Manti Te’o earning respect of Chargers coaches, veterans


Given the unusual circumstances surrounding his final year at Notre Dame and somewhat baffling performance in the National Championship game, Manti Te’o was always going to have to prove to whatever organization decided to draft him that he was worth the investment.

So far with the San Diego Chargers, Te’o is passing the test with flying colors.

According to Michael Gelhken of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Te’o has impressed coaches and players alike with his skill and maturity in the Chargers’ facility.

Head coach Mike McCoy, center Nick Hardwick and linebacker Larry English in addition to other members of the Chargers organization all praised the approach Te’o has brought to the team and the work ethic he’s showed since being drafted in April.

“I see what’s going to be a heck of a football player,” Hardwick said. “He gets good jumps on the snap. He knows where the ball is going. He seems to be really quick to react on it. In the locker room, he’s a cool guy. He’s easy to be around.”

It appears as though Te’o has answered any questions his teammates may have had about what kind of person he is off the field. Now it’s just about what he can do on it.

“When you’re on the football field, everything else doesn’t matter,” Te’o said. “Thankfully for me, I’m surrounded by a bunch of teammates that have really pushed me to be better. All they care about is No. 50 is working his butt off, and I’ll take care of the work ethic part. They’ll make sure I’m moving in the right direction. … I can’t be a leader if I don’t know where I’m going.”

33 responses to “Manti Te’o earning respect of Chargers coaches, veterans

  1. Lol Well at least Larry English is recognizing his work ethic…of all people to gain respect from… After week 1 Teo and English will have played the same amount of games….

  2. Guess in todays world you can be a liar and still get respect! He didn’t do any of the above mentioned things against Alabama as a mater of fact he wasn’t even in the game. What a joke he is.

  3. Lennay has also been in attendance and is so proud of her man! She has invited Coach McCoy, Nick, and Larry over for dinner with her and Manti after training camp ends.

  4. “I can’t be a leader if I don’t know where I’m going.”

    Follow your girlfriend to Never Never Land, Mantti.

    It’s where the Chargers keep their Super Bowl trophies.

  5. In no pads practice….I believe he’ll be a good player in the league but no one questioned his instincts, which should glow in padless practice.

  6. The jokes about his catfish scandal were funny, but are getting old. After the Nat Champ game, I think he should just concentrate on not looking like a speedbump for the running backs.

  7. My take away is that the Notre Dame PR machine has infected yet another media outlet. I’m sure Te’o isn’t completely terrible and can live out his rookie contract, but beyond that? Lol.

  8. Good for him. . .

    This wasn’t going to be an easy road no matter the team he landed with.

  9. Kid’s doing the right thing and the first 2 comments are negative…stay classy football fans, you’re not as witty/funny as you think.

  10. The jokes are old. It’s time for football. He is going to be a solid NFL linebacker. Great pick by San Diego.

  11. The Te’o girlfriend thing was the most overplayed story in the weeks leading up to the draft. Judging by the reaction of some to the story (cough Florio cough), you would have thought the kid should have just given up trying to ever play in the NFL.

  12. And we’d expect the Chargers to say anything different? Alabama rolled on Manti, dont see any thing different at the pro level, to slow, to stupid, to late.

  13. Good to see most on here get it. Let the haters hate, it’s all they got. The kid made a mistake, but he’s moving on. ON the field, he was great for most of the year, sometimes taking over an entire game. He was drastically overmatched against an NFL style behemoth in Bama with little support on an overrated ND defense. Having watched him at length, I suspect San Diego will be having the last laugh on this pick. Best to both Manti and San Diego.

  14. By all means, keep up all the jokes you can, I want my LB motivated when he comes to drill your QB

  15. He’ll be solid. Nothing special. But then again, every team needs role players.

  16. Never Rly saw what all the hype was about throughout his collegiate career, with that said I Rly want him to succeed and prove ppl wrong. He’s an example of what the media does just to put out a story. I mean honestly, the media ESPN this website all kicked the guy when he was down. Whether his gf is real fake green gay lesbian, it shouldn’t matter to any of us. And we got ppl like big rapelesburger still a face of a franchise, shermen and co cheating up a storm in Seattle, Ryan lindley has 5kids 5diff mothers and no1 baggs these guys. Smh. GO RAIDERS!!!

  17. Manti is doing all the things he needs to do right now and the opinions that matter are from his teammates and coaches.

    The catfish jokes are getting old and stale.

    Also glad this article wasn’t written by Florio…his sports journalism is a catfish story.

  18. Hate Hate Hate…. Bama double teamed Manti whole game. NFL teams will not be able to do this. He will ball out. Manti and Butler will be one of the best MLB core in league.

  19. Hey mackie66, talk about being stupid, maybe you should go back to elementary school. It’s not “to slow, to stupid, to late”. The correct spelling is “too slow, too stupid, too late” of which Manti is none of those.

  20. He reminds me a lot like AJ Hawk coming out of college…he will be a below average LB

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