Takeo Spikes visiting with Rams


Veteran linebacker Takeo Spikes was looking for a place to watch the Heat and the Spurs in St. Louis on Tuesday night and it might not be the last time he’s in the market for recommendations for fun around the Gateway Arch in the coming months.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Spikes was in St. Louis to meet with the Rams about the possibility of coming aboard for the 2013 season and that his visit will continue on Wednesday. Spikes was released by the Chargers in March and we haven’t heard much about interest him elsewhere in the league since he left San Diego.

The Rams return James Laurinaitis and Jo-Lonn Dunbar from last year’s starting linebacker group and they drafted Alec Ogletree with one of their two first-round picks to bolster the unit. There’s not much experience among the other players on the roster, something Spikes certainly provides after 15 years in the NFL. While he’s not particularly strong in coverage at this point, Spikes is still a sure tackler and could help a young team as a leader. Spikes, 36, would be the fourth member of the roster over 30 if he does sign with the Rams.

As you may already know, all of that experience does not include any playoff action. Spikes has played 219 games without ever making it to the postseason, which is both a record and a reason for Vegas to knock down the Rams’ Super Bowl odds if Spikes earns a roster spot.

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  1. In the last few years the Rams have made a habit of signing older LB’s to one year contracts and most haven’t worked out-Brady Poppinga,Ben Leber, Mario Haggan, Rocky Mcintosh etc. They have a couple of younger LB’s on the roster already so I would rather them spend any cap money left on getting Quinten Mikell resigned to a veteran minimum type deal as safety is where they really need help.

  2. I wouldn’t say that’s a knock against the Rams going to the Super Bowl. Maybe Spikes is due.

    Of course, the Washington Generals are due too…

  3. The Rams have been seriously trending up since the Jeff Fisher hire. Now is Spikes’ chanch to get to the post season – this year. But I’m not sure they need him, I’m with schmitty2 on this one.

  4. I always liked him. I’m still annoyed that The Eagles Brain Trust let him go when they did, they never replaced him. He’s still a better LB anything they tried to replace him with. He seems like a good dude too.

  5. Spikes = teams with mediocre records
    Fisher = teams with mediocre records

    sounds like a match to me…

  6. Spikes not making the Playoffs his whole career is just bad luck, not a reflection of his play. When he played in Buffalo he went 110mph at all times. He’s a hard worker, a leader and is the poster child of what an NFL linebacker should be. I’d gladly have him back in the B-lo.

  7. Spike has a curse on him from the way he left Cincy in 03. Had he stayed he would have helped shape the defense and could have been here for the arrival of Mike Zimmer in 08 but instead he dissed the team the FO the new coach and went to Buffalo and has dealt with the curse ever since… The name of the curse??? Bungal Curse… We prayed that off the franchise a few years ago…Oakland has it now…

  8. Spikes lousy playoff luck reminds me of Fred Smerlas, he of the Buffalo Bills. When Fred finally got his wish to leave Buffalo and play for a contender in San Francisco, (ie San Francisco had just won the SB in 88 and 89). Fred then got to watch the Bills go to 4 straight SBs. Sometimes bad luck just happens.

    But Fred took the high road when he retired a couple years later. When asked about his bad luck he said he was very fortunate to play in the NFL for as long as he did and that he was blessed with a wonderful family.

    I’m sure Spikes could say the very same thing.

  9. Once Takeo “Playoff Jinx” Spikes forced his way off the Bengals they went 8-8 both of the next 2 seasons before 11-5 put them IN the playoffs in the 3rd.

    Perhaps with his continued commitment & participation either or both of the subsequent 8-8s might have yielded an even earlier appearance as well?

  10. & at the time he SAID the reason he went to the Bills from the Bengals was because (and I quote) “they had better daycare facilities” …

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