Carving Cardinals’ Mt. Rushmore harder than it looks

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We’ll make the turn in the Mt. Rushmore process with the Arizona Cardinals.

A franchise that boasts far more longevity than success presents another challenge when it comes to cutting the 12 Mt. Rushmore finalists to four.

Cast your ballots below.  The winner will be announced on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

We considered making Denny Green a finalist based solely on his epic 2006 post-game rant.  Other than the unexpected 2008 Super Bowl run, it’s arguably the most memorable moment for the Cardinals since the days of Jim Hart.

63 responses to “Carving Cardinals’ Mt. Rushmore harder than it looks

  1. Denny Green should be on the list. The thing I love best about the rant is that the emotion is so clear, but the actual words he speaks are so bizarre and cryptic. They make no sense written on a page but make perfect sense in the context of his post-Bears game meltdown.

  2. Man this is tough. I say:
    Dierdorf, Larry Wilson, Larry Fitzgerald, Pat Tillman

    I know Pat Tillman didn’t have a HUGE career in the NFL but he is the ultimate role model. He gave up a career where he would have made a lot of money to serve our country. Sometimes, you have to take into consideration what the person does off the field as well as on the field.

  3. Die hard Cardinals fan here.

    Dick Lane, Ernie Nevers, Otis Anderson, Charlie Trippi, and Larry Centers need to be added to the list.

    For what it’s worth, I would vote:

    Larry Fitzgerald
    Aeneas Williams
    Larry Wilson
    Adrian Wilson

  4. A Williams, A Wilson, L Fitzgerald and Dan Dierdorf. And yes, I know nothing about old time Cardinal football. I’m from the Curtis Greer era.

    Pat Tillman. Great story, but we need great football players on this thing.

  5. You have to put Jake “the snake” Plummer up there! He’s the man who built UoP stadium. Leading the Cards to the playoffs right before the vote for the stadium!

  6. Dan Dierdorf and Larry Wilson should be Hof locks. Dierdorf was a cornerstone of the best OL unit in the mid-70’s. Hof Larry Wilson was one of the originators of the safety blitz and was tough. He played with a broken arm in a cast for many games. A tougher game decades ago than the flag football we see now.

  7. Larry Wilson should appear on this poll with his checkbox already checked, and impossible to unselect.

    The poll should just be for the other three spots.

    Larry Wilson defined his position. Any vote submitted without Wilson included is a joke.

  8. fthrvic says: Jun 12, 2013 10:43 PM

    I know it’s football related, but how can you leave Tillman off this list? Transcendent.


    Tillman was a heroic American, but a pretty average NFL safety. Also, we don’t like atheists.

  9. Also weird about the Denny Green rant, the Cardinals were doing well that season yet immediately after the rant they slumped back to mediocrity.

    In fact, you could feel it happen during the game. It’s almost as if Green’s was railing against the vibe the Cards somehow lost their mojo, and everybody knew it.

    Larry Wilson
    Kurt Warner
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Pat Tillman

  10. This list is horrible!
    Larry Centers – one of the best pass catching backs of all-time.
    Conrad Dobler – one of the best (and nastiest) guards of the ’70s.
    Don Coryell – the best coach the team ever had.
    Roy Green – one of the premier WRs of the ’80s.
    Ottis Anderson – one of the best RBs in the NFL in the early 80s.
    Marion Motley – one of the first African-American stars of the NFL.
    Charley Trippi – still holds the record for TDs in a game.
    Tim McDonald – multiple time NFL All-Pro strong safety.

    There are many, many players more worthy than some of the recent players on this list. I’m an Arizona State alum and a huge Cards fan, but Tillman wasn’t a huge impact player for us. Jackie Smith split his career between the Cards and Cowboys. I have no idea who Ken Gray is.

  11. Dierdorf, Wehrli, Williams & L. Wilson

    three hall of famers and a future hall of famer.

    going with the “if you don’t have anything nice to say about a franchise or its long-time family owners, then don’t say it” strategy.

  12. Put Tillman on the real Mt. Rushmore as an American Hero and call it done.
    You can give this team a Mt. Rushmore after they can string together a couple winning seasons, not before.
    YES, I’m saying that they usually suck. alot.

  13. The quiet unassuming Roger Wehrli was the best cornerback in football and the description “shutdown corner” was supposedly invented for him. He was a 7 time Pro Bowl and 5 time All-Pro and was on the 1970s All-Decade NFL Team. He and Larry Wilson, who invested the safety blitz, have to be on there.

  14. monkeyhateclean says:
    Jun 13, 2013 12:12 AM
    fthrvic says: Jun 12, 2013 10:43 PM

    I know it’s football related, but how can you leave Tillman off this list? Transcendent.


    Tillman was a heroic American, but a pretty average NFL safety. Also, we don’t like atheists.


    Tillman was an all-pro safety in 2000. Also, speak for yourself, I live in a country founded on religious freedom. I’m fine with anyone’s religious beliefs. Something about the first amendment.

  15. I’m sure they mean Mel Gray jayhawk777, I never heard of Ken Gray…….Mel Gray should definitely be on Mt. Rushmore!

  16. Looking at this list you can see the mediocrity of the Cardinals over the years. Several good players and a couple great ones (Larry Wilson) but for a franchise that’s been around so long there should be more great ones.

    Pat Tillman doesn’t belong on the list, IMO. It’s football.

  17. I am upset not to see Otis Anderson,Ollie Matson, Dick Lane, Neil Lomax, Ernie Nevers and Charley Trippi mentioned. However with what we do have to choose from, I went with Dan Dierdorf, Roger Wehrli, Aeneas Williams, and Larry Wilson without really having to think too much about it.

  18. Pat Tillman was an amazing American, but if he gets put on a football “Mt. Rushmore” over the other guys on this list, I think it will show that you don’t take this filler content seriously. And if he gets voted on by the PFT audience, then I guess it just discredits the audience that read this stuff.

    Larry Wilson (Greatest Cardinal of all time)
    Aeneas Williams (Greatest Cardinal of the 90’s)
    Larry Fitzgerald (Greatest Cardinal Post 2000)
    Dan Dierdorf (Anchored a stellar OL in successful years)


  19. Who’s on your Cardinals’ Mt. Rushmore?

    Here are my comments on some players who “deserve” to be in, but didn’t quite make the final 4.

    Anquan Boldin -Love him, but not enough of a career in AZ. Why did he have to leave?!

    Dan Dierdorf -Ugh. Biased because of his annoying announcing style on TV. Plus his idiotic defense of the Bidwills during his Cardinals Ring of Honor induction at halftime of the infamous Bears meltdown game. He jinxed us by pointing out how the Cardinals were winning big at halftime. How’d that work out?

    Jim Hart -Loved this guy as a kid. Tough to leave him out, but Warner gets my QB spot.

    Pat Tillman – In. For what he repsents as a person more than for what he did on the field.

    Aeneas Williams -Good enough to be in,but I didn’t like the way he left us for the Rams and I can only pick 4, so that’s how I decided to leave him out.

    Adrian Wilson -The final spot would go to either Larry or Adrian Wilson. I decided I needed one “old-timer” for that final spot, as the other four were all recent players. Adrian is deserving but Larry was an amazing two-way player.

  20. 38 year Cards fan since the mid-seventies and jwilliamsspf you nailed it, those are my choices too. L. Wilson, Williams, Fitz and Dierdorf. Besides what the wiseguys are saying we’ve had a ton of great players over the years so a lot of great players had to be left off.

    IMO Aeneas just beats out Wehrli in a photo finish because I seem to remember him being slightly more of a shutdown corner in more of a passing league. He had a lot more picks too. Wehrli would be my 5th pick.

    But longevity is the key for this as far as Im concerned. You have had to have played a long time and the majority of your career as a Cardinal to make it. All the guys I’ve picked have played 10 or more seasons as a Card (Fitz just going into his 10th season but he has been SO dominant.)

    Thats why other great players like Warner, Matson, Night Train Lane, Nevers, OJ Anderson, Trippi, Metcalf, Lomax cant make it IMO. All played less than 10 years as a Card (Warner only parts of 5, Nevers only 3, Lane only 6)

    FWIW my top-10 in order:

    1. Fitzgerald (will go down as greatest Cardinal ever)
    2. Larry Wilson
    3. Dierdorf
    4. Aeneas Williams
    5. Roger Wehrli
    6. Larry Centers
    7. Jackie Smith
    8. Trippi
    9. Matson
    10. Night Train

    (I love Kurt for what he did for us but he just didn’t play enough games as a Cardinal. He’ll look great on Rushmore as a Ram no doubt.)

  21. I don’t have much of a problem with the list, but I have also only been a fan of the Phx/AZ Cards. For that era, I would also add Centers to the list. However, Aeneas Williams, in my opinion is the greatest player that I have seen since 1990. Although, I may switch to Fitz when it all said and done. Make no mistake about it, Williams was a shutdown corner who would have received more recognition if he was in a different market. INT’s/TD’s off INT’s/Fumble recoveries And no one ever wanted to throw in his direction. Completely underrated throughout his career, and easily a top 4 from the last 25 years.

  22. Larry Centers is definitely not in the top 4, but putting him on the list is not that far-fetched. I mean, he is at least in the discussion. Again though, Williams deserves the love from Cards fans. He was clearly a shinning star on some not so bright Cards teams. He epitomizes Cards football from the early days in the desert and throughout the 90’s. Dude just made play after play. Too bad the offense couldn’t do much with the ball once Aeneas forced the turnovers!

  23. Denny Green the ‘sheriff’ was a colofull guy who should be framed on a mountain . One could only appreciate some of his comments like the classis : ‘they were who we thought they were’ Huh?

  24. Dan Dierdorf, Larry Wilson, Larry Fitzgerald, Jim Hart.

    Sucks to leave Tillman off the list but I’m just going on longevity and on the field performance.

  25. Redskins fan who misses the twice a year tilt with the Cards. Here is my list from this group:

    Larry Fitzgerald
    Larry Wilson
    Dan Dierdorf
    Roger Wehrli

    Here is my list, never mind who are finalists on this list:

    Larry Fitzgerald
    Larry Wilson
    Dan Dierdorf
    Don Coryell

    I love Roy Green and Roger Wehrli, but have a hard time excluding one of the other four to get them on there. I am also sorry about Night Train Lane, because a lot of fans deleted him from the Lions Mt. Rushmore because they said he belongs on the Cards list. Now that he did not make it as a Cards finalist, I wish I had voted for him as a Lion.

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