Tim Tebow contract is for two years, with nothing guaranteed

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The Patriots have signed the ultimate no-risk contract with Tim Tebow.

Not only is there (as widely expected) no guaranteed money on Tebow’s new deal, but according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Tebow’s deal is for two years.

In other words, there’s really nothing that can go wrong for the Patriots: If Tebow shows in training camp and the preseason that he isn’t good enough, the Patriots will cut him, having spent nothing. If Tebow shows promise this year, they can keep him into next year without having to deal with all the questions about whether or not he’ll stay into 2014, which would have come up if they had signed him to a one-year deal.

There’s also the possibility, admittedly unlikely, that Tebow could show enough in New England this season that he’ll have some trade value next year, and the Patriots could get something for him in 2014. That’s one of the reasons it’s nice for the Patriots to have him signed to a two-year deal. (The last time a Patriots backup quarterback made himself a valuable commodity, it was Matt Cassel, who was in the last year of his contract and got the franchise tag before getting traded to the Chiefs.)

The structure of the contract also demonstrates just how little a market for Tebow there was around the NFL: This isn’t the kind of contract a player signs if he has other offers.

40 responses to “Tim Tebow contract is for two years, with nothing guaranteed

  1. So while 31 NFL teams find Tebow basically worthless, the majority of Christian-America still think he’s worthy of being a starter. Am I missing something?

  2. This guy is going to be converted to a different position. He can play football. He may not possess the skill set for QB but he ran the option in college. He will be RB or WR. Bet on it.

  3. A fair offer for both sides. No string attached and let the chips far where the may.

    Perhaps it is time for the media to conclude there is no more story here and to just move on.

  4. Sounds like they’re using him as a spy for the two Jets games. He will be released after the second game. Too bad, nice enough guy, just has a miss matched skill set for the pro game.

  5. Free Tebow. Why not put him on the 90-man and see if he’s gotten better? Not like Ryan Mallett should just sit there all comfy at #2. Light a fire under him.

  6. It’s probably time to start looking for a long successor at QB

    Not Tim Tebow, but a real QB
    They’d better have a plan

  7. I love it how all of the blogs and websites say “he’s done, he’s done, not even the CFL wants him, he needs a new positions…” and then BAM! the might Patriots sign him to a 2 year contract. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. He may not be an NFL quarterback but he has proven he is an NFL player. What will the Pats come up with to utilize him? My guess is FB.

  9. I really am curious to see Tebow play after all the tutoring he’s been through since all that stuff can go out the window under pressure.

    He actually has an NFL caliber deep ball, his problem is those AWFUL cringe-worthy short passes. If he comes out and starts throwing sharp <20 yard passes I think he has a really good future ahead of him.

    He'll still likely have trouble reading defenses, but like I remember Chris Mortensen explaining once, Tebow is unique in that respect; teams aren't going to run as many complex coverages as against a traditional pocket passer in the first place.

  10. If he sticks on the roster, hopefully he is able to ride the pine for both years and actually learn how to throw a football.

    This move may not be what he wanted, but it is probably the best thing for him. Anyone that is calling for Brady to be benched in favor of Tebow is clearly a moron. The Patriots are a well coached team. Josh McDaniels likes Tebow’s skill set. Tom Brady is going to be as good a mentor as any in the film room.

    If everyone can get off the Tebow fame train, he might actually have a chance to succeed.

  11. petedutcherjr says:Jun 11, 2013 10:46 AM

    Coincidentally, the Bucs may have an opening at QB next year.

    Even if Freeman leaves, Glennon is there. And if not Glennon, well then unretire Brad Johnson, or Shaun King, or whoever. Tebow is not a QB, stop thinking he is. Tommy Frazier was a beastly college QB, so was Eric Crouch. Just not NFL QB material though.

  12. thehuckster404 says:
    Jun 11, 2013 10:58 AM
    I can see the Pats using him as a “3rd an Goal inside the 3″ specialist. Little chance of fumbling, and keeps Brady out of the pile.


    Check Brady’s stats on 3rd/4th & 1. He’s converted every single one of them asked of him since 2005. There isn’t a better short yardage back in the league.

  13. Belichck just signed a free agent quarterback that NFL players voted one off the top 100 players in the NFL a year ago and he got him at short money and no risk. Some in the media call this arrogant and desperate; I don’t think these words mean what those men think they mean.

  14. It’s almost universally known amongst football fans that he didn’t have any other offers and it’s incredibly redundant to continue to mention it.

  15. I’m down from a spectators point of view. I’ve never been a Tebow fan ,but I thought he always should get a fair shake. I think his evangelism sets him up for failure. I think if anyone will squeeze the pulp out of Tim Tebow the player it’s Belicheck. If anyone will shield him from the media glare (as much as possible) it’s Belicheck.

    Hope Timmy realizes this is his real chance to shine.

  16. They’ll park him on the practice squad and let him run the scout team when practicing for “mobile QB’s” or the option flavor of the week.
    Won’t take up a roster spot and he still will offer value on those weeks they play one of the specialized QB’s.


    Why not bring him in to work out … it costs nothing… it can’t hurt the team… you can evaulate his abilities and then cut him… or put him on the taxi / practice squad…

    To Patriots haters nation … We still have Tom Brady!!! HAhahahahahah!!! See ya in the playoffs Biaches!!!

  18. WOW as a NY Jets fan I am psyched that BB allowed this circus act onto his football squad. Talk about self serving delusions, BB is going to have to deal with the national media every day about a player with little to no impact on a good football team.

    Tipping my glass to you BB for opening the door to invite all of the little circus clowns that are travelling from East Hanover NJ up to Foxboro right now, and all of the complications that comes with Tebow!!!

  19. I envision a similar situation to Montana-Young. In a few years, Tebow will be emerging as the logical starter as Brady gets up there in age. Tebow will be groomed by the best. Brady will end his career in Cleveland.

  20. Yanks…Tebow’s last 2 starts WERE PLAYOFF GAMES, with a team that had the 2nd worst record the year before. Tebow has a better rating than about 5 starters currently, so yeah, he should be starting somewhere. & no, I’m not a Christian…

  21. RexCanCoach says:

    Talk about self serving delusions, BB is going to have to deal with the national media every day about a player with little to no impact on a good football team.

    Tipping my glass to you BB for opening the door to invite all of the little circus clowns that are travelling from East Hanover NJ up to Foxboro right now, and all of the complications that comes with Tebow!!!

    Lolercoaster what makes you think the circus isn’t still in NJ ? You still have the Buttfumbler as your starting QB, big mouth Ryan is still the coach and the band of dysfunctional big mouths still fill much of the Jets roster.

    Not to mention nobody handles the fools in the press better than Belichick.

    Enjoy fighting it out with the Bills for the AFCE cellar again.

  22. helladonks says: Jun 11, 2013 11:10 AM

    What role did Christianity play in NE’s decision to sign him, exactly?


    He signed on to lead the team prayer meetings.

  23. Regardless of his (in)ability to be a conventional pro-style passer, pro football is a better entertainment vehicle with Tebow than without. See how games with Tebow in them boost ratings. You think the league isn’t thrilled somebody took this guy in?

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