Ryan Mallett: Patriots have three great quarterbacks


Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett says he feels good about having Tim Tebow as a teammate, even though Tebow’s presence means Mallett has new competition for the No. 2 quarterback job behind starter Tom Brady.

In fact, Mallett says he, Brady and Tebow are all great quarterbacks.

“It’s kind of unique, how it’s set up [at the QB position],” Mallett said, “but we have three great players in that room who have the ability to help our team win. We’ll get it done how we can.”

Mallett saw three great players in the Patriots’ quarterback meeting room? Was he wearing 3-D glasses while looking at Brady?

But seriously, Mallett said he was delighted to find out he’d have Tebow for a teammate.

“Great . . . he’s a great player, you know. We’re going to go out every day and get better and do what we can to be a good team,” Mallett said.

Mallett may think the Patriots have three great quarterbacks, but the most important thing for the Patriots is that two of those three great quarterbacks remain on the sideline, and that Brady remains on the field.

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  1. Tebow is not, not, NOT competition for the backup QB job. I’m sorry, but Belichick is too smart for that.

    He’s maybe competition for the starting fullback job.

  2. Mallet sure is great….Fans will be chanting for Tebow as soon every chance they can get. You can never gt enough Tevow.

  3. This is so funny….Players always say the same things about Tebow until he leaves town. Then they decide to tell the truth and say how bad he stinks as a QB.

  4. Will the Patriots list Tebow as a RB or TE allowing them to have another QB (inactive emergency)? He wouldn’t have the green sticker on his helmet though. Just trying to think how BB is going to make this work so that it benefits everyone?

  5. Well, technically, he did say “great players” and not “great quarterbacks”. Tebow is a great player just not a great quarterback.

  6. Yes of course they do, just like this time last year the 9ers had 5 #1 WR’s.

    Tewbow is so great he couldn’t beat out Sanchez, and when dropped no one else wanted him. I’m not a tewbow hater, and think he can win games in the NFL, but his skill set is unique and you have to build an offense around what he can do, and when as a running qb he gets hurt no one else can run that offense the way he can, so I have a hard time believing that he will ever be anything but an insurance plan.

  7. The NFL continues its fraud on the public and on Tebow. Putting him on the Jets didn’t work out because the starting QB stunk, so when Sanchez got benched, it became very obvious that the NFL had no intentions of Tebow playing QB all along.
    This year’s fraud is a little better thought out. Put him on a team as #3 behind a QB that is talked of in god-like terms, and if he gets hurt, Tebow is #3, not #2 like he was on the Jets.
    The whole intent is to keep him on the bench and not in the limelight.
    He’s just to pro-life, you know–the example to the world of what happens when you DON’T abort that little inconvenience.

  8. I am expecting Ryan Mallett to have a strong pre season and possibly getting traded by next season at the latest.

    Hello Mike Lombardi ??

  9. “Mallett saw three great players in the Patriots’ quarterback meeting room? Was he wearing 3-D glasses while looking at Brady?”

    ahahahaha. That’s going on my list of all time pft quotes

  10. You mark my words, BB will find a way to use Tebow in new and amazing ways. Rex Ryan is just not a good coach and was too blind to know what he had or worse didn’t care. If anyone can maximize whatever Tim can do, it’s BB. This could turn into a three ring circus where Tom Brady catches his first career TD pass. The only thing is that BB knows what whip to crack ( and Brady is all in with this.. trust me) and Rex is just Rex.

  11. Too many people trying to predict too many things here. Tebow hasn’t made the team yet and neither has Mallett or 30+ other players. Bill is smart to hold his cards because he doesn’t know which cards he will play yet. As a non-Pat’s fan, I admire the judgement of their personnel mgmt.

  12. Being a Great QB is a little like Fight Club.

    The first rule of being a great QB is don’t talk about being a great QB!

    Ryan Mallett you sir are not a great QB.

  13. The only person happier than Tebow today is Ryan Mallett.

    Instead of real competition in camp for the #2 job, all he has to do is beat a noodle armed non-prospect with a 47% completion percentage who went 1-4 in his last 5 NFL starts where his team was outscored 162-73, and then couldn’t even sniff the field last year with only Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy ahead of him.

    Huge sigh of relief.

  14. Mallett has a ridiculous arm. If you are a NFL team and wish you had Flacco you should be calling the Pats. I think a team like Houston, Jax, Oakland, or Minnesota would be much more dangerous with Mallet as QB

  15. They have two QBs with better playoff winning percentages than Peyton Manning, and Mallett was at least undefeated in college bowl games.

  16. A lot of comments about what position TT’s gonna play.
    Its June 12th, the rosters at 90 players.
    He’s got to make it to 1 of 53 before I even consider caring about what position he’s playing.

  17. If Mallett comes out of college this year, he’s the 1rst QB taken. Not even close. He’s not gonna be Brady’s replacement(neither is Tebow), but I bet they get something(high 2nd) for him after this year.

  18. C’mon what’s the guy supposed to say ?

    Especially since you know Belichick dictated at least to Mallet and Tebow what they’re to say to the press, and possibly to Brady as well.

    Its very rare that any Patriot player or coach will say anything negative about any player either on the Pats or another team.

  19. “Mallett saw three great players in the Patriots’ quarterback meeting room? Was he wearing 3-D glasses while looking at Brady?”

    That’s a great line MDS. Well played.

  20. Belichick will use Tebow as a TE/FB with options to run or pass on certain plays. The Patriots rarely ever use more than 2 QB’s on the Gameday roster. So If Belichick decides to keep Tebow it will be for that option play. Also, don’t count out Brady dropping back and connecting on a fade route with Tebow every now and then. Rex Ryan’s Offense was way too simple to include Tebow in a smart way. Everybody says Tebow isn’t a Quarterback, that he doesn’t belong under center. The thing is, Tebow isn’t a QB, he’s a damn good football player that knows how to win. I bet he could play pretty much anything on the field. He has a winning mentality and I’m sure Belichick will feed his team off of that. I Effing hate the Patriots, but I’m excited to see what Belichick has planned.

  21. Tebow never has been, never will be a QB in the NFL, maybe a TE or FB, not QB….he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. If Tebow doesn’t change positions, in three or four years he will be coaching football at some Christian Prep high school and be nothing but an NFL trivia question. Tebow couldn’t even start in the CFL and quite frankly, I’m sick to death of hearing about this guy. PFT, ESPN, all of you guys need to give it a rest!!!

  22. I think Mallett should be drug tested. Brady is great, but that only adds up to one. Where in the world did he get three. He should have said we have fifty great qbs on our team. That would have made just as much sense.

  23. it seems like these commenters just read the title and posted their own joke, not realizing the absolute gem laid out by MDS in paragraph 4

  24. The author will probably eat his words on Mallet. Watch the college tape again and count the inexplicable dropped passes by razorback wrs. He should have a great career unless he lands at one of the league door mats.

  25. Either I didn’t get the 3-D joke reference, or you don’t know how dimensions work. Adding more dimensions to an object does not multiply the number of that object. One Tom Brady in 3-D is still one Tom Brady. Didn’t teach you that at County?

  26. Ryan Mallett’s a great Quarterback. No amount of lame jokes by commenters posting on here can convince me otherwise.

  27. New England fans: you do not have a controversy or circus or whatever negatives some are trying to apply. You have a great great great starting quarterback, a back-up who is going to be a stellar NFL quarterback eventually, and an ex-quarterback who knows how to go for it as a player, who could fit into the template Paul Hornung set. This is an amazing situation for a team and its town to have, all good. It should draw even more out-of-town fans than ever to the Patriots (I’m a lifelong 49er fan by way of living close to SF, but will be more conscientiously tuning into any Patriot games made available to the San Francisco Bay Area–what Boston has now is amazing).

  28. Well if “greatness” is described as playoff wins… I guess you could call Tebow “great”. He does have one. That’s more playoff wins than alot of QB’s in the NFL. His main problem is he isn’t good. So maybe it’s possible to be great, but not any good.

  29. There are similar parallels Tim Tebow ans Steve Youn.
    Both were great college quarterbacks who rely on their running ability that set up the pass. Neither were what you consider great passer. Young signed with the USFL then came to the NFL. In Tampa, a bad team and poor qb mechanics he career heading south. Tebow, we know the story. Back to Young, goes the 49ers to backup Joe Montana and to learn the position under Bill Walsh. Tebow will backup Tom Brady and be by coach Bill Belicek. Watch hiw thia plays out. Oh, both are left handed.

  30. The word “great” is used out of context in sports. Only after a career is over should the player be labeled as “great”. There are exceptions of course, like Brady, Manning (Payton) and Peterson as examples of players who are indeed great while still playing the game. In the meantime a player is “good”, “excellent” or even “outstanding” until sports history takes its course.

  31. dwoofer wrote:

    “He’s just to pro-life, you know–the example to the world of what happens when you DON’T abort that little inconvenience.”

    And how many unwanted babies have you adopted, Mr. Pro-Life?

    In all my years I’ve yet to meet a pro-lifer who has adopted a single child whose parents either didn’t want them or couldn’t afford to raise them.

    For the pro-lifers, the attitude seems to be, “Have that kid and doom him/her to a life of foster homes with decent foster parents at best and unrelenting misery and despair at worst.”

    I swear, the whole abortion controversy would be a thing of the past if males were the ones to give birth. Most guys like dwoofer would be singing a whole different tune.

  32. cjspiller12 says:Jun 12, 2013 9:47 PM

    Tebow never has been, never will be a QB in the NFL, maybe a TE or FB, not QB….he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.
    I see you don’t watch football much. Do a google search for Tebow and the Broncos.

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