Terrell Thomas ready to play anywhere the Giants want

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With Terrell Thomas trying to come back from a third torn ACL in his right knee, the Giants have talked about moving him from cornerback to safety in an effort to put less stress on his knee.

Thomas is perfectly fine with that switch. In fact, it sounds like he’d be fine with playing any position on the field as long as he’s actually on the field after missing the last two seasons because of ACL tears.

“I’m whatever they need me to be,” Thomas said, via Steven Braid of Newsday. “I just want to play football. At this point in my career it’s all about getting healthy and getting on the field and contributing in any way. If that’s a leadership role, a safety role, nickel, corner, kickoff — I’ll do whatever I’ve got to do.”

Thomas has been doing individual work at practice this spring and says he’s able to do everything on the field, but he won’t get a chance to prove it until the Giants open training camp this summer. The position he plays won’t be an issue until that happens and the Giants will have to make plans in the secondary as if anything they get from Thomas is a bonus as a result.

5 responses to “Terrell Thomas ready to play anywhere the Giants want

  1. 2 of his ACL tears came during camp/preseason. They might just wanna put the guy on a stationary bike for the entire month of August.

  2. Giants have a lot of guys in the secondary who are playing on humble pie. These comments by TT, Aaron Ross coming back after the big contract in Jax turned out to be one-and-done, Corey at the end of his contract after a year he got beat deep often, Prince expected to step up, Stevie expected to duplicate last year, and all of the safeties watching over their shoulder for draftee Cooper Taylor – that kind of collective mindset could lead to surprisingly good play this season. Natural talent is one thing… a bunch of guys who legitimately appreciate their opportunity can be a great intangible.

  3. Just take your time with TT. Heck of a good ballplayer when he was on the field. The injuries are part of the game but sad nonetheless. Get the man healthy and his knee as strong as possible before he cuts it loose again. Then pray.

  4. good luck sir.

    wouldn’t wish that on anyone even a giant.
    hope his comes back and can play effectively..

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