Chris Johnson: I’m not selfish


Titans running back Chris Johnson recently revealed his goal for the 2013 season.

He’d like to run for at least 2,000 yards for the second time in his NFL career, a goal that he expects won’t be met with rave reviews from all corners. Johnson answered any real or imagined critics of his statistical motivations by saying that he thinks reaching that individual goal would boost the Titans’ chances of reaching their goals as a team.

“Every year coming in I have a goal, but every time I say what my goal is, everybody thinks I am a selfish player and not a team player,” Johnson said, via the Tennessean. “Every year I want to rush for 2,000 yards, and I feel like if we are doing what is right and we are making plays on Sunday, if I get to that yardage I feel like we can be a playoff team and hopefully win the Super Bowl.”

Picking an arbitrary statistical benchmark and saying you’re shooting for that is always going to rub some people the wrong way, but it’s hard to argue that a big year from Johnson wouldn’t put the Titans in better position to make the playoffs. It would mean that the team’s offensive line has improved and it would likely mean that Jake Locker’s playing well enough to keep defenses from selling out to stop the run, two things that are going to be mighty important to anything the Titans want to do this season whether Johnson runs for 1,500 yards or sets the single-season rushing record.

13 responses to “Chris Johnson: I’m not selfish

  1. Anytime you have to TELL everyone you are not selfish, it’s probably because you are.

  2. This headline is a red carpet invitation for all the bitter fans and haters to angrily launch into why player x makes too much $, is an insufferable ingrate, is a vile scumbag not worthy of living, etc.

    So many bitter people out there who resent the hell out of what NFL players earn, have no sympathy for them, who assume the worst in every situation calling for an factual interpretation, etc.

    Queue in the embittered NFL “fans” — who also happen to be the same ones who’d squeal the loudest if their NFL ever went away.

  3. it’ll be hard to get 2000 yards even in garbage time when buckwheat takes a back seat to a guy who can run over somebody!

  4. Megatron had a great season and set a record and the Lions still stunk. CJ could run for 3k and the titans would still probably be lucky to go 8-8.

  5. Chris are selfish. Back when you did get 2000 yds you gave nobody credit, the offensive line that was blocking for you, the coaches calling the plays for you. Then when the titans had a horrible yr last yr, you never once took any blame, rather than throwing the offensive line and coaches under the bus. Now you have been very out spoken about the signing of shonne green. So rather you see it or not you are selfish. But I’m not knocking on you for setting goals, that’s a good thing.

  6. Boomhauer…that’s frickin’ hilarious. Never thought of that one…perfect name for ole mushmouth.

  7. I think he should be selfish, he hasn’t played with a quarterback that can throw the ball. Shoot if vince young threw the ball at the ocean I dont think he would hit it. And another problem is the titans gave him 10 mill a yr why would u ever have him tote the pill less than 20 times a game, I know peterson a different type of back but he got the ball 25-30 times and he took pressure off the pedestrian quarterback that he has and they actually made the playoffs so im with the selfish guy. It’s nothing wrong with wanting to at least try to earn your check.

  8. Chris Johnson is not a player I would want to spend time talking to – but he does do well what he does.

    I think Titians want to find out if CJ is really the RB they signed, but slumped due to bad OL play, or if he is just a talker who got lucky for a year. Same goes for Locker. I think this season both those players need to show they can play or they will both be gone next year. No more excuses, as this team is good enough on paper to play well and make the playoffs.

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