Willis McGahee returns to Broncos, doesn’t get many reps

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The Broncos started their mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, which meant that they welcomed running back Willis McGahee back to the team after the veteran spent the last few months working out in Miami.

It’s par for the course for McGahee and a routine he didn’t change in light of the torn MCL and fracture he suffered in his right knee late last season. The Broncos have given the majority of the reps to Ronnie Hillman and rookie Montee Ball with McGahee absent and Knowshon Moreno recovering from his own knee injury, something that didn’t change on Tuesday.

McGahee said he got a couple of reps during team drills and that he thought he “probably” would have gotten more work if he had been present throughout the spring. McGahee went on to say that he took the competition seriously and understood that his spot on the Denver roster could be at risk.

“It’s always going to rank high to me because the other guys are younger. I’m always on the bubble,” McGahee said, via Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. “Not too much you can do. It’s a business. If something happens it happens.”

The Broncos haven’t revealed any discomfort about going forward with Ball and Hillman in the top two spots so McGahee’s wise to acknowledge the possibility that his days in Denver are coming to an end. If he isn’t seeing more reps once training camp gets rolling, McGahee may be trying to catch on somewhere else for the 2013 season.

8 responses to “Willis McGahee returns to Broncos, doesn’t get many reps

  1. First of all, don’t kid yourselves. If healthy, McGahee is far-and-away the best running back on the Broncos.

    And bottom line is… He’s one of the best blocking running backs in the league. Even if the coaches don’t want to play him, all that matters is What Peyton Manning wants. And he wants his ass protected. He’ll demand McGahee be in the game when it matters and he needs that extra blocker.

  2. I’ve got Ball and McGahee trading reps with the first team. A lot to ask of ball to be the featured three down back out of the gates. McGahee will pound out another 800 plus yard season and the youngsters will develop watching him do it all over again.

  3. Yea, lets have the Broncos throw their entire backfield on the shoulders of a rookie, although good still a rookie in the NFL, and a 2nd year, 22-year old who weighs 180 soaking wet.

    Hillman finished the year in the doghouse and isnt ready to be leaned on yet.

    Terrible move if that is the way it plays out. MChahee is coming off a knee, i know that, but you give him less reps but still make him the #1. He came back from much worse knee injury on the wrong side of 30 before so he is obviously in great shape and would of had 1200+ yards if he didnt get hurt.

    His QB is Peyton, that will reduce the wear and mileage on him.

  4. McGahee will be injured again by week 5, sooner if he thinks someone else is getting his touches.

  5. jjackwagon You make so much sense. His 3 injuries in his career have been 2 knees and a massive concussion from Ryan Clark. You literally have to break him to keep him out.

    And considering the length of his career and his productivity over his career, he holds up nicely.

  6. Montee Ball – Featured Back. His quickness will help develop leads early in the game.

    Willis McGahee – Once a lead is developed, put in Willis late in the game to run out the clock. His size and power will make sure we get first downs to seal the deal. Plus a RB tandem will keep him healthy.

    Ronnie Hillman – Used in special packages or change of pace.

    Jacob Hester – Fullback, blocker, very short yardage back.

    Knowshown Moreno – Cut. He doesn’t provide enough contribution to the team.

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