Vonta Leach to visit the Dolphins


The free-spending Dolphins may not be done acquiring veteran free agents.

Fullback Vonta Leach, who was cut by the Ravens today, will visit the Dolphins tomorrow, according to multiple reports.

If he were to sign in Miami, Leach would be expected to start ahead of any of the fullbacks currently on the roster, including Jorvorskie Lane and Charles Clay. A three-time first-team All-Pro, Leach would provide an upgrade to the Dolphins’ running game as a lead blocker.

Leach’s agent said he’s also interested in returning to the Texans, but that may be a tough sell because Houston already has veteran fullback Greg Jones and doesn’t have a lot of salary cap space.

The Dolphins do have cap space and have shown a willingness to spend this offseason, and they also have an offensive coordinator, Mike Sherman, who previously coached Leach with both the Packers and the Texans. That might make them the leading contenders for Leach.

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  1. @Jimmy, Joe and Mike….
    Don’t let this guy sign anywhere else. That would be a repeat of the same mistake H&H made with Vickers…

  2. OK. Why? I am not saying he isn’t good (he is) but why would the Dolphins need him? I think Lane is already on his way out and Clay’s versatility means they would probably keep him. So, adding Leach means depth at another position is sacrificed for the roster spot. It just doesn’t make sense to me right now.

  3. Get him signed Ireland! The man is a beast and a bruiser and would be a awesome addition for the run game and a big upgrade over what we have!! Not to mention he’s a multiple time Pro Bowler!! Go Dolphins!!

  4. This is the definition of a dream team, simply just cutting checks to get good players not taking into account chemistry or age or the future ramifications.

    They can have an good year this year and continue to build upon it or just fall flat on their faces with no money left and rely on unproven players.. I hope they are successful in building a good squad, that division is a joke and had been besides the Patriots.. Times run out on those pats..

    As an outside fan looking in, I can see a 9 or 10 win team and possibly a division or wild card. It’s strange that I cab also see things not panning out and them winning like 5 games.

    Good luck Dolphins fans you deserve an good squad

  5. That Jeff Ireland guy sure is a shrewd GM.


    Dolphins = Mediocrity
    Their fans = Simpletons

  6. Why do people not understand we will have even more cap space next year? haha also, were not picking up players for positions we already have, been filling gaps.

  7. Dolphin fans are the only group in the league excited about a .500 club.
    That should tell you enough about how fair weather and uneducated they are.

    How do you know when the Dolphins have a home game?

    Because all the motorists can actually stop at an intersection without seeing one of their “fans” standing with a cardboard sign.

  8. It would be nice to see Jeff Ireland take the “very good GM” route by drafting playmakers rather than spending a ton of Stephen Ross’ money to field a competitive team. If the Dolphins don’t make the playoffs, he’s finally gone!

  9. This is one thing that I never understand about Ireland. He brings in the same FA year after year like Eric Winston, Leach and many others. Why do you need to bring them in over and over? You know what they are about and all it comes down to is whether or not you want to spend the cash. Why waste everybody’s time if you don’t want to spend the coin?

  10. The funny thing is when I heard Leach was released I though the Fins would be a good fit due to the zone blocking scheme. Not sure why so many hate the Fins or the fans. These moves the Fins are making are not long term. Grimes, Keller are one year players. They can very easily hit the market next year and bolt.

  11. I don’t know why they keep killing the dolphins for spending. for years they were killed for not. they set themselves up to be players in free agency because lets face it before the Pouncey draft classes drafted werent that good. besides Pro Bowler Long who is gone… immature V Davis traded, Merling gone, Heene gone.. Pat White wasted pick, S Smith over rated and gone. they sorta needed to go this route while having better drafts the last 2 years. some of these free agents will flop others might not.. as a life long 30 year fan, I’m def co with this approach
    oh plus there is a certain minimum teams must spend too.

  12. He’s an outstanding player. Why wouldn’t you want an all-pro type of player opening up hole for a young, untested RB and protecting the young franchise QB when it only costs salary cap (no picks) that you have plenty if ?

  13. Giants had an offer sheet to Leach, but it was to late, now the word is, “the giants are investigating”. If Leach wants to get some real attention, come to us brother, one way or the other, you will make money!
    In NY my brother, like signing an all-pro lineman.

  14. To all the haters, heres some education to you so can finally sound informed when you hate us:

    1) 17.5 million, I say again 17.5 MILLION in cap space right now before Leach signs tomorrow. Imagine, we spent like 146 mil and STILL have 17.5 left with carpenter and patterson on their way out to give us another 6-8 million? Sounds like Jeffery is getting it to me and I had a summer home on FIRELAND too.

    2) We will carry that over to next year and our major problem next year will be getting a DT, Starks’ contract, FSafety, Figuring out if we have two starting TE rather than one rookie, and Koa Misi’s contract. Big problems right?

    3) Mike Wallace’s contract will balloon in the second year but Aponte already built in a early release if he doesn’t work out. He can be replaced in the draft next year, WR’s will be deep in ’14. Reason why shes the best, yano?

    4)Lane is a Texas A&M holdover brought in on Shermans assistance. He wasn’t going to work anyways and Clay is a good back up plan so why not bring in the guy who made Arian Foster a household name?

    I’m sure you guys will have more to say but they will gel and I hope you keep hating cause if we make it out of our first five games at 3-2 or better, see ya in January!! You’ll see me, Ill be the one selling his first born for tickets.
    Get a clue IKNOWEVERYTHING (except about the Phins!)

  15. Honestly, look at some of these names (and contracts) that have left Miami the past few seasons:

    Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Kendal Langford, Brandon Marshall, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Davone Bess, Anthony Fasano, Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett.

    … That’s 10 players, other than Bess they all made, and still make on new teams, 5-10 million per year. You’re talking about a good 50-90 million dollars per year.

    This vs what they brought in:

    Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, Dannell Ellerbe, Phillip Wheeler, Tyson Clabo (1yr), Dustin Keller (1yr), Brent Grimes (1yr)

    In the next year you will see Miami move on from contracts like:

    Paul Soliai, Randy Starks, Dan Carpenter, Brent Grimes, Dustin Keller, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson.

    If you look at that list, even with contracts like:

    reshad jones, mike pouncey, jared odrick, koa misi coming up….

    Miami looks fine. Do they have some players who make a nice chunk of change? most definitely, but not as much as other teams. Because so many big time contracts ended via free agency, Miami is able to field a team that consists mostly of low end salaries. They opted not to pay the core players (like it or not), and bring in different guys who they think fit with the new coach.

    If you think Miami is going so hard in free agency, look a little deeper. It’s all turnover, it’s all tit-for-tat moves. and they are spending what appears to be less then has left. Hence, they have and will continue to have a healthy cap number this season and in the next few to come.

    I also think they will continue to bring in core players through the draft, which is evident by the players they have drafted and the contracts they’ve let walk. they drafting replacements each year. The guys they signed this year, already have replacements developing, and in 3-5 years when theyre contracts are up, cheaper guys will be waiting in the wings.


  16. Right about the 1st 5 games being tough on the fins. Still fins are much improved and will compete. If your team has the fins on their schedual this year it won’t be an easy game for you like it would have been in past years. Much tougher on defence which was their strength in the past and much better on offence, special taems and coaching. Fins will be tough to beat.

  17. Lane was a pretty good fullback in his first year. I doubt the Dolphins will want to pay him the money he wants.

    I’m sure there’s other clubs that would pay more than the Fins would for him.

  18. jlv3gem says: Jun 12, 2013 1:07 AM

    Lol im sorry but who exactly is he going to block for?
    Ignorance is bliss, apparently.

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