Cam Newton understands Panthers need to run

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Cam Newton has figured out something about his roster that seems apparent, but wasn’t always grasped by his coaches.

Since he has a lot of good running backs at his disposal, it has occurred to the Panthers quarterback that perhaps he should use them.

For us the running game is key,’’ Newton said, via Pat Yasinskas of “I think last year or the years past, and I don’t want to dwell on that during the interview, but the success for the Carolina Panthers has been getting our running backs involved in the game early and letting those guys do what they do.’’

That relatively basic concept was lost last year on the Panthers, who leaned too heavily on Newton and the read-option, marginalizing DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

As the season progressed, they began to use more of a traditional running game, which was part of the reason for their improvement on offense. With fullback Mike Tolbert and adding rookie Kenjon Barner to the mix, the Panthers have plenty of options, and Newton intends to use them.

“I feel like we have unbelievable tandem, especially with the additions that we have in Kenjon and other guys that’s capable of running the football as well as catching the ball out of the backfield,’’ Newton said. “That’s a field that we have to keep the defense honest with. Everyone knows we have playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, but for us to be successful, I feel and everyone feels on the offensive side of the ball that we have to run the football, that we will run the football.’’

Newton’s ability to throw the deep ball is only magnified when the Panthers have balance, and letting people other than the quarterback do the running can only help keep him on the field.

He has sufficient weapons in the passing game with Steve Smith and Greg Olsen, but understanding where your strengths are and playing to them is the first challenge for any quarterback, or play-caller.

9 responses to “Cam Newton understands Panthers need to run

  1. Darin,

    Glad you pointed out that the Panthers WR core isn’t as bad as everyone says.

    Just Compare the other three NFC South Teams:
    ATL – Jones, White, Gonzalez
    CAR- Smith, Olsen, and LaFell
    NO – Colston, Graham, and Moore
    TB – Jackson, Some TE?, and Williams

    Seems like these are generally comparable squads with ATL having the clear cut winner.

  2. Cam is spot on! We got the backs to do it, just give it to them!! Being balanced is what lead to us winning games in the past.

    So glad Chud is gone now. He’s Cleveland’s problem now.

  3. Carolina lost me last off-season with the moves they made. They added Tolbert and then didn’t use him. Newton was their best RB on a team with 2 really good ones. Like I said, I was lost, or better stated, they were lost. Glad to hear they may actually use their high paid backs this year; it could help a lot.

  4. In other words he is going to try and emulate that great QB Kaepernick. He saw how the niners running backs opened up lanes for him to run through and has every intention of doing the same. He has to bee king.

  5. uhhh… if anyone did not understand the point of the article is that they have to RUN the football- running backs by committee don not work- so cam takes off… D Williams and Stew had nothing for YPG. Almost impossible for anyone to win in this division without that. All Fox tried to do against this division was opening solid/z blocking schemes to “free up”. I am not sold on either RB and Barner might be the burner- but all on running the ball. Even RG3 and Shanny used this for Aflred- over a 1,000 yds, Morris. Panthers better have a better YPG in running than last year or they will suffer again.
    Ask yourself- any of you going to draft D. Will or Stewart for your FFT? Nope.

  6. They have by far the best RBs in the game. Gone are Chud’s trick plays, enter balanced game, led by a stellar run game.

    Panthers should be a tough out.

  7. Here is the key, and when it started to work. Forget the fullback, use the 2 tight end sets. Thats when they move the ball. Once injuries forced Tolbert to running back, and they stuck the 2nd tight end in there, they started to move the ball.
    They felt they had to use Tolbert after they signed him, so they forced the plays with a fullback.

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