Michael Turner resolves DUI charge with plea to reckless driving

Getty Images

Free-agent running back Michael Turner has one fewer impediment to getting back in the NFL.  His legal docket is now clear.

According to John Manasso of FOXSportsSouth.com, Turner resolved a DUI charge from September 2012 by pleading guilty to reckless driving and speeding.  The incident occurred in the hours after the Falcons defeated the Broncos on Monday Night Football.

As part of the deal, he’ll serve 12 months of probation, attend DUI school, engage in an alcohol and drug evaluation, consume no alcohol, and submit to random alcohol screens.

Turner reportedly generated a blood-alcohol concentration of .109 percent after being arrested.  Under the league’s substance-abuse policy, he’s subject to a potential fine in the amount of two game checks.  (While Turner didn’t specifically plead guilty to DUI, the NFL may still attempt to impose the fine.)

Before Turner can be fined, he needs a contract that will pay him at least two game checks.  Since being cut on March 1, Turner has received little or no interest.