Tebow could be a Rudy in New England

So what do the Patriots plan to do with quarterback Tim Tebow?  Our buddy Tom Curran of CSN New England joined PFT Live on Tuesday to discuss the topic.

One possibility, as postulated by Curran, is that coach Bill Belichick wants the other players on the team to witness Tebow’s drive, dedication, and heart, in the hopes they’ll increase their own.

In other words, Tebow could be New England’s version of Rudy.

If so, Tebow faces similar odds of making the team — and of actually suiting up and playing in a game.  Don’t count on many members of the team lining up and dropping their jerseys on Belichick’s desk to make it happen.

46 responses to “Tebow could be a Rudy in New England

  1. Even the coach in Rudy knew that you can’t give a precious roster spot to a good guy who isn’t really a real player.

  2. You mean the team that’s consistently in the playoffs year in, year out, and has for a head coach probably the only man on this planet who can actually shoot lightning out of his fingertips like the Emperor in Star Wars, needs *more* motivation?

  3. They’re picking his brain about the Jets offense. How does nobody see this? It’s very common for an in division team to temporarily sign rival castoffs only to cut them soon after.

  4. So you are comparing a QB who won the Heisman, won NCAA Championships, had a winning record and a playoff win with Denver against a character who’s story was exaggerated for a movie? Makes no sense.

  5. @jakec4

    You do realize that coach devine’s portrayal in Rudy was a complete manifestation of the director “Hollywood”ing the movie and that it didn’t depict the truth right? That jersey scene never happened. Criticize Tebow all you want but at least don’t be ignorant of the facts when doing so.

  6. Rudy vs. Tebow in a Punt, Pass, & Kick contest.

    The prize: being the third-string QB for one year on a real, live NFL team!

  7. Wait….so the inspiration is supposed to be “Work your hardest and even if you fail you can inspire other people who are better than you to do their job better thus rendering you even more unlikely to earn your way onto the field doing what you want to do”?

    Talk about the ultimate team player. That’s like being the cashier at Wal-Mart who has to help train customers to use the Automated Check-Out, which is the same as actively working to make themselves obsolete.

  8. come on coach put him out there.. tebow tebow tebow. and then he rushs for a yard gain and the placr goes wild.. haha it will happen

  9. I have the scoop on a Huge story regarding a former Heisman winning Florida Gator and NFL bust that actually could throw… Danny Wuerffel was seen purchasing a Wetzels Pretzel last night at the mall. (Still a better story than Tebow to the patriots)

  10. Coach wants a fourth SB ring as a HC. He can only influence so far. Even if TEbow is gone after August, Coach can point to the moment and the experience of exposure and attention as a motivator. He doesn’t have to say it; the media will for him.

  11. So Tebow is going to get a sack in a blowout game with 30 seconds left and get carried off the field?

    Didn’t Rudy have to go to Junior college for a couple of years and mow the grass at Notre Dame just to get on the field for two plays as a senior?

    And even Joe Montana said that story was exaggerated.

  12. Seriously, at this point, what other reason for the media’s obsession with this guy is there besides the fact that he wears his religion on his sleeve? He had a short stretch as a starter that made for some entertaining games, but he’s been a back-up ever since. It was slightly interesting when he was traded to the Jets because of the possibility that he might unseat Sanchez, but he’s no threat to the starting QB with his new team.

  13. comatrip1 says that they’re picking his brain about the Jets offense.

    Seriously? The *Patriots* need some help with the Jets?

  14. You should have quit when you were ahead Florio. It’s obvious you have no idea about Tebow or the Patriots reason for signing him. Just because you want to be the Rudy of journalism doesn’t mean you have to compare Tebow to him. Delete this since you know Tebow is twice the man you’ll ever be.

  15. Has anyone asked themselves, “Could this guy fill in until Gronk comes back from back surgery?” Belichick was known to be a visitor to Gainesville during Tebow’s playing days as a Gator, so they’ve known each other for some time. Tebow has national championship chemistry with Aaron Hernandez too. Forget about the QB position with a future hall of fame precision marksman with perfect mechanics already behind center. Question is, “Can he catch well enough?” Pro…bably. Which makes Belichick look really smart, and where the Jets just fumbled. Short down range and Brady has Hernandez and/or Tebow to throw to? Hmm. Another masterful pick-up for the Pats or just a marketable insurance policy?

  16. I think Tebow is going to be just like Rudy. However, not the movie version of Rudy, but the real life version.

    You know the one that the coach and players who were on that team, like Joe Montana, have publicly discussed. A nice guy that tried really hard, but didn’t really have the talent necessary to be an important and contributing member of the team. And who the other players liked just enough to carry off the field, as a joke, when he achieved some small, but utterly pointless, achievement in a game.

  17. If that is the only reason he is on the team then they have totally wasted a roster spot. There are many other players out there who could actually play the game & help the Pats.

  18. Oh my gosh, how does Tebow generate this much media interest? Looking at it objectively, he is, at best, a third string talent in a league where almost every team only suits up 2 per game. Does it really matter whether he practices hard every day if on Sunday, he is sitting in the press box with all the other inactives? And assumes he will even make the final 53, a big assumption in June.

  19. Tebow will “stick” with the Pats. There won’t be any “wildcat” in NE but Tebow will play some TE, FB, and RB on short yardage downs.

    Tebow is a winner. But neither Tebow, nor the Good Lord, could have helped the NY Jets.

  20. Bringing Tebow in to set an example for other players? We are really reaching now for a rationalization for this move. How silly. This is the NFL not a Ronald Reagan movie. Belichik is a genius therefore this move must be genius therefore Belichik is a genius. The wildcat made him look stupid one Sunday a few years back, but since BB didn’t think of it it himself, it had to be labeled a gimick. What makes a genius is seeing things for what they really are, in the process breaking with traditional limiting ideas, like the idea that everything the Pats do is brilliant and our job is to expound on why that is. So we get stories like this one. Rudy. Puh-leeze, child.

  21. He’s there for one reason and one reason only; because they believe he’ll make the team better. It may not pan out that way down the road but its one of those situations in which speculating is pointless

  22. Anther asinine comparison. Rudy was a COLLEGE player. The Pats are a PROFESSIONAL team. Silly motivational games don’t really work with grown men earning massive paychecks.

    And trashjuice, just be glad Tebow isn’t gay. Tebow posts would be all that you’d see here.

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