Nick Saban says Rolando McClain’s back on campus


When linebacker Rolando McClain announced his retirement from the NFL last month, his college coach weighed in to say that he thought McClain was being fair to the Ravens.

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban said that McClain’s choice to acknowledge it was time to get his personal house in order and step away from professional football was good for the Ravens since they will retain his rights should McClain resume his career. One of the first steps in that effort will take place in close proximity to Saban.

The Associated Press reports that Saban said at a Tuesday night speaking engagement that McClain has “gone back to school” and that “he’s with us now” as part of his effort to move his life in a more positive direction. Andrew Gribble of reports that Saban also praised McClain’s leadership skills while he was a member of the Crimson Tide.

Those traits were not easy to spot while McClain was with the Raiders, but, then, there wasn’t much positive to report about McClain once he came to the NFL. Whether or not it’s a prelude to the continuation of his playing career, going back to school is a positive development for McClain in his effort to put himself on steadier ground in the future.

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  1. Hoping that this is the beginning of a redemption tale for Rolando. And Titus Young. Praying that these 2 guys get their lives figured out & on the right track. Forget ever playing again. It would be nice to have 2 more productive members of society if these 2 can work on the issues in their lives.

  2. How is this positive? It’s clear McClain is not mature enough or smart enough (yeah yeah SEC “student” athlete) to move forward in his life. It’s always sad/ pathetic to watch the former star- turned loser who is still hanging around the small town or at the high school because the pinnacle of his life was reached there. McClain was given an enormous opportunity to escape his old life, yet he threw it away because of immaturity, being raised as a criminal, or low intelligence.

  3. Going back to school is never a bad thing. Hopefully this gets him on a path to straighten up his life. If playing in the NFL is a part of that or not…

  4. I laugh at McClain when he got replaced on the raiders. Really..couldn’t crack the staring line up…McClain is an overrated scrub. He probably related to jamarcuss Russell. McClain is not a leader nor is he even capable of playing in the nfl. He quit not retired because he knows that he can’t fill Ray Lewis shoes. He knows he can use his money and fame to land plenty of girls in college. In serious circles he will be regarded a bust. Hopefully he buys a gun and does a Plaxico.

  5. As far as I know he stayed out of trouble when he was at Alabama. Saban does a good job with young athletes and for his former coach to help him out in a time like this says a lot about his character.

  6. An organization as bad as the raiders are can literally ruin a person. This is just the recent example. Their history is littered with similar cases.

  7. vaphifan:
    well said.
    of course, very few people want to hear that about Saban. but I think its true.

  8. Yeah, Saban is a saint if you’re a good player. But what about the numerous kids whose scholarships he pulled because he over signed his recruiting classes?

    Oversigning. You have a scholarship limit and you have a young recruit you want but you’re at the limit. What do you do? You pull the scholarship of a junior or senior who hasn’t developed as you’d hoped. Kid did nothing wrong other than not becoming a star player and gets his scholarship given to a new recruit. Happens all over the SEC.

    Oh they claim these kids leave voluntarily because who would want a free education? Or the kid develops a mysterious injury that they use to justify pulling that scholarship.

    There is a reason why Saban was mediocre in the Big 10 at Michigan State and then was immediately successful in the SEC. The SEC allowed oversigning. That’s how he built LSU and Bama so quickly.

  9. Hope it works out for him. The Raiders have had problems with their top picks for some time. It can’t be the fault of ALL these number one picks that end up being released .

  10. He will master the Triple Lindy and go on to throw the greatest party of all time.

    Call me when you have no class.

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