Eagles sign Barkley, lay foundation for future quarterback controversy controversy


Plenty of teams have had quarterback controversies.  The Eagles are the first with a quarterback controversy controversy, with the locker room divided not over who the quarterback should be but when the head coach should let them all know.

The only thing of which we’re reasonably certain is that, eventually, the one guy who isn’t considered to be a serious candidate likely will be the one who eventually has the job.

Rookie Matt Barkley, who entered the season as a potential first-round pick and who fell to round four due to ineffectiveness and injury, has agreed to terms on his rookie deal.  The team announced the transaction on Thursday.

The deal leaves only tackle Lane Johnson, the fourth overall pick in the draft, without a contract.  The Eagles are expected to try to insert offset language in Johnson’s deal, which could set the stage for a possible holdout.

Barkley will be No. 3 on the depth chart behind Mike Vick and Nick Foles.  Unless, of course, the Eagles decide to get rid of whoever doesn’t get the starting job and let Barkley be the primary backup.

Which would be called a post-quarterback controversy controversy.

39 responses to “Eagles sign Barkley, lay foundation for future quarterback controversy controversy

  1. The controversy is that there is controversy over a job that no one battling for it deserves.

  2. You have an older but agile QB who cant read defenses or check on progressions, a 2nd year rookie who isnt mobile and not near a fit for the offense, a rookie who is even less mobile, and started to take a beating (which will happen here more). I cant beleive they didnt trade Foles and drafted Barkley, it shows me they have 0 confidence in Kelly

  3. Bigrib1175 you’re an idiot. They just gave Kelly a 5 year contract at $6.5m a year. You think that shows they have 0 confidence in him?

  4. Only controversial until July 22, then the media will have something that matters to cover. BTW, when Kelly had his interview with Lurie and Roseman on January 5 that lasted 9 hours, I’m guessing the topic of how he felt about the current players on the team came up, and I’m also guessing Kelly answered them with remarks that included the phrase “4-12”. Then they hired him 11 days later. My point? Kelly will let them feel any way they want about having to compete, he knows the FO has his back.

  5. Vick will start the season and play until he gets injured. By the end of the season Barkley will be the starter. Does anyone doubt that?

  6. Barkley, you may be the third QB right now, but hang in there. Russell Wilson for the Seahawks was the third QB but he went into training camp and simply took the job away from the other two. And then he went on to have an outstanding year. You can do the same. I think you will do the same.

  7. There are 3 mediocre Quarterbacks fighting for a job that currently belongs to no one. Where is the controversy?

  8. OMG! How dare the Eagle sign a draft pick?!? They obviously didn’t consider the weighty reperucussions of such an impulsive and thoughtless act.

  9. Bigrig1175:

    “You have an older but agile QB who cant read defenses or check on progressions, a 2nd year rookie who isnt mobile and not near a fit for the offense, a rookie who is even less mobile, and started to take a beating (which will happen here more). I cant beleive they didnt trade Foles and drafted Barkley, it shows me they have 0 confidence in Kelly”


    Disagree with all of that. Vick can read defenses and go through progressions. Foles has at least some mobility and doesn’t need to fit the offense (Kelly has been clear that it will be the other way around…the offense will fit the *players*. And Bakley is more mobile than Foles, not less.

    Your last comment about confidence in Kelly is just bizarre.

  10. considering every time Vick throws the ball bad things happen I’d say they have two mediocre qb’s and a less than average RB. I guess they could use him for wildcat formations.

  11. I think all three QB’s should get in their vehicles, have a drag race and the winner is the team’s starter. Peters can officiate the race.

  12. DonkeyStick says:
    Jun 13, 2013 4:15 PM
    What is the controversy? Barkley is the future.——————————————————————————————————————and the future might be September 2013

  13. Here’s my prediction……Vick will win the starting job, but get hurt after 4 games, Jason Peters will drive him to the hospital and get pulled over for speeding and the police will discover Todd Herremans smoking a doob in the back seat…..this time he won’t be able to blame it on Juqua Parker….Foles will light it up for 6 games, go down to injury and subsequently be traded to the Cardinals……Barkley will finish the season, acquit himself well and start in 2014 with Tim Tebow, who Belichick grows tired of, as back-up!!!

  14. So, signing a 4th round draft pick “lays the foundation for future QB controversy.”? What a farce of a headline and an even lamer article. I’m old enough to remember when a QB controversy was really controversial. Bob Waterfield vs. Van Brocklin. Craig Morton vs. Roger Staubach. Jack Kemp vs. Daryle Lamonica. Bradshaw vs. Terry Hanratty. Montana vs Young. Those were REAL QB controversies. Now, you media types like to contrive so-called controversies just so you have stories to write.

  15. ^^^I like what you said, signing a FOURTH round pick is a controversy WHO RIGHTS THIS CRAP? I guess last years signing by the Colts of the last pick was a QB controversy to Andrew Luck?

  16. logicaillvoicesays says:

    Right, not like the Redskins swept the Eagles last year. Do you really not have anything better to do than to imitate an obvious Redskins fan troll? I don’t get why people are so bent out of shape about logicalvoicesays. The dude is obviously a troll. He’s a Skins fan (I think, or just a troll) who’s purposefully being ridiculous about his comments about the recent (and by recent I mean last year) Redskins success. If anyone had any common sense, then they would ignore him. Don’t like his comments? Keep scrolling and forget it. Until then, his primary objective of pissing everybody off will continue, and I will sit here and enjoy it.

  17. Sun rises in East, lay foundation for future West setting controversy controversy… Stop the Page Six headlines… Asinine…

  18. how the heck do 90 percent of the people here agree with the comment that barkley is the future?

    I mean seriously, did I miss where 3rd rd qb’s became the sure thing? last I checked, even WITH Russell Wilson’s success, you have a 95 percent FAIL rate beyond round 2 at qb anyway.

  19. Was Wilson supposed to start in Seattle? Carol had all three QB’s battle it out in training camp and the best man won. The only whining is coming from one player Michael Vick which is no surprise considering the source.

  20. “I don’t even understand why it’s a controversy. Everybody knows Mike Vick is the best quarterback by far.”

    – Mike Vick –

  21. I really don’t think any of the three are the future. We got a steal in the 4th round and a great plan B, but I unfortunately see Kelly learning what works for him in the NFL, another losing season, and a 1st round QB next year (maybe Bridgewater?)

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