Hakeem Nicks isn’t talking OTA absence or contract

Getty Images

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks made his return to the Giants for the start of mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, ending an absence from offseason work just in time to avoid $66,150 in fines if he had skipped the three-day gathering this week.

Nicks offered no explanation for his absence from the team’s voluntary workouts and OTAs, saying only that the reason for staying away was not because he broke his foot during OTAs last spring. Nicks said he won’t talk about his contract, which expires after the 2013 season, and responded to a question about whether he accomplished what he wanted to accomplish by staying away by pointing out that he never said he was trying to accomplish anything.

About the only thing Nicks would grant was that he should have communicated more with coach Tom Coughlin, who expressed his disappointment with Nicks’ absence more than once  while saying he had no idea why Nicks wasn’t at practice. Nicks said he spoke to General Manager Jerry Reese about why he wasn’t with the team, but said he should have spoken to Coughlin as well.

“I feel where he was coming from,” Nicks said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “I could have done a better job of reaching out, but we finally got to talk and we got things straightened out. Coach Coughlin’s my guy, so I think that relationship can’t go sour. I should have done a better job of reaching out to him, but I’m here now.”

Absences from OTAs don’t tend to be remembered in September if the play on the field is up to the necessary level. The same should hold for Nicks and the still-absent Victor Cruz.