Florida A.G. says Chad Johnson judge overreacted

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The chief law enforcement officer in Florida has expressed dismay at the knee-jerk reaction that put former NFL receiver Chad Johnson behind bars for patting his lawyer on the butt.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi tells TMZ (who else?) that Judge Katherine McHugh went too far in jailing Johnson for 30 days in response to his courtroom antics.

“Although we never condone domestic violence, this event seems to question judicial temperament, not the subject matter before the court,” Bondi said.

Many believe Johnson is behind bars for domestic violence.  He’s not.  He was thrown in the hoosegow (all-time favorite word No. 6) specifically for the quick smack to the rear end of his lawyer, after Judge McHugh told Johnson he should be grateful for the lawyer’s efforts.  Without the smack in the butt, Johnson would be free.

Bondi has no jurisdiction or authority over McHugh or any other member of the judiciary.  Presumably, the Florida Supreme Court could take action, if the Florida Supreme Court so chooses.

We think it should.  Apart from the unfair outcome, Florida taxpayers now have to bear the costs of an incarceration resulting from a judge getting her nose out of joint over a hand to the ass.

At a minimum, that’s money that could otherwise go to upgrading the stadium where the team that cut Johnson plays.

Johnson’s formal request for a reduced sentence, made in writing to Judge McHugh, remains pending.

37 responses to “Florida A.G. says Chad Johnson judge overreacted

  1. Really if you watch the video CJ is just thanking his attorney like the judge said to do. He’d have done the same thing if his QB threw him a 60 yard bomb on target.

    Quite honestly she acted like a total biatch about it.

  2. Why is the AG talking to TMZ about the behavior of a sitting judge? Highly inappropriate. If the judge’s behavior was inappropriate, it should be brought before an appellate court or the ethics board, not TMZ.

  3. I think the Florida judge was correct. Chad is an adult. He should act like one. He’s in there because he’s accused of head butting his wife, and in front of an female judge he slaps his attorney’s rear end like hes saying “boys will be boys.” He should be bigger than this. I think Stephen A hit the nail on the head on this one. If you haven’t seen the First Take clip…..watch it.

  4. “Many believe Johnson is behind bars for domestic violence. He’s not.”

    You’re right, he’s in jail for not taking his probation seriously. His attitude in court proved he just doesn’t get it and probably never will.

  5. While the A.G. doesn’t have jurisdiction over the judge, if Chad appeals and the A.G. agrees that the appeal should be allowed, then that effectively binds the appellate court.

    …which means the matter would, in the ordinary course, be returned to Judge McHugh to be re-sentenced.

  6. Saying that 86 (in Spanish) was jailed for a derrière dusting is like saying Tim Teebow can’t get another shot at a starting job because he lost the last game he started against tha Pats. Clearly, the derrière dusting was in the nature of a camel-back-breaking straw.

  7. Why? This is not like he hasn’t been in a court room before, these guys just keep coming back until a judge has the will to teach them a lesson. Maybe after this he never winds up in a court room again.

  8. I was thinking the same thing after reading about this yesterday. Isn’t slapping his lawyer on the backside pretty much the same as those defendants that hug or shake their lawyers hand after getting a favorable outcome. He’s a football player, he’s been smacking people on the rear for doing good the majority of his life.

  9. I disagree with the AG and Mr. Florio.

    Let’s keep giving every screw up tons of chances.

    It’s common knowledge that a courtroom is not a place for fun and games.

    There are plenty of dead beats getting a free lunch from our tax dollars…..why stop now?

  10. This woman needs to be removed from the bench and disbared. How many other cases has she allowed her bias to cloud her judgement????

  11. And that’s what’s wrong with this country, is we have a warped sense of rules and laws and an even more warped group of people to interpret and enforce the laws.

    The Judge should be fined one year’s salary and be incarcerated until she pays the bill. If you can’t Judge properly or fairly, then you should get taxed out of existence. Same should go for every important decision maker, and the more power and wealth you have, the greater accountability you have to do a good and honest job to avoid taxation for incompetency or evil actions. That would be fair and logical and only allow the best people to rightfully possess power over others.

  12. At a minimum, that’s money that could otherwise go to upgrading the stadium where the team that cut Johnson plays.

    Please stop complaining that the state of Florida won’t give massive welfare to the multi-billionaire.

    Its absolutely disgusting.

  13. AG should have no comment. The judge has broad authority in her own courtroom. She’s the boss, applesauce!

  14. FINALLY! A voice of reason sitting on the bench! I saw the video of Ocho slapping his MALE attorney on the butt and was appalled at the reaction of this judge. She punishes Chad for trying to be UPBEAT and light into for him is a BLEAK situation. The courtroom reaction was laughter and the Hitler Youth judge throws CHAD in jail for not taking it serious??? Power Tripping Bitch should NOT be in charge of decisions over ANYONE’S life. Praise to the A.G.

  15. Sooo what Judge Biatch is saying is..
    You can smack your wife in the face but you can’t tap your lawyer on the ass. Even though I haven’t seen the whole video I believe she didn’t see it and reacted to spectators laughs.

  16. That judge acted pretty ignorant on this one and reacted purely on the crowd. If she doesn’t reduce his sentence shes going to lose some credibility.

  17. Well……..

    Here’s the thing; He’s in court on a domestic violence charge, in front of a female judge. Most of us, would have the sense not to head butt a woman, or hook up with a crazy girl, or act like a clown in a COURTROOM where a FEMALE JUDGE is presideing. He did it to himself.

    Take your time like a man.

    Learn a life lesson.

  18. Bulls**t! Someday – Chad needs to grow up and learn everything is NOT a joke – grow up little boy! I’m mad the judge didn’t give him 6 months!

  19. Chad Johnson’s Journal entry for June 11, 2013:
    I need to improve my situational awareness.
    1) Courtrooms during legal proceedings are not the same as locker rooms:
    2) Locker rooms have lockers and showers
    3) Courtrooms have Sheriff’s Deputies with. side arms and Judges that don’t smile a lot.

  20. The Judge Katherine McHugh was most likely seeking publicity in dealing with a high profile celebrity. I really feel sorry for Chad Johnson having to deal with a grandstanding judge.

  21. “He was thrown in the hoosegow (all-time favorite word No. 6) specifically for the quick smack to the rear end of his lawyer.”

    Not really. His plea deal was rejected for the quick smack on the rear. He wouldn’t have needed a plea deal if he hadn’t violated his probation to earn the potential jail time. And he wouldn’t have been on probation if he hadn’t head-butted his now ex-wife.

    But both Johnson and the judge come out looking pretty bad here. Mishandled on both sides.

  22. Of course the judge overreacted. The whole video just reeks of abuse of power. Let us not forget that judges themselves are not the moral police; their job is to apply the law.

  23. Jail time is the presumptive penalty for his spousal abuse crime. He was offered probation. Please note that probation is a privilege, not a right. When the judge offered him probation, he agreed to the terms (rules) of the probation. He failed to abide by the terms, and was brought before the court on a violation of his probation. At that hearing, he showed he still did not take the Court or probation seriously by his demeanor and actions. As a result, he goes into custody, plain and simple. It happens thousands of times a day all over the country.

  24. He’s lucky the judge didn’t slap him in irons and charge him with sexual assault not to mention throwing in a contempt of court charge as well. You people are as big a bonehead as Chad thinking any judge is going to let that kind of gutter behavior go on in their courtroom without making a big statement with the gavel.

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