T.O. mentions Vikings, Chiefs as potential fits

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The perpetual T.O. comeback tour continues, with still no takers.

Before going any farther, I need to disclose that Terrell Owens thinks I’m the devil.  So it’s possible that anything I write will be subconsciously influenced by the fact that he has exposed my horns, hooves, and pitchfork to the Twitterverse.

The future Hall of Famer appeared today on NFL Network, shrugging at his lack of current employment by explaining that teams want to look at young players at this stage of the offseason, and that they’ll be interested in veterans later.  In lieu of listing every veteran who has signed a contract since the 2012 season ended (and many have), the 32 NFL teams currently have nearly 2,900 combined roster spots.  And not a single one has been offered to Owens since he was cut last year by the Seahawks.

He identified the Vikings and Chiefs as potential fits.  In Minnesota, receivers coach George Stewart spent several years with Owens in San Francisco.  After moving on from Percy Harvin earlier this year, however, it’s hard to imagine the Vikings taking a chance on a player with a reputation for causing problems.

As to the Chiefs, former Eagles coach Andy Reid runs the show and former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress is on the staff.  In other words, there’s no way the Chiefs will sign him.

Owens continues to point to “politics” and his “reputation” as reasons for not having a job.  If he still was as talented as he thinks he is, at least one team would overlook that.  As it stands, no one believes he’s good enough to justify the risk that Owens will do the stuff he’s done elsewhere to undermine the concept of team.

It doesn’t matter than he admits fault or takes responsibility now.  Desperation will get a guy to say whatever he needs to say to get whatever he wants.  His past conduct, his present skills, and his future prospects add up to nearly 2,900 NFL jobs and not one of them for Owens.

We wish him the best as he gradually comes to the realization that it’s time to move on, and we hope he finds something fulfilling and meaningful to carry him over the next 20 or 30 years of his life.  He’s got a lot of living left to do, and the sooner he embraces the next phase, the better off he’ll be over the long run.

84 responses to “T.O. mentions Vikings, Chiefs as potential fits

  1. Owens continues to point to “politics” and his “reputation” as reasons for not having a job. If he still was as talented as he thinks he is, at least one team would overlook that. As it stands, no one believes he’s good enough to justify the risk that Owens will do the stuff he’s done elsewhere to undermine the concept of team.

    Doesn’t the second part of this paragraph directly conflict the first?

    A less talented WR gets the job for the exact reasons Owens cites.

  2. yeah, kc would be a great fit. I’m sure andy would relish the opportunity to have hin criticize his qb publicly and watch him do situps in his driveway.

  3. TO is still more talented than a good number of starting receivers in the league. He hasn’t been a real problem for a while now, that’s just another case of the media overblowing.

  4. The Seahawks needed a big receiver last year but they needed one who would not drop the ball. Politics had nothing to do with the reason the Hawks let Owens go. He simply dropped the ball too much.

  5. I refuse to put very much thought into why Owens is no longer an NFL player.
    I’m just glad he’s gone.
    And, when the media stops reporting on him, I’ll be…

    more glad, I suppose.

  6. And to parents out there, you can copy this script and use it on your kids when their pet hamster dies. It’s a very nice way to explain to them how that which they loved is in a better place now and they just have to learn how to move on.

    Maybe T.O. will be referring to Florio as “daddy” from now on?

  7. With all the money this guy has made, it’s going to be hilarious seeing him as a personal trainer to larger individuals who want to shed a few lbs at your local gym because he blew threw his fortune. His new slogan will be “put the popcorn away.”

  8. Owens has at best a short shelf life, even if his skills are intact. Signing him would be an attempt at a quick fix, and the Chiefs need more than that.

    On top of that, the circus act that T.O. and Andy would be again is something that no Chiefs fan should want to see.

  9. Back in the day, T.O. was a jagoff, but it was offset by his sick skills. Now, he’s just a jagoff that happens to be broke. Instead of working on his Sharpie or pom-pom bits, perhaps T.O. shoulda taken a look at his declining investment portfolio and his increasing child support bills. Sucks to be myopic, bro.

  10. All T.O. wants is to have a purpose and be on a team at this point. Hes not trying to be the number 1 receiver. He was pretty good a few years ago and all they really had was him and ocho who was playing poorly. He wasnt causing problems then. I could see him working well on the vikings alongside greg jennings to train all those young receivers. Hes had his problems a long time ago but i really believe hes past taking it for granted and wwants to retire on a good note.

  11. He didn’t call you the devil he called PFT the devil. You seem to be taking it really personally.

  12. Owens is the Kanye West of the NFL.

    Totally oblivious to how much of a jerk he is. Thinks he’s awesome, thinks he’s the man. The Paparatzooo only follow him because he gives them great material. T.O. only gets this quote because people just can’t get enough of how stupid he is. If this is Titus Young in 7 years, it’s on page 7, instead of this site.

    He blows all the money he made over an up and down career, killed 3 Super Bowl ready teams, and has shown absolutely no understanding for the crap behavior that he demonstrated. *obviously not too bright, losing MILLIONS is an automatic “Moron” label, sorry but that’s the truth*

    SF was Super Bowl ready, they had to get rid of T.O. and he tore them up.
    Philly went to a Super Bowl, Owens had more to do with them coming close to winning than losing, but what happened AFTER? Oh yeah, not good.
    Dallas had Super Bowl talent, but because of T.O. so many distractions and the team suffered.

    Nobody even blinked when Buffalo signed him, THEY STUNK. Bengals were not where they are now (good now without T.O. and that other 85 idiot).

    T.O. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, NOBODY LIKES YOU! You are a JERK, you think of only yourself, you feel your were wronged in life, and refuse to acknowledge those who you wronged.

    I get it, you need money, I hear Celebrity Boxing may come back, or you could just do those Community College commercials, I’m sure ‘Lil Romeo will let you jump in on that.

    No one will sign him because he’s old, slow, kind of stupid, and a jerk. His speed and size overcame for his stupidity, now that he’s below average….

  13. One problem T.O..
    The Vikings and the Chiefs don’t mention YOU.
    You love you some you, so I guess you got that going for ya.

  14. He’s also the same person who said Carson Palmer was the smartest quarterback he played with. Im sure thats about as credible as credible gets. Have you ever seen the stupid look Palmer has on his face after a pick 6?

  15. Mr. Owens you have two options:

    The Omaha Beef of the Indoor Football League has an opening for washed up loud mouths like yourself ..


    The Jets. You can ride in style in the clown car while eating your popcorn.

  16. T.O. you need to find something else to do. You’re a has been, if Trestman didn’t look at you then it’s time to move on…..

  17. I’m not a TO fan but one guy up there said that TO, and I quote this man “…he does not have that many credentials to make it…”

    Remember the NFL Hall of Fame doesn’t care about their off field antics the way the MLB Hall of Fame does.

    Even though I’m not a TO fan or supporter, one can’t say he doesn’t have the credentials.

    Only Jerry Rice has more receiving yards than TO. #2 all time in receiving yards. Well the Hall has many wide receivers other than Mr. Rice and they all have fewer receiving yards than TO.

    As for the all time list of receptions in the NFL, TO is # 6.

    On the list of all time touchdowns in the NFL, TO is # 3.

    On the list of all time touchdown receptions in the NFL, TO is #3.

    On the list of all time receiving yards per game TO is #10.

    Again, I don’t care for TO, but for someone to say he doesn’t have the stats or credentials isn’t correct.

    It’s fine to say you don’t like him, his antics and on and on, but when one says he doesn’t have the stats, you’re just lying…

  18. The fact that he will never get another chance in the NFL (nor is he “entitled” to one) doesn’t necessarily make you the devil…. All of your other crap stirring might, but this does not

  19. Try the Argonauts or Stampede. He was once one of the best, he was once one of the few “uncoverables”, but no one wants to listen to that big fat mouth anymore.

  20. Head injuries from playing days catching up to TO? He didn’t take many hits across the middle but it only takes a few to have a residual impact the studies are saying.

  21. Granted I’ve been drinking, but at this point TO is nothing more than a smash box right?? Next move will be sign flipping for In and Out.

  22. T.O. is the exact opposite of the kind of character guys Wilf and Spielman have put together in Minnesota. Quite a big shift from the love boat days.

  23. Give it up,T.O. The Hawks gave you a chance last year and you demonstrated a little problem to Pete. You couldn’t hang onto passes. Trust me on this, if you have trouble catching the ball, you can’t run with the ball. No catchee, no runee, no TeeDee.

    You had your time in the sun, and bummer, its time to move on. So why not open a football oriented gin mill with a Madden gaming salon? You can hire JaMarcus and Vince Young to be the bouncers.

  24. He was one of the best WR’s in the league for years. How unfortunate that his huge ego and equally huge mouth all but overshadowed everything that he accomplished on the field.

    Now, he has probably reached the end unless there is a team out there who is absolutely desperate for an over-the-hill guy who will also be playing out desperation due to his pitifully bad financial status.

    I don’t see him being signed by any true Super Bowl contender, I will say that. Not this season or any time from here on out.

  25. the man has lost it. Throwing out random NFL teams names won’t help self-promote a signing.
    He needs Jay-z as an agent. This has The Circus that is the Jets; Y.E.S. yes, yes, yes, all over it.

  26. As long as Owen’s likes the catering company in Minnesota, it will be a perfect fit.

    Neither the Vikings or TO are as good as they think they are, neither one of them ever won a Superbowl and neither is going anywhere in 2013. I’d say sign him up except for one small problem, the Vikings don’t have a QB that can throw it more than 10 yards down field so Owens might want to change his assessment of the Vikings.

  27. Please, Minnesota, please sign T.O., please. He will turn your team upside down and cause a turmoil the entire season.


    Packers fan since 1961

  28. He’d be a fantastic fit in Minnesota or KC. If he’s mopping up some drunk’s puke in the bathroom. But even then he’d probably talk about how terrible his fellow janitors’ mopping form is, get fired, and hold a press conference in his driveway while emptying a trashcan shirtless an obscene amount of times.

  29. He’s a better fit in another low budget reality series. Dude blew his shot and doesn’t deserve any more chances in the NFL.

  30. If he is so irrelevant then why does pft insist on talking about him so much? I don’t understand why the media continues to give this guy a microphone? Does anyone really care about T.O. Anymore?

  31. It’s really time to relize its over.. shoulda been smarter with money..its sad actually.. its like this is all he has left in life… talented player in his prime.. id vote hall of fame… your old. Lost 2 steps.. every player has an expiration date.. luckily he’s not a boxer.. he’d be like evander holyfield..

  32. Owens is just pathetic. He needs to deal with reality and move on. NO TEAM is going to EVER sign him again. Deal with it TO.

  33. T.O. needs to just come ahead and RETIRE now because there is simply to many young receivers in the game now. That has for better hands look at Dez in Dallas T.O. can’t hold a candle to him. Then there’s Harris in Dallas he’s a young up coming receiver. And every Team in the League has good receivers. The only reason T.O. wants to play so he can pay his CHILD SUPPORT which the last I heard he was WAY BEHIND on it. He has caused problems everywhere he has gone. He lead the league in drops I think every year he was in Dallas. And no it wasn’t all Romo’s fault either.

  34. Belichik could find a genius use for him. Maybe the anti-Rudy, to provide the Pats’ roster with an example of how NOT to be. That way players who don’t resonate with the Tebow way can have their own personification of an anti-hero. After all they are light on receivers this year and that locker room can handle TO. Just like Haynesworth. And Ocho. They’ll find a way to improve to 18-0-1 yet. Come on Patsies, bring on the downward thumbs!

  35. TO needs cash, period!; Let it go bruh! You’ve had your time in the spot light. It’s time to move on.

  36. Dude has Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Views others in the construct of good vs. evil, Sinners or Saints. Deflects ALL criticism and responsibility of poor decisions on others because they, of course, are a Saint (and you are a Sinner).

  37. Never will I understand why this guy gets more flack for just being a Big Mouth in the locker room than these multiple DUI offenders, PED offenders, accused sexual offenders, and in some cases murderers, felons…..I could go on and on….someone explain

  38. laserrocketarm12 says:
    Jun 12, 2013 11:24 PM

    TO is still more talented than a good number of starting receivers in the league. He hasn’t been a real problem for a while now, that’s just another case of the media overblowing.
    Maybe “he hasn’t been a real problem for a while now” because he hasn’t played in a while.

    It could be, SMH.

  39. We don’t want him here in KC. We would much rather have a real chance at another Super Bowl. I think our new management has looked at the history books and seen what happened when the Chiefs tried to buy a Super Bowl and have refused that route again.

    As far as his antics, I would much prefer someone who can be an example of how to be a decent human being and work within the community than be able to point at him and say, “Kids, don’t do what that man is doing. He is only going to self-destruct in a big way.”

  40. I’m just shocked there wasn’t a Tebow tie in to the article in some fashion…..

  41. This is a classic example of how most people hold grudges and look to tear others down: TO hasn’t been problematic on a team in some time and yet that’s all people remember. He also IS a future Hall of Famer and thus, once you’ve been one of the best, it’s hard to realize that it’s over…but people are always there to point it out.

  42. TOs mouth led him here and his me first stunts even though it was highly entertaining he got what he deserved..even though i think he can still probably outplay half of the number 1 recievers in the league even at his age.

  43. @chrisnyg
    The big bad giants fan picking on the Jets? Why do you think the Giants are so special? Your team has been around since Jesus walked the earth…you have 4 SBs in a million years…3 were the luckiest of all time. Your team never makes the playoffs…your 2 best WRs are in the process of ruining this “run”, which is already over bc the giants R broke & have not just holes but craters everywhere…meanwhile the jets are flying in the right direction w/like 40-50 million in cap room next year — yeah, the jets are a circus…

  44. T.O belives in his self, and he can still play football. 50% of the WR’s in the NFL today DONT have skills like T.O.. I didnt say I would go to dinner with the man BUT he should be playing football because he can help a team win. Kick the tires thats all Im saying.

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