Mt. Rainier’s team gets its Mt. Rushmore

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The Seahawks are one of the newer NFL teams in the grand scheme of things.  And they’ve only played in one Super Bowl, which they lost.

Still, it’s not easy to cut 12 finalists to four for the team’s Mt. Rushmore.

Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent is a no-brainer for one of the spots.  The other three come from the other 11 finalists listed below.

Vote early and often.  The four winners will be named on Friday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

53 responses to “Mt. Rainier’s team gets its Mt. Rushmore

  1. Greatgabbert,

    You have about as much credibility as logicalvoicesays. For an organization that has only about 35 years of history, there are some decent names up there….. Big Tez was a dominant dlineman for over a decade. Walter shines was the preeminent lt of his generation. Hasselbeck took us to the Super Bowl and Homgren led that team and is one of the better coaches in NFL history. Curt Warner was dominant before injuries and Shaun Alexander had a 2k yard season.

    For me though,

    Largent (no brainer)
    Easley (Ronnie Lott called him the best)
    Jones (as dominant as anyone at his position)
    Hasselbeck (the dominant qb of Hawks history)

  2. The tough thing about this is that it looks like the Seahawks are on the cusp of being competitive for a long time, maybe even elite, and they’re insanely stacked across the board. That said:

    Steve Largent, Walter Jones, Cortez Kennedy, and Shaun Alexander

  3. Largent, Tez, and Jones are all no brainers, period.

    All things considered, either Hasselback or Holmgren probably deserves spot number four as they brought the franchise to a height not previously achieved.

    Had Easley played 10 years, he would have been the other no brainer for me. As it is, he is still a favorite of many, many fans. I can still remember his crushing hits against the Miami duo. He is the emeritus member of the Legion of Boom.

    Zorn, Krieg, Warner, and Green would make a fine 2nd string version. They were great for Seattle but not as highly ranked in the league as Largent, Tez, Jones, and for a few years Easley were.

    Alexander put up great numbers but his unwillingness to pass block or do some of the other little things in addition to his ‘me first’ attitude on records and accomplishments really soured his chances to be thought of with the others in terms of great appreciation by Seattle fans.

  4. Where’s Steve Hutchinson? You guys drafted him and he’s probably going to be in the Hall Of Fame one day (Pro Football listed him #123 best player of ALL-TIME—Before Ray Lewis and after John Riggins).

    The fact that he left Seattle, is on the franchise—not him. Further, even with only five seasons, he’s one of your four best players of all-time. If you want more fodder…someone above listed Hasselback. #NuffSaid.

  5. Two QBs on the list that couldn’t crack the 100 best QB list of all time. Then, the only list that includes an imaginary person. Sad.

    Also…what’s a Jacob Green?

  6. Hey, you’re forgetting about… uh, what’s his name? Or what about…. um, nope. OK, it’s a crime not to include….. hmm, I guess this list does pretty much cover the legends of Seattle.

  7. Fairly easy; Two HOF’ers (Largent and Tez), a future HOF’er (Jones) and if HOF voters knew anything about football he’d be in as one of the best safeties of all-time (Easley) …

  8. Walter Jones
    Cortez Kennedy
    Steve Largent

    Easley and Warner had too short of careers due to illness and injury.

    Holmgren should never be considered

    Close call but Jacob Green for the 4th name.

  9. Yeah. Largent and nobody. Falcons had a better list to choose from. If Holmgren makes a final four, it should be the Packers not these scrubs. Lol @ the 12th man. A team so bereft of historically good players that the fans have to vote themselves on.

  10. Jones, Tez, Largent, and 4th russell wilson lol. I’m a diehard Hawks fan, but damn that is a sad sad sad list. luckily the next decade will be kind to us lol

  11. Kenny Easley
    Walter Jones
    Cortez Kennedy
    Steve Largent

    Those are the only true greats on the list besides Holmgren, who did his best work with the Packers.

    If their fans pick the 12th man than they are truly as lame as their counterparts who visit the Stick and think calling Frank Gore “Al Gore” is hilarious. Hey, that sounds like something Jim Zorn would say though…

    However, I was impressed with the fans in Seattle during last night’s US vs. Panama World Cup qualifying match. Still, don’t vote for the 12th man…embarrassing.

  12. @nbarber2013

    Diehard Hawks fan? Are you kidding. Sad list:

    2 hall of famers
    other pro bowlers
    a tackle considered by many to be the best LT in football for 10 years and will be a 1st round hall of famer when eligible

    What Seahawks were you watching?

  13. I am a niner fan but I would vote for:

    1. Largent – obvious
    2. Tez – dominant
    3. Holmgren – turned around a moribund franchise
    4. Hasselbeck or Walter Jones

  14. Largent, Kennedy, Jones & Alexander

    The three players to have their numbers retired by the franchise — Largent, Kennedy & Jones — are no-brainers.

    Don’t really have a strong feeling for the fourth player, but Shaun Alexander was named NFL MVP in 2005. So he gets the nod.

  15. Without that 12th man in the crowd, some games would have been cancelled for lack of interest. No one knows how the policy of having to sell at least 11 tickets to avoid forfieture originated, but that has always been the rule.

  16. There is no artificial noise at the Clink. If you had actually been there you would have known that. The 12TH Man is THE best fan base in the Country.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  17. Here we should be celebrating/debating players on each team but the usual suspects can’t think beyond their clown comments. Now that’s sad.

  18. Has any other team had such a poor selection to pick from? This is one pathetic list. I would have to agree with some other posters, put “Phil (me up) Adderall “on the list.

  19. Looks like a lot of people are going with Alexander.

    Not sure why, he’ll probably run out of bounds before the announcement anyways.

  20. Unfortunately one of the four who should be up there is not on the list. The three Hall of Famers, of course – Largent, Kennedy, and Jones.
    But the fourth should be Paul Allen, who saved the team from years of putridness and the sneaky attempt to steal our team and move it to California.
    Things have been so much better since he bought the team. The stadium he demanded be crafted for noise is the noisiest in the league. The coaches he has hired have done well for most of his ownership years.
    Paul Allen is definitely on the Seahawks Mount Rushmore.

  21. I fail to see why Holmgren and the 12th man are on the list. The Seahawks under Holmgren were barely over .500 and the 12th man has helped the franchise to an overall record of below .500. Why is Chuck Knox not a candidate? I am pretty sure he is the most successful coach in their brief history.

  22. Gotta be
    Kenny Easley 84 DpoY
    -Ibuprofen destroyed his kidneys had to retire to live
    “He’d be a Hall of Fame player (had he played longer). Maybe he still is. He was that good.”
    Bill Walsh
    Walter Jones
    Simply one if not the best LT to play the game.
    Will be 1st ballot HoF
    Cortez Kennedy 92 DPoY
    2012 HoF class
    The best number #96 to play in any sport …ever
    Steve Largent
    Owned most of the receiving record when retired
    1st ballot HoF
    Simple one of the best receiver all time.

    Every single player listed was part of all decade team for 80s, 90s, & 00s

  23. Shaun Alexander
    Walter Jones
    Cortez Kennedy
    Steve Largent

    Anyone who votes for “the 12th man” is lame


    I Concur.

  24. Definitely nobody from the Pete Carroll era. Dirtiest team in the NFL. Get away with the most on about every play….and after every play. watch the delanie walker, kyle williams and mario mannigham injuries. all were hits on dudes lying on the ground or wrapped up (like the dive at mannigham’s knee).

    Seahawks used to be classy . alexander, largent, jones, easley, and kennedy are all deserving for this team.

  25. If I ask why Adderall isn’t on the list does that make me a bad person?


    As a Seahawks fan, I have to admit, that was some good smack talk…very funny.

  26. Can’t believe how bad these lists always turn out to be. Hasselbeck?! REALLY?! He did not get us to any super bowl. A team that was good enough to overcome his flaws came together the same single year when he performed to decent ‘game manager’ level (as opposed to his usual strings of games lost because of his poor decision-making) by not giving away games at the end with INTs.

    I can understand Warner being there but the entirety of his output is not enough to land him on Rushmore IMO.

    My votes:

    *Dave Kreig – You would have to have been watching the games Kreig played in to see where I cam coming from here. Guy was just incredible half the time, still good 3/5ths of the time and suffered a bad game (fumbles etc.) the other 2/5ths.

    *Jim Zorn – Not quite Hall of Fame caliber as Qb (but still damned good!) but his being an assistant and sticking around for so long here.

    *Walter Jones – Most dominant left tackle of his generation and played whole career here.

    *Cortez Kennedy – ‘Nuff said. The only real ‘no brainer’ on this list.

    Largent does not belong in my opinion but I will admit I may be biased because of his insane, poorly informed political positions. But he never really struck me as a truly great WR. He was not anywhere NEAR being the pass catcher or general playmaker of Randy Moss and I hear some people saying MOSS shouldn’t be in the HoF when he is done!

    Hutchinson did not contribute enough to be on our Rushmore. It does not matter whose fault you want to believe that was (incidentally it was Holmgren and the GM’s who did not foresee the ‘poison pill’ contract coming).

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