Kevin Demoff: Rams aren’t an organization of renegades

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The recent suspension of running back Isaiah Pead for the first game of the 2012 season for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy was the latest example of a Rams player running into trouble with the law, the league or the team.

Guard Rokevious Watkins will also serve a suspension to start next season, cornerback Trumaine Johnson was arrested for DUI and cornerback Janoris Jenkins and wide receiver Chris Givens were both suspended for a game last year by the team. All five of those players were drafted in 2012 with Jenkins carrying serious character concerns and then the Rams claimed Titus Young off waivers earlier this offseason.

Young was dispatched quickly, but those with the impression that the Rams are taking too many risks in their personnel decisions got more fuel for their argument when the Rams picked linebacker Alec Ogletree in the first round a couple of months after he was arrested for DUI. The Rams disagree with that assessment.

“We’re not an organization of renegades. We’re not seeking to take players with issues,” COO Kevin Demoff said, via Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I think the perception is we’ll take anybody, no questions asked. That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Having said that, Demoff went on to admit that the team probably has a higher tolerance for risk than some other teams and that comes with a heightened chance that the Rams will get burned by one of their choices. He also said that he, coach Jeff Fisher and General Manager Les Snead have worked hard to come up with ways to help their players avoid future trouble.

They’ll be texting and calling players during the break before training camp, which Demoff calls the “scariest six weeks of the year,” and Fisher had a Brinks truck deliver $1 million in cash to last year’s rookie camp as part of an exercise to show players how much of their money goes to taxes, agents and others rather than their pocket. All of that is deemed necessary because the Rams readily admit that talent trumps all when looking for players to acquire.

“You can’t win without talent. You just can’t,” Fisher said. “Second, you have to then go in and find out if there are character concerns. You have to identify players, examine then and then make your decision. There were a lot of players we took off the board. There’s a balance.”

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  1. Ever since hiring Fischer and Finnegan renegades are exactly what they’ve become.
    About time someone else is seeing/saying it besides me.

  2. A lot of football players aren’t choir boys. They come from the same human race where we get cops, doctors and priests. If the Rams have a higher tolerance for the problem type then that is an organizational decision. They have to live with it. Sure it is high risk but often this type of player is high reward. They better be ready for the consequences though when things go awry.

  3. Fisher is the best they’ve had since Vermeil. With that being said he has been clinging to that Super Bowl appearance as his life raft for awhile now.

    This guy has got to produce a consistent playoff caliber team, something he has failed to do throughout his career. The division is too competitive for his typical mediocrity.

  4. For one, I’m glad to see the Ram’s taking chances on these guys. If it pays off thats great. Last year the team showed a bit of a nasty streak which I hadn’t seen from them in years. Considering the division they are in they are going to need that nasty streak and more in order to even compete for a division title.

  5. dalcow4 says:Jun 12, 2013 3:42 PM

    Dirty coach bringing in dirty players to play a dirty game. All for 7 wins. Worth it, Ram fan?

    Dumb coach, 100 mill qb who chokes, meddling owner/gm who is clueless. All for 8 wins. Worth it, Cowboy fan?

  6. Hey. The Rams tried it the other way with Spags and his asinine “Four Pillars” crap and it got us nowhere. With so many holes to be filled, I don’t mind taking risks on players who in a worst case scenario can fill a need for 2 or 3 years before they implode. It buys the organization the time it needs to complete a roster over haul.

  7. Spags four pillars was predicated on a similar idea Tony Dungy had when building his teams in Tampa.

    Despite the scorn that it gets, that really wasn’t the problem in St. Louis. Our franchise had been circling the drain long before SS got there. He failed for the same reasons coaches failed in Detroit and Oakland… piss poor support and management.

    Spags proved to not be up to the task, but let’s be honest, HC of the Rams at that time was a grave digger’s job. Chip and Lucia knew nothing about football or running a successful operation and were planning to get rid of the team from the moment they inherited it.

    I’m not saying Fisher’s way is wrong. He himself said he took players off the board, and probably for the same reasons.

  8. lets clear up some things fisher played against peyton manning twice a year for 12 yrs so winning the division was not a given especially when bud adams was helping pick players ala jerry jones now the rams owner let jeff pick his gm his oc and dc doesn’t involve himself in personnel moves at all as for the renegades Jenkins and givens missed a bed check they were not out robbing a 7-11 pead and rok both got one game each weed related not PEDs which gives an unfair advantage and any 22 yr old who says he hasn’t driven under the influence is probably lying so lets wait and see on trumaine as for coaching fish got fat albert to play for him the skins and pats couldn’t he didn’t want vince young cause he was too moody but bud adams being from Houston selected vince anyway the best way to look at that is what did these troublemakers do while with fisher and then after leaving and in most cases they did better when with fisher well have fum picking my statement apart you 49 er and seahawk fans but remember this if you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones

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