PFT Live: Is Favre the face of Packers’ Mt. Rushmore?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packers beat writer Tyler Dunne joins PFT Live to discuss Green Bay’s offseason moves. Dunne says most fans in Green Bay have forgiven Brett Favre and consider him the leading candidate for the Packers’ Mt. Rushmore.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Is Favre the face of Packers’ Mt. Rushmore?

  1. “most fans in Green Bay have forgiven Brett Favre”

    Really?! The guy who did everything in his power to stick it to Packer fans? He needs to apologize to the fans, not offer carefully crafted half-assed partial blame statements.

    Favre was great for a while but Reggie White paved the way for relevancy and other free agents to come here. When Reggie and the defense declined, they never sniffed another Superbowl.

  2. Is it surprising that a guy who brazenly cheats on his wife and publicly humiliates his family never bothered to care about all the fans who helped make him wealthy in an entertainment industry based on fan support and long standing division rivalries?

    He needs to apologize directly to Packer fans.

  3. Don’t speak for me, Tyler Dunne. I haven’t forgiven Favre, but I’m over it. It’s his legacy tarnished, not the team’s.

    As far as Mt. Rushmore….Favre shouldn’t beat out Hutson, Lombardi, Lambeau, Hornung, or Starr.

    One Super Bowl…just remember that. Those above helped make the team.

  4. Dunne may be speaking for a few media types in Milwaukee, but he’s not speaking for the majority of Packer fans. Many Packer fans want a real apology from Favre and don’t want to see his face connected in any fashion with the Packers until he admits that his pursuit of purple was a error in judgement.

  5. This guy needs to get out more. Either that or he is applying his personal wishful thinking.

    There is no way in h*** most fans have forgiven Favre….at least not enough to put him on Packers Rushmore.

    Give me a freaking break. If he makes it to Packers Rushmore….please make sure he is facing the other way, break his sword in half, and rip his stripes off the shoulder of his uniform.

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