not a starting caliber QB in the NFL. Maybe it’s not the sample size Romo, maybe it’s just that NFL players aren’t going to vote for a player that acts like this or one that’s famous for choking any time the pressure is on.

  2. they should make it so you can only vote for players you played against and require so many players from each team to vote making sure that all pro bowlers vote

  3. Only idiots would take that list seriously. Not enough players vote, and it SHOULD be “top players from 2012,” not “top players of 2013.”

    Various rookies will undoubtedly unseat underperforming vets currently on the list, and if you look back at the 2013 season and look at the “top players of 2013” list, it wont make any sense

  4. RE: “Romo’s certainly acting like it matters that much.”

    Really? Does answering a question that a reporter asks qualify as “acting like it matters?”

    Sometimes I wish fans would get a little perspective instead of filtering every article through their own bias.

  5. Don’t worry Tony, you’re not on it.

    “I would have a hard time telling you who was great in the AFC last year,”

    Umm…. compared to YOU ……. everybody.

  6. Romo is a good qb, hes def not a weak point in a team, im a giants fan too btw, I have more confidence in romo down to down then Eli…. Until it comes to 4th quarter of a big game of course….. 🙂

  7. They play 13 teams

    3 Division teams
    4 Non-Division Conference teams
    2 Conference teams who finished the same in their respective standings
    4 Non-Conference Teams

    Math…it’s what’s for dinner

  8. I question the validity of your ‘Mt Rushmore’ piece and ya don’t see me pissing and moaning.. Who cares? It eases the loss of football in our lives.

  9. Romo is top 3 dumbest QBs in the NFL. Shut up and win something no one really cares about these stupid rankings

  10. Its almost as ridiculous as this site’s Mt. Rushmore voting where all these know-nothings vote to the mountain whoever scored the most fantasy points for their team this year.

  11. If you knew anything about Romo if he was selected he would have said the same thing—“It really doesn’t matter that much.”

  12. I don’t think this NFLN Top 100 matters, either, but some things are better left unsaid, especially if you are going to sound butt-hurt that you’re not on the list.

  13. I actually think it’d be pretty cool (and instructive) if the NFL polled former players for the current top 100.

  14. Hes right. He has never heard of anyone on the cowboys ever being a part of the voting process. That speaks volumes. They poll a hand full of “players ” and say its based on players opinion. If anyone should be putting together a list of the best players it should be hall of fame players.

  15. The NFL Network should cease and desist this mickey mouse nonsense. I do not watch it when the list comes out. It is nothing more than filling network time and space. Who Cares!!~ Show the top plays of the year and define how the play worked etc. Show the difference in the two-deep zone, man to man with safeties over the top etc but not this junk.

  16. If everyone would stop and think just a little bit it’s all a matter of opinion, seriously from the reporters perspectives, the players perspectives and the fan perspectives!!! No matter who says what about who it’s that persons opinion so who gives a $#it!!!

  17. Romo is just jealous and if every player in the league did vote he still doesn’t deserve to be ranked higher than #80

  18. I agree with Tony’s logic and agree the whole thing is bogus. But the worst part of the whole thing is that when the top 30 are reveled tony will probably be in there. That’s the travesty! As a skins fan, 6 more years off this clown. Thanks Jerry!!

  19. Romo’s a good player. definitley polarizing but anyone who thinks he doesnt carry that team doesn’t watch cowboys games.

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