Weinke says remedial work with Tebow made difference

If you accept at face value the fact that Tim Tebow’s only going to be a quarterback when he gets to Patriots minicamp today, then the question becomes how well he can play the position.

According to a tutor who’s been working with him recently, that shouldn’t be a problem.

“Do I think he can play the quarterback position in the NFL? Yeah, no question,” IMG’s Chris Weinke told Jim Corbett of USA Today. “Like I told Tim when I found out [Monday] that he signed, ‘You’re locked and loaded, ready to go.”’

Tebow also spent time this offseason working with Vinny Testaverde in Florida, and both the former Heisman winners said they saw marked improvement, after working with Tebow on his footwork.

Weinke said making those adjustments made Tebow a more accurate quarterback, which has always been one of the biggest hurdles (47.9 career completion percentage).

“I made an adjustment to his lower half and invariably that’s where the quickness came from,” Weinke said. “What I saw was, when his feet were in good position, he was throwing the ball with great accuracy, great velocity. And the ball was coming out much quicker.”

Weinke also praised Tebow’s work ethic, and said that he had to pull the reins back at times to keep Tebow from over-working when he got tired, so that he didn’t slip back into bad habits.

“The guy has played quarterback his whole life,” Weinke said. “None of us has a crystal ball. But that’s what he’s done his whole life.

“He’s proven he can win at that position. He has had great success. He does things the right way and has a guy in Tom who is one of the elite quarterbacks to ever play the game that he’ll be able to spend time with every day.

“The things we worked on down here are going to pay dividends in New England.”

If they truly do, then the Patriots will have an improved backup quarterback, and Weinke will have established himself as a guru, and will have to turn aspiring passers away.

54 responses to “Weinke says remedial work with Tebow made difference

  1. If just given a chance, Timmy would show the world he is a better QB than FraudIII

  2. I truly believe at this point he is just a 3rd string quarterback to the Patriots.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. I’m sure that Tebow as a starter could do better than Weinke’s 1-15 record?

    (Oh no, I’m not a bitter Panther homer. What ever made you think that?)

  4. LOL Tebow can’t be fixed. Continue to hype him up and watch the “Evil Empire” as you use to call them do the same thing the Jets did last season because Tebow will not change positions (by his own God based choice).

  5. Weird how there was a consensus among the experts that Tebow was done due to his utterly infixable flaws as a QB…but now Belicheat is a “genius” for signing him.

    There are zero teams that are going to be scared when Brady leaves the fielder for Tebow.

  6. All of this Tebow controversy is so completely ridiculous and has been so manufactured by ESPN that I can’t believe people pay attention to it anymore. I think it brings to light the larger issue of what a joke the media has become in this country. Similar to the Tea Party, when a small vocal minority starts getting all self rightous with their opinions and beliefs the media jumps all over it and force feeds it to all of us because we’re supposed to embrance the ‘controversy.’ I’ll just be tuning out ESPN for the forseeable future.

  7. God always shows favor to those who believe in him. He didnt promise that the road would be easy. Now, commence to give my comment a thumbs down……. GO

  8. I believe TT is a good guy but the fanaticism for this dude is off the charts…Feels like I’m watching ‘Rudy’ every time I see something posted about him…but hey people are entitled to root for whoever they want to.

  9. I blame Urban Meyer…The first time I saw him throw a pass, I said “OMG, what was that?”

    Jump passes are good for Lebron, not for Tebow. He should have had all his mechanics worked on in college and this is coming from a Gator fan.

  10. When you remember how Weinke’s tenure in the NFL could not have been more disasterous, you start to wonder what an enthusiastic endorsement from him actually means – Nothing.

  11. The picture used for this post absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t agree more with the comparison.

  12. “The guy has played quarterback his whole life,”

    That’s why fixing his mechanics now won’t work either. He won’t get the reps as a 3rd stringer to improve upon what he allegedly learned recently and we’ve already heard this crap before. Ooooh Tim Tebow 4.2 is better! Yeah. Right.

  13. If Weinke and Testaverde somehow turn Tebow into an accurate QB, he might actually make something of himself in the NFL. Certainly a good place to learn is the Patriots, like any team that would provide a learning experience without any possible QB contrevorsy.

  14. He’s working Chris Weinke and Vinny Testaverde, so everything will be fine. So…were John Friesz and Steve Bono unavailable?

  15. If anything happens to Brady before the Jets game, I hope that Tim Tebow plays and dominates them!

  16. Working on his footwork? What about mechanics, furthermore how about learning to play the position from in the pocket.

  17. ozymandias121: because Tebow will not change positions (by his own God based choice).

    Yet he was happy to serve on special teams protecting the punter. Clearly, you have no idea what you are writing about, so please stop before you make a complete fool out of yourself.

  18. Throwing in practice is one thing, in s game another.
    When Nolan predicted it would take about 6 months to get Alex Smith
    Effective in his drop……knew it was going to be a big problem…more like 6 years.
    Same with Mr. T.
    Not sure how this is going to work.

  19. It shall be interesting to see how this plays out. There are LOTS of QBs in the NFL that bust out imo due to bad coaching, and this would be a great story to show others out there that if you have your shot and you aren’t achieving your dream the way you hoped, then maybe you should consider seeking out your own private instructors and advisors to help tweak your game.

    DO NOT FAIL on account of not getting the support you should be getting from your team if they aren’t getting the job done and contributing to your development the right way.

  20. Watch out for the fake field goals with TT as the holder. a long lost play that seems to be available alot…unless you have a punter holding like most teams. But as a scrimmage qb, can’t see it happening. He’ll probably be coming out with his own line of clipboards!

  21. elliottcovert says:
    Jun 11, 2013 9:28 AM
    Am I the only one who doesn’t get the picture posted with this story?

    Pick up a history book or google “Hellen Keller” (not the jokes).

    That is a picture of Hellen Keller (blind and deaf) and her teacher Anne Sullivan (also blind).

    A play on the phrase…”the blind leading the blind.”

  22. The picture is from the Movie “The Miracle Worker”. Ann Bancroft’s character is tasked with teaching deaf mute Helen Keller (Patty Duke) how to communicate with sign language. The actresses received Oscars for their performances.

    We’ll all be watching to see what Belichick, tasked with teaching Tebow how to produce consistently, receives as a result of this signing.

  23. Just like Favre, the media has made this situation 1000x times worse. The sheep hate the man, because the media is constantly throwing them in our face. Good luck, Tim Tebow. I’m not sold you can be a pocket passer, but I am sold you’ll try harder then I would to make it happen.

  24. Tom Brady’s ultimate replacement is probably not on the team’s roster or even in the NFL right now. Mallet will be long gone by the time Brady retires and Tebow will probably be out of the league. So, Tebow, is effectively, “The Intern”.

  25. deathmonkey41 says:
    Jun 11, 2013 9:57 AM
    Was Chris Weinke a good NFL QB or something? I must have missed that.
    Tom Brady’s guru never played a down of NFL football. What’s your point? I don’t like Tebow, but why are you dumping on Chris Weinke?

  26. As an addendum to my earlier comment, I must also say, that while I am not a fan of Tebow (as a QB), I find the comparison to Helen Keller (the photo above, a scene from “Miracle Worker”) to be in poor taste…

  27. I’m a diehard Jets fan and what they did to TT should have been illegal. Belichick will make a useful player out of Tebow as he did Woodhead. He loves to show up the Jets.

  28. If he’s got all this work ethic and everything, and all he needed to do was fix his fundamentals, how come we’re in year 4 and he’s still not fixed them?

  29. So the circus arrived in Boston. Kraft must be out of his mind. This guy will be such a distraction to the team, they can pretty much kiss any hopes of Super Bowl participation this year.

    With all the turn-around on this team Tebow was the last thing they needed.

  30. When Tim Tebow was a Gator playing in the SEC I saw a great player but never did I see a great QB. That being said. Tim Tebow is a winner plain and simple. And, I think this is the perfect fit for him in New England. I’m not saying he’ll ever be a QB in the NFL. But, for one game he’s the type of individual that could find away to beat you.

  31. I have been working with Troy Williamson all summer on my catching skills. Contract here I come.

  32. bnwillard says: Jun 11, 2013 9:50 AM

    When you remember how Weinke’s tenure in the NFL could not have been more disasterous, you start to wonder what an enthusiastic endorsement from him actually means – Nothing.


    So I guess you think that Sean Payton’s endorsement wouldn’t mean anything either.

  33. adamsessler1 says:
    Jun 11, 2013 11:07 AM
    As an addendum to my earlier comment, I must also say, that while I am not a fan of Tebow (as a QB), I find the comparison to Helen Keller (the photo above, a scene from “Miracle Worker”) to be in poor taste…

    Since when did we as people start thinking its cool to tell everyone what we do and don’t approve of. You don’t like it and find it to be in poor taste? So what, do you think people here care how you feel? Grow a pair and act like a man. If you don’t like something, move on and stop whining about it!

  34. bnwillard says:
    When you remember how Weinke’s tenure in the NFL could not have been more disasterous, you start to wonder what an enthusiastic endorsement from him actually means – Nothing.
    Getting a shot in the NFL isn’t always about having talent (exhibits Marcus Vick, Jordan Palmer, The Boz. i.e. name recognition), and being unsuccessful in the NFL doesn’t necessarily mean the player was lacking talent/ability (exhibits Eric Ainge, Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Yatil Greene. i.e. addiction, health problems).

    So lets say for sake of argument Weinke’s tenure -was- disasterous. Some people learn from their mistakes and failures, and having been in the NFL it is entirely possible he saw some flaw in Tebow that Weinke humself had. Hindsight is a very powerful tool.

  35. Some guys are just meant to be coaches, and clearly Chris Weinke is one of them.

    He did months and months of tutoring Cam Newton during the lockout and the kid went out and had the best rookie season in NFL history.

    Personally I think its a pretty good endorsement.

  36. I wish Tebow all the luck in the world. You can’t teach leadership and Tebow has that in spades. It is shocking that no one has really taken the time to refine his weaknesses and to remove them. Obviously Tebow has taken the initiative and I hope he becomes successful.

    Half the teams in the NFL wish they had his leadership skills and will to win.

    Now if he can show he has the skills to be a full-time quarterback, those teams will be paying through the nose to get him!

  37. Weinke is just as clueless as that moron Tiny Tim Teblow. Even if Tiny Tim cleaned up his mechanics so he doesn’t throw like a girl he’s still as stupid as ever and still as mentally incapable of running a pro-style NFL offense as ever. As long as Tiny Tim wastes more time reading his big book of religious lies instead of an NFL playbook he’ll be a total NFL failure!

  38. Tebow will surprise. I’ve never seen this much negativity surrounding someone with that much proven success.

    The few times Tebow has started and played seriously in games, he has done well. I look at QB failures like Rick Mirer and Ryan Leaf – how much time they got to “try” vs Tebow who comes in and wins games however he could with Denver, yet no one believes in him – CRAZY.

  39. marcuswelby70 says:
    Jun 11, 2013 9:45 AM
    Flash ahead to 2015. Brady retires. Mallett is traded. Tebow becomes the starter.
    Pipe dream? Maybe

    Pipe Dream?, no. On the crack pipe?, yes

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