Belichick to reporters: I’m not giving minute-by-minute Tebow news


If anyone thinks Tim Tebow is going to be the center of attention in New England this summer, Patriots coach Bill Belichick would like to nip that in the bud.

Asked by a reporter today about Tebow improving as a passer, Belichick told the media not to bother asking for regular Tebow updates, because he won’t be providing them.

“Like I said, we’re not going to get into a minute-by-minute evaluation of a player. I don’t think that’s the way to go, especially at this time of year,” Belichick said.

Faced with other questions about Tebow, Belichick gave non-answers. The question, “How did Tim Tebow look yesterday?” was met with this answer:

“I think everybody out there is pretty much in the same boat: just trying to get better day by day. Some guys are starting at different points; he’s obviously starting at a point different than where other players were. They’re all moving along. Guys that are out there are making progress. Guys that aren’t are doing what they can do and they’re falling behind.”

Notice how the question was about Tebow, and the answer was about the whole team?

Belichick was also asked a question about being buttoned-up in his relationship with the media, and he answered, “You guys ask me a question and I try to answer it the best I can.” But the truth is, Belichick does his best not to answer questions. And if his goal is to make sure media coverage of Tebow doesn’t become a distraction, that’s probably wise.

95 responses to “Belichick to reporters: I’m not giving minute-by-minute Tebow news

  1. Constant news about Tim Tebow makes me feel sick. I can’t stand hearing about it anymore. If he’s winning games as a starting quarterback again, then let’s hear about it. If not, please stop bringing him up. It makes desiring NFL news in the offseason nauseating.

  2. BB should have said to please direct all Tebow questions to Skip Bayless since he knows everything and can clearly predict the future…

  3. Yes, maybe if the media stops asking questions just to push a certain agenda, and instead starts asking more relevant, interesting questions, he’d answer them in a more forthright fashion.

  4. The media is jealous because BB is smarter than most reporters and figured out long ago how to handle them.

  5. Why oh why does the media slobber over this guy ?
    Daily news about this guy is annoying as it was to have Favre, T.O. , and Ocho Cinco being shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Let it go already…..

  6. Tebow’s NFL QB career is done. If Belichick puts him under center, then he will just be asking to be fired. But I don’t think he will do that.
    One of Tebow’s biggest assets is running with the ball. He knows how to use blockers, and he can mow dudes down. Although I hate Tim Tebow and Tebowmania, I would love to see this happen.

  7. I used to HATE this man. But through the years, I have actually come to really like him and respect his abilities as a coach and a leader.

  8. Why would any reporter, and I use the term loosely, even ask a question that dumb, “How did Tim Tebow look yesterday?”

    What’s any coach supposed to say even if you substitute Tom Brady instead of Tebow. Is he supposed to say he was terrible or he was great.

    I wish reporters would ask relevant football questions so we fans could really learn something.

  9. Media: coach how do you think tebow has looked throwing the ball
    Bb: purple.
    Media: will he back up brady
    Bb: I like cheese… Anything else guys? Ok

  10. Thank you Bill. Now tell the media to Shut the Hell up about it! No wonder so many people hate Tebow, stupid media keeps blowing it out of proportion.

  11. I’m a Bills fan, so you’d think I would have a hatred for Belichick, but I love how he handles the media.

    He’s like the complete opposite of the Ryan brothers; I doubt Bill would even disclose his favorite color if a reporter asked him.

  12. Belichick is my new hero. I forgot how insufferable the coverage is when the media latches onto Tebow … until this week.

    It really makes all the football news/analysis shows unwatchable.

    Kudos to Belichick for his handling of the media on this.

  13. All this attention .. what’s gonna happen if he doesn’t even make the roster.. he’s not guaranteed a roster spot.. no signing bonus.. bill is friends with saban.. and to keep him at qb? Be real he is a terrible qb.. should be out of the. League.. winner ..yes… but its a team sport.. but he was a stud at florida hell of a college player.. some guys don’t tfansfer over.. he is one of those guys..

  14. As a life-long Pats’ fan, I hope this blows up in BB’s face. BB thinks he can tamp down the beast that is the american media just because he’s BB and his team is the Patriots. Might his incredible arrogance finally catch up with him?

  15. Not a Pats fan, and never a Belichick supporter, but I’ll say this; REAL football fans all owe the man a BIG thank you.

  16. BB will get fed up with these questions. Then it will be bye bye Tebow. If the media really loved this guy would stop and asking everything and let it play out.

  17. At least one reporter should ask BB if he’s noticed the luminous halo shaped image that floats above the Patriot’s practice facilities now.

  18. “The media is what is wrong with not only sports but the country in general.”
    Truer words were never spoken. All they care about is pushing their agenda.

  19. What I love about Bill Belichick: when he’s giving his non-answers, you can tell he’s thinking, “You really just asked me that?!”

  20. I thought signing with New England would be the end to the national media Tebow obsession. There’s no way he’s going to start. He has a lot of work just to make the team. Even more work if he wants to dress on game day.

    Seriously, what’s the storyline here? Where could this possibly go? I mean, what exactly is the possible speculation that would fuel round-the-clock coverage of this guy.

    Is there anybody out there who thinks Tebow will steal the starting job from Brady? It’s absurdity at it’s finest.

  21. If only Sexy Rexy would handle the press this way, he wouldn’t look like such a moron all the time. It must be tough trying to justify your existence in the NFL with two “almosts”, while constantly telling any writer who’ll listen how good he and his team are! You should learn a much needed lesson Rexie and try to keep the pressure off your team of stumblebums.

  22. The Tebow signing was out of pity. The Pats felt bad about the fact that Belicheck’s were made public. People respect his opinion greatly and he didn’t want to be the one who’s words basically ended his career. With no guaranteed money and probably something close to the league minimum if he does make the team, it wouldn’t surprise me if he sits on their special teams for a season before getting cut.

  23. There will be no Tebow circus in New England. Always love BB’s press conferences. He says the same things win or lose. Team, play better,coach better .

    Learned from one of the best at dealing with the press, Bill Parcells

  24. why are there more questions and articles about a 3rd string QB (Tebow) than the ones about the 1st string QB (Brady) that has won 3 Super Bowls?

    total circus.

    at least BB is gonna go Hoodie on everyone to try and keep it to a minimum.

  25. Good for him, this media obsession with Tebow gotta stop. Love seeing BB rip the media

  26. The media is just so very happy to follow him from town to town screaming “we told you so” rather then report on something relevant.

    He’s a #3 QB/Punt Protector. No one of his status EVER get’s a write up.

    I’m gonna personally build BB a statue if he can silence the Tebow garbage. I think he can and will.

  27. He should make it a habit of giving a long winded response that does not pertain to the actual question, every time the media asks him about Tebow and they will probably stop.

  28. Press: “ERMAGERD, NEED TEBOW FIX!!!1!!!1!

    BB: Standard BB Press conference.

    Press: “NOOOOOOOOOO, NEED MORE TEBOW!!1!!!!11!1

    BB back at his desk: Laughing his ass off saying he’s going to keep Tebow on the roster all season just to screw with the press.

    That’s how I see this playing out.

  29. Coach, I get that a minute to minute report would be tough, so it seems like you are opening the door for hourly reports correct? Or if I’m mistaken, then surely we can agree that daily reports is satisfactory for both sides? That’s 1,439 reports less than what you opened with as a problem, and still 23 less reports than doing hourly reports.

    Ok I guess it’s agreed then, we should hit you up only once a day for your DTD (Daily Tebow Digest), thank you!

  30. @ radioactive chimp

    You’re right, he wouldn’tsay his favorite color, he’d say it was “day to day”. 😉

    Funny thing is something like 80 press passes were given out for yesterday and I think that was at least halved today. See what clamping down does? If Tebow gets nothing else from his tenure in NE he should be grateful that he could do whatever it will be in peace and quiet, relatively speaking.

  31. I think he won’t be on roster day 1 of season. Pats wont carry 3 qbs during season.. but hey the pats needed some pub.. and a indirect jab at jets.

  32. Maybe people should be mad at the media for acting this way and not Tim Tebow. He is probably glad that the Patriots are protecting him from those vultures. About time somebody did. Let the kid alone and let him develop.

  33. I think it’s a smart way to handle the media.
    Like politicians do, if you don’t like the question, answer the question you like that wasn’t asked.

  34. Do these reporters think BB is going to just give in and start answering their questions? They will give up when they realize BB isn’t going to say anything and their editors are going to be on the hook for paying for their worthless travel.

  35. This is irresponsible journalism at it’s finest. You hear radio personalities/reporters say they’re job is to report on what the fans want to know. NOBODY wants to know nor cares about Tebow’s improved or not improved throwing motion.

  36. The best thing Bill could do is when the journalist ask him a question about Tebow, he should just stare straight at them for a few seconds to give them that uncomfortable feeling then look away and answer another question.

  37. Tim tebow has had more interviews than completed passes since he’s been in the nfl. If any team can handle it ..its the pats but I don’t see this as a true opportunity for. Him unless mcdaniel drafted him for eye candy in denver than I guess he could get a spot .. he’s an athlete without a position

  38. I think TEBOW himself needs to put a stop to all this before he finds his way to “what team am i going to next” we just went through this whole mess with the Jets. The FOOLISH media is talking about a BACKUP QB not even the BACKUP the THIRD STRINGER!!

  39. Brilliant signing by the Patriots. All the tough questions are now avoided because the media has a new shiny ball to play with. They can talk about Tebow all season long for all I care.

  40. Lol @ everyone thinking BB is such a genius n is going to stop the circus. Just not answering questions isnt going to make the media go away. They will just write a story about BB not answering questions about Tebow like this one. They will always find a way to insert Tebows name into an article cuz they know he creates viewers n traffic to their media outlet. You think the media will just stop caring about how they make money cuz BB wont talk to them? Now I see why pats fans are so arrogant cuz BB is n they just mimic him. The hoodie will never stop tebowmania but his ego thinks he can.

  41. Seriously, why would anyone sign this guy? I mean, I’m a jets fan & as much as I hate NE, I have a healthy respect for them. Even if belicheck answers the questions in team form vs. Tebow…it’s still annoying. The guy is a total distraction and he brings nothing to the team. I seriously doubt NE keeps him past preseason — I think they want to see what he could do and like NY they will be disappointed.

  42. I think it’s ironic when the media complains about tebowmania. Wilbon did it yesterday on pti. It’s like the NSA complaining about lack of privacy.

  43. true sign that the apocolypse is upon us. Last week Justin Bieber was able to get all of PFT planet support Keyshawn Johnson, now this week the Media/Tebowmania is able to get all of PFT Planet to support Belichick.

    Whats next? 40 years of darkness? Earthquakes? Volcanoes? The dead rising from the grave? Dogs and cats, living together, Mass Hysteria?

  44. The #1 job for Belichick (or any head coach) is to prepare his team to win games. The press conferences are a by-product of the TV deals, which ultimately come back to our need to know what is going on. Now, the media can twist what they think we want to know and give us endless crap we don’t want, but if we weren’t watching it, they wouldn’t be on the air. I really like that Belichick laid down now how he is going to deal with the Tebow situation, rather than talking too much now (like Rex) and getting called on it later if he cut back. Let Tebow play ball, whatever position he is at, and try to make the team without the hoopla.

  45. New England is all about the “team concept”, no ONE is above the team, including Brady! Especially not a third string quarterback.

    As good as BB is at handling the Media, Parcells was even better, meaner, right in their face with a sarcastic answer if asked a stupid question.

    I hope the media keeps it up, it’s a great daily laugh reading BBs responses.

    BB loves players who can play multiple positions. Tebow is in New England and will stay if BB thinks he can help the team. The media’s opinion will not influence him at all.

  46. Belichick is like the computer, garbage in = garbage out. The media asked him garbage questions, they get garbage answers. Love it !!Best of luck to Tim Tebow though, this kid deserves a chance to prove himself.

  47. peepeetoucher says:
    Jun 12, 2013 3:16 PM
    Lol @ everyone thinking BB is such a genius n is going to stop the circus. Just not answering questions isnt going to make the media go away. They will just write a story about BB not answering questions about Tebow like this one. They will always find a way to insert Tebows name into an article cuz they know he creates viewers n traffic to their media outlet. You think the media will just stop caring about how they make money cuz BB wont talk to them? Now I see why pats fans are so arrogant cuz BB is n they just mimic him. The hoodie will never stop tebowmania but his ego thinks he can.
    So what if they find ways to write about Tebow anyway? They won’t get any media firestorms out of the Pats, and that is what BB cares about. How “arrogant” of BB to not want his coaches or players to have to spend 99% of their media availability talking about a third string QB! THE NERVE of that man.

    How much did you hear from Chad Johnson, media darling when he was there? There were still lots of media talking about him, how he fit, etc. but none of that was based on leading comments made by any Patriot coach or player. Case closed.

  48. I give Belichick credit. It is going to be him versus the unrelenting Tebow media. I hope for the player’s sake that he can get a handle on it. Tebow is not a great player, but he is one worth looking at if the media nonsense surrounding him would lighten up.

  49. No doubt… Third string QB’s shouldn’t get any attention… no press conferences… They should only be trying to get better. I never seen a person get so much attention just cause he believes in something that 9 out 10 Americans do according to most recent statistics.

  50. Leave the minute to minute updates, but only for the Jets. The circus is the only thing that could have 10 articles written a day for them – and still never get old and are always entertaining

  51. Belichick is actually a funny guy. He’s got a bad wrap from his days in Cleveland where the media practically killed him. He’s never forgotten that and he knows where his bread is buttered and the media ain’t it. The media has grown more and more insufferable across the board. It’s like they want life to be one big reality TV show. What he is doing now is what he has always done, which is to recruit smart, fast, tough, football players, preferably that can play multiple positions in a league limited in roster size and salary cap, and then get them all on point with one voice and the central theme of TEAM FIRST. Then, he shuts out the circus. Good thing too, because the New England sports media is historically negative and self defeating of the local sports teams.

    I caught a glimpse of his press conference where they asked him how he felt about the number of media at practice and he said in his monotone grumble….

    “… …I think we’ve played in front of bigger crowds than this……… [and]……Gee, I hope we have more people than this show up to our games………

    He must piss his pants laughing every time he sees himself on ESPN…. Remember this is a guy that has some pretty ecclectic tastes and friends that fights to maintain his personal privacy from the media because he knows the flimsiness of celebrity life that he could have any time he wants it because of his monstrous success.

    This guy loves the Grateful Dead, reads Harry Potter, and counts some of the best days of his life growing up at the US Naval Academy, presiding over his college’s Animal House fraternity which he kept from being shut down for infractions, and belting out the 1960s pop hit “Love Potion No. 9” for family and friends on a sunny afternoon on his beloved Nantucket. He visits prisons and gangs with Jim Brown and his Amer I Can group, who says he trusts, respects, and loves Bill and can say that about very few people in his life. Tony Larussa credits him with being so ridiculously generous with his time, and with helping him guide the Cardinals to a World Series Title. He spearheaded the drive to get the guy who beat him out for the starting center job on his college team, inducted to the schools athletic hall of fame after he found out later in life the guy was diagnosed with cancer. He mentors kids and remembers and visits those who mentored him as a child as they age. He’s involved in many other things charity related. He’s also good friends with Jon Bon Jovi.

    Anyone that knows the guys says he has a huge heart, yet we are constantly spoon fed the idea that this is a bad man. Spare me the “he broke a 2006 rule in the first game of 2007” stuff. By all accounts it was meaningless gamesmanship. How the media failed to report this accurately boggles the mind and shows you just how hard they work to create a story that doesn’t exist in order to suit their own end game. If you were Belichick, would you give these guys anything to write about?

  52. Wait till his teammates start getting asked the same question every day. You know somebody is going to slip and call him out for what he is, a really nice, hardworking guy.

  53. The non-answers approach is working at the moment, but unless he throws the media an occasional Tebow bone, he’ll reach a point that after a big game, he’s getting 90% Tebow questions.

    And then league might be forced to do something the Patriots REALLY don’t want to do, which is make Tebow available for interviews.

  54. Not a Pats fan, but good for Belichick to control the media from day 1. Unlike the Jests where the Rex Ryan clowns ran rampant, Belichick is putting a stop to the circus before it gets started. Then again, he knew what comes with Tebow: media circus, Tebowmaniacs, Gator fans (those who have ever travelled outside the South), televangelists, etc.

  55. Not that Tebow needs any help, but if members of the press want to sabotage Tebow’s career they should just keep asking lots of questions about him until it’s just not worth keeping him.

  56. He actually said:

    “we’re not going to get into a minute-by-minute evaluation of a player.”

    but you got me to click the story and leave a comment with your enticing headline. your boss would be proud!

  57. Gotta love BB. He should just start telling blatant lies next.

    Reporter: How did Tebow look at practice today?

    BB: Incredible! He had two perfect throws over 90 yards in the air, kicked a 75 yard field goal, blocked two punts, made 9 tackles with 5 forced fumbles and ran a kickoff back for a TD.

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