Ryan Broyles, Darius Slay fully participate in Lions practice


The Detroit Lions got a welcome surprise Tuesday as both wide receiver Ryan Broyles and second-round draft pick Darius Slay were able to fully participate in the first practice of the team’s mini-camp.

Both Broyles and Slay are recovering from knee surgeries that had kept them out until now. Slay had arthroscopic surgery in May to repair a torn meniscus while Broyles is working back from a torn ACL suffered on Dec. 2. Broyles’ return to practice is just over six months removed from the day he injured his right knee.

He’s had a great rehab,” head coach Jim Schwartz said, via Justin Rogers of MLive.com. “He’s working really hard. He’s done a little bit more each time. …It’s been a long road for him, second year in a row with an ACL. Every time he’s gone out on the field, he’s made plays and he did the same thing today.”

Slay intercepted Shaun Hill twice during team periods and made a strong impression during his first day of mini-camp.

Schwartz stressed that Broyles isn’t completely healthy and still has more ground to cover in rehab. However, it appears the rehab timetable for ACL injuries is getting shorter and shorter. Getting both Slay and Broyles on the field now bodes well for their availability to be unhindered for the start of training camp.


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  1. well we all need to realize an important aspect of ligament replacement/reconstruction: You cannot speed up the healing process of a new ligament attaching to bone. When you take that piece of hamstring/pateller/cadaver ACL/etc and screw it into holes drilled in your bones, it’s not going to just weld up in a week and you’re off and running.

    These athletes are doing a phenomenal job of rehabbing the muscles AROUND the knee- but the surgeons know that the grafting between the new piece and the bones is actually at a “soft” point around 6 months out. After today, Broyles new ligament should start to get stronger (slowly)- and he can really focus on the muscles surrounding that knee, regaining proprioception, etc…

    I wish him the best. ACL rehab sucks, and lord knows we need him out there to help ease the pain of losing the talent that was Titus Young.

  2. I am very glad these guys our on the field look for big things from both of them both will be on the starting team by the time regular season starts as well as fuller!

  3. Well that’s encouraging. Fully expected Slay to be healthy (it was just a scope people, 25% of the league gets some joint scoped every offseason) but Broyles being out there is a pleasant surprise at this point in his rehab.

  4. I forgot to say we have the young talent in the secondary and the oline and the receiving corp and we have a couple of new tight ends ! I hope they use these young guys and use the older ones for back up these young guys our really good and I do not want to see some of the young guys get cut so some other team gets a great player for there team ! I believe slay, fuller, patrick, ziggy,riddick both the young tight ends,warford should play this year slay showed up houston this week slay intercepted two balls and houston went for the interception and missed broyles took the distance! slay caught both of his interception and stayed inbounds slay the winner!

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