Criticism doesn’t matter to Tony Romo

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is no stranger to criticism.

This offseason alone, he’s heard it explicitly from Donovan McNabb after signing his new contract and implicitly from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when Jones pointed out things he wanted to see Romo do more of in the coming years. There are plenty of brickbats from fans and media members thrown in there as well, but Romo said Tuesday that none of it has any bearing on what will happen to the Cowboys on the field this year.

“None of it matters,” Romo said, via Calvin Watkins of “It’s going to be played out on the field, no matter what we’re going to [do] we have to open up the football season against the New York Giants and whether you said great things or whether you said the Cowboys are whatever, they’re the best ever, the worst ever, they can’t ever, they can, it doesn’t matter. You still have to show up and you got to play.”

It’s very true that nothing anyone says about Romo or the Cowboys changes the fact that they have to show up and win the games on their schedule. It’s also true that a fair amount of the criticism that Romo and his team have faced over the years has come because they have only mastered the showing up part of things in recent years.

The criticism doesn’t matter, but it’s not going away until that changes whether or not Romo is paying attention to it.

18 responses to “Criticism doesn’t matter to Tony Romo

  1. Like ware said it time to put up are Shut up. Yea he win games in the regular season but when it counts he folds up. And IM a romo fan . I speak the truth

  2. Ya know, I thought Romo was gonna be a good one but he has had too much time in the league not to have more success than he has.

  3. Doesn’t Mark Sanchez say that same thing? “You still have to show up?” How about you want to show up and you want to play. It all should matter if you’re no good. If you’re good, then it shouldn’t matter. Romo isn’t that great yet that it shouldn’t matter.

  4. I’m not a cowboy/Romo fan, but he’s right. You have to show up on game day. Unfortunately for him/them, they’ve only showed up for half of their games the past few years.

  5. It’s not about showing up on game day. Romo does that. It’s about taking it to the next level and putting it on your shoulders during those drives when the season is on the line and overcoming a weak O line and D. That’s what 100 million dollar men are expected to do.

  6. Of course Romo doesn’t care. He could retire today and he already has enough money to live large for 10 lifetimes.

    Romo just doesn’t have the passion and drive that the greats have.

  7. Its amazing the high concentration of moronic idiots that show up for Promo/Cowboys stories. To the people that think Promo is content and doesn’t care now that he has a contract, you are the most ignorant and diluted of all. Those That think Promo isn’t a leader and doesn’t do enough to try and win games, well I don’t even know what to say to you other than learn so.e football or try to get someone to explain it to you.All these Promo haters are fueled by nothing more than perception due to biased media coverage and no actual football knowledge or actually knowing the players personality and mindset.

  8. When you get greatly rewarded for poor play, why would you ever be concerned with criticism?

    Jerry Jones is a better Al Davis than even Al Davis was.

  9. true, the talk doesn’t matter, but cowboys fans need to see some playoff wins. Without a solid running game though, your not going very far unless you have one of the 4 best qbs under center

  10. zaggs says: Jun 12, 2013 8:58 AM

    If it doesn’t matter to him, why did he complain about his top 100 ranking?

    He was asked a question by the media and he answered the question. Where was the complaining that youre talking about? Wow you media sheep are so easily duped.

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