Carroll offers tepid response to Harbaugh barbs


As comebacks go, it fell well short of “What’s your deal?,” but Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did notice what 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said about his team.

After Harbaugh gave his “if you cheat to win then you’ve already lost,” speech yesterday in regards to the Seahawks multiple suspensions for performance enhancing substances, Carroll was asked for his response at Seahawks minicamp.

“We’ve kind of dealt with this to set into motion a really clear mindset to take care of business and treat this situation that is around the league very seriously,” Carroll said, via Jayson Jenks of the Seattle Times. “I don’t know about commenting about anybody else’s team, but as far as we’re concerned we feel like we’ve addressed it directly.”

It’s hard for Carroll to lay claim the high road on this one, since his team leads the league in PED suspensions since he took over.

And we suspect the answer he really wants to give will come the next time the Seahawks have the lead and the ball against the 49ers. Which coincidentally, could be on NBC’s Sunday Night Football in Week Two.

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  1. Everywhere this man goes there’s some form of cheating. Look what happened at USC it was funny how he left right before everything went down too. Now Seattle, so in regards to them having dealt with it internally I don’t believe that and I seriously question the validity of his regard for player safety.

  2. Based on Pete’s tenure at USC and now seattle. I don’t think he attempts to cheat, or condones cheating. I think he runs such a loose ship that cheating occurs on a regular basis. You can be a “players” coach, but if you let the reigns get too loose, your become an enabler.

  3. As a Seahwks fan, the PED suspensions are not a good situation. You can’t argue with the facts. Just like the facts of the game will be difficult for Harbaugh to argue with on Sunday night, Week 2 of the season, right after the ‘Hawks have trounced the 49ers.

  4. The Seahawks have always cheated. Pete Carroll has always cheated. Why is anyone surprised?

  5. Leads the league by 1 suspension. The metric is total BS, manufactured by an offseason blogosphere too lazy to do research and too dim to understand statistical variables.

  6. and commence said ‘Hawks fan boasting of their 1 win in 4 meetings of “42-17” coupled with 5 division championships…………countered by said 49er fans saying “6 appearances……5 trophies……you go for division titles…we go for league titles…..”

    Week 2. Get ur popcorn ready! Gonna be a good one!


  7. It cracks me up how this site and nobody else give this guy any credit. This is exactly the type of response a real professional should give. Had he said harbaugh is an idiot and should worry about his team he would be crusified but he gives the proper answer and still gets an article like this. But cue the cheaty peety comments anyway.

  8. Carroll is jammed up on this and he knows it. Did Harbaugh take advantage? That’s not so clear. He clearly equivocates saying he’s not really sure of the facts and seems to blame the agents for misleading statements, not Pete. On the other hand he clearly sermonizes, quoting from the Book of Bo. There are 2 other factors at work: a) the press likes to stir the pot(that’s their job); b) the outrageous attempts of many to excuse or minimalize the situation as if its no big deal, Everybody does it(says who). Procedural errors(Johnny Cochrane). It’s no big deal(competitive advantage be damned). “Win at any cost” destroys my interest, and wIllingness to spend on the NFL, be it Pete or Jim.

  9. Never gets old listening to Seahawks fans who think Week 2 is going to be the same as that game late in the season last year.

    The 49ers won’t be coming off a game in New England that wore them completely out and lost Justin Smith in the process.

    Hawks fans are going to be surprised when the Niners run it down their throats next year.

  10. If you don’t like Pete Carroll or the Seahawks, you’re an idiot. I’ve met him several times and he’s a smart, compassionate person who does amazing things in his community, where ever that is.

    And the idea that the Seahawks have to cheat to beat that crappy Bay Area team is ripe. But it won’t be 45-7. The 49ers scored 13 points in both games against the Seahawks defense last year, so I’m sure they can muster that up.

    It’ll be 45-13

  11. The seahawk’s fans are hanging so much on the ONE win over the Niner’s last year, it must have been there Super Bowl last year. How else can you explain their illogical rants and predictions?

  12. Both of these guys are pretty damn good coaches. It does make it more fun that they don’t particularly for each other. Carroll has done an amazing job in Seattle considering the roster he inherited was a complete mess.

  13. Pete is above the rules,,,,,,,USC, Seattle. Hey, if you are not cheating you are not trying right Pete.

    Oh and I love how seattle fans are already putting point totals together for week 2 of the season.

    House of Cards

  14. When things are positive.. “why isn’t anybody talking about us?!” When things are negative..”why is everybody talking about us?!”

    That’s not just Seattle by the way. That’s almost every team in every league everywhere. This situation will be used by the coaching staff to motivate the players. End of story.

    As for all the week 2 blow out “predictions”…..C’mon guys…. I know that your team just got their trophy and rings for that championship regular season victory and all, but it may be time to let that win go. I know it meant a lot to finally beat SF and get that acceptance from everybody, but all it was was a regular season game. Sheesh. It was a resounding victory and I’m not saying anything like “it was lucky”, but honestly it was just one game. I’d concentrate on that shellacking in the playoffs from that “inferior” team that you “predicted” you’d blow-out. Good times.

  15. Harbaugh better be 100% squeaky clean from g birth if he’s going to say stuff like that. Because if there comes a day where he’s found to be doing or have done anything even slightly shady, that fall will be mighty. Though he might feel better having Mangini on his side, so there’s that.

  16. What is a Sea Hog, anyway ?
    Can you get bacon from one ?

    Change that dumbazz name !!
    How about Redskins ??

  17. Deep in their tiny struggling hearts the entire 49er nation from the tiniest fan to head coach Harbaugh know that a beating is coming their way in week 2 and they are already making excuses. This Seahawks squad is the most physical, competitive team in the league. You will never see them give up and take a reaming like the niners did last year in Seattle.

  18. I totally agree with the comments regarding statistics here. One team has 5, a few have 4 and a handful have 3. This is not enough information to state that there is an epidemic on the entire team, but rather a few players who made poor or foolish choices. Harbaugh looks naïve trying to suggest otherwise or that the players were pumping steroids and that they are lying. This is the kind of crap for fans and the media to discuss and for other head coaches to ignore because there is no way for them to come out looking good by making comments on it.

    Honestly, both teams are very good and the games are going to be fantastic next year.

    If someone really wants to cheat all they need to do is somehow get into the leagues good graces and have the officials throw you a superbowl, aka the Steelers against the Seahawks in superbowl 40.

  19. I love all the “cheating” talk. Love it.

    Whenever you’re good, you’ll be surrounded by jealous whiners calling you a cheat. That comes with winning. Feels so good. I LOVE IT.

    As to Harbaugh – maybe if he DID cheat, they’d actually win something. It’s pretty hilarious that he expects us to believe he would be ashamed to have won that SuperBowl last season if they cheated or if any of his players were on PEDs. Pffffffft. That’s just rich. I guarantee at least a few of those players were on PEDs and he couldn’t have cared less if they had won that SuperBowl.

    But no, like most losers, Harbaugh now spends his time whining about cheaters and cheating. I’m sure this is just the beginning, and I for one am really enjoying it.

    42-13, losers.

  20. I think Harbaugh is simply trying to get his name in the papers, create media buzz, and create media pressure on Carroll and maybe put more pressure on the NFL to suspend more Seahawk players.

    Let’s be real, who doesn’t cheat in the NFL? It’s a dirty business. I think it’s naive to think otherwise. Seriously, has any team returned to the days of pre-steroids when offensive linemen averaged 250-260, tops and linebackers were typically 220? No team that I can see and that includes the 49ers.

    So, if we assume that most, if not all, players on all teams take something, then we have to consider Harbaugh’s true agenda. He’s playing to media to gain an advantage over the Seahawks. He knows they are a serious threat to the 49ers. Carroll out-foxed him to get Harvin and he’s done a better job building the roster. Let’s remember that Harbaugh inherited a talented roster when he took over and Carroll did not. Now that he’s down to try-outs for wash-out WRs, Harbaugh knows he’s got to do something to gain an advantage because the Seahawks are stronger now than they were last season and the 49ers may be slightly weaker after losing Crabtree.

  21. 5 is still a lot that got caught. It’s also an indicator that there are more that weren’t. I think you said basically “it’s not a lot.” The fact that someone two rows over from you got caught with crib notes too, doesn’t excuse your own lack of character. Or are you stumped on that one? Take an F for the class.

  22. First the issue at hand. As a Niner fan wish Harbaugh would have just left this alone, we all know what has transpired up in Seattle, however no team is immune from this. Better to let things be in this case.

    Second, you Seahawk fans kill me. Your team is loaded no doubt. However lets see how you respond as the hunted this year. Week 2 will be a bear of a game for the Niners, however real easy to get up for a home game early against a rival. We will see how you react to now having a bullseye on your back as well as a year for the league to adjust to your team.

    Each team has advantages personel wise. If the Niners stick to one of theirs, namely a physical O-Line that is a big advantage over the smallish and quick D-line of Seattle, my guess is both contests will look alot more like the earlier meeting than the aberration that happened in Seattle. But Hawk fan keep bloviating!

  23. Has anyone stopped and looked at how good this team is? They added Harvin, Winfield, Bennett, Avril, and an another excellent draft class. This is a team 7-1 down the stretch and undefeated at home. They were seconds away from playing in the nfc championship. They are one of the youngest rosters in the league. They are physical nasty and talented. Say whatever you want nfl, but this train IS coming.

  24. I love all the seahawks fans on here lol you guys make me laugh thinking anybody cares about the seahawks or thinks they’re any good. You guys act as if playing the 49ers is gonna be the biggest game of the year in the NFL, but let me ask y’all something. How many years have the seahawks even been competitive? They have the distinction of being the only team in NFL history to make the playoffs with a losing record. You guys sound like Sherman trying to act like he’s better than Roddy white. We all know Roddy is way better. But I tell y’all what when the seahawks are even going to be relevant to the super bowl, something the 49ers (I hate them too) have the distinction of being able to say. Because honestly the seahawks are going to be very dismal in the upcoming season and until Carrol has a program where cheating, that’s what you call trying to have an unfair advantage forthe people who ddon’t think Carrol isn’t one, isn’t mentioned in his program then he will be labeled a cheater. Also the seahawks aren’t even that big and great of a team for people to hate on y’all. Its just self inflicted and maybe the whine of a team to act like they’re bigger than they really are!

  25. Lol its funny watching all the Seattle fans try to divert the attention by talking about how they’re gonna beat the niners. Take the PED’s out of the equation & you guys wouldn’t go nowhere. This explains why they were so good outta nowhere last year.

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