Evan Mathis isn’t ready for Chip Kelly to name a quarterback


The timeline for naming a quarterback in Philadelphia has been a hot topic of late.

Michael Vick wants to know if he’s going to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback as soon as possible and wide receiver DeSean Jackson is eager to find out who will be throwing him passes during the 2013 season. Coach Chip Kelly has been resolute about not making a decision until he sees Vick and Nick Foles at training camp, something that guard Evan Mathis agrees is the most prudent approach for a team still installing a new offense under a new coaching staff.

“I haven’t been evaluating our quarterbacks because I’m focused on the offensive line but I really don’t see the point of Chip Kelly naming a starting QB before camp,” Mathis said, via the Associated Press. “This is an entirely new coaching staff with an entirely new offense, which isn’t even fully installed yet. It’s not rocket science; whoever the coaches feel will help the team the most will win the job after proving himself in training camp and preseason.”

Mathis may have just been toeing the party line, but his answer and Kelly’s repeated answers to questions about the quarterback timeline continue to make the most sense.

Even as he was pushing for a decision to come before camp, Jackson said that the competition has been even to this point. That’s a much stronger argument for holding off than anything Jackson or Vick have provided for moving forward with a decision right now, especially since training camp will introduce different wrinkles to the competition than the Eagles have seen thus far.

12 responses to “Evan Mathis isn’t ready for Chip Kelly to name a quarterback

  1. Yay, a Chip Kelly article. Who needs the Dream Team with coach Look-at-Me running the show.

  2. Lets hope it’s because they’ve both been so good, and not the other way around.

  3. Finally someone uses his head. I agree, the Eagles should take the time to figure out which QB fits more in Chip Kelly’s sytem, after all, it’s the most important question in Eagles camp.

  4. We’ve seen the Vick show before. Quite frankly i’m more concerned about his injury history (especially his concussions) than his inconsistent play. The Eagles may as well see what Foles can do. Realistically though, this will probably be a lame duck year for whoever is named starter. Either Barkley or someone not currently on the Eagles roster will be the future at QB.

  5. Ok just to get this thing straight florio. The only one who is really concerned about this is Mike Vick, if u actually heard and not just quoted Desean then you’d know he isn’t that eager. When he was asked about it his answer was not in the same terms of “desperation” as Mike Vick. You can continue to make a story of something that really isn’t a problem or a concern

  6. ^ you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    If you did, you would know that none of these headlines comes from Chip Kelley’s mouth.
    Chip doesn’t embrace the media. In fact, the only time he speaks to the media is when he is obligated by contract. Furthermore, the only thing he says is “players need to earn spots by performance in pads.”

    the media and bums like you then take that as Chip making a spectacle out of the team when in fact, his making men earn their positions..

    now anyone who has played the game and anyone worth the sand they walk on can respect that..
    All the other mouth running know-nothings try to construe that to whatever they can, , , ,
    but Eagles fans can see what is happening.

    heart, skill and determination is what will earn a starting spot on this team.

  7. Finally a leader in the locker room looking out for what will eventually be the best interest of the team and not necessarily it’s individuals…and he’s not drag racing which is a plus as well.

  8. Hey, if you asked me, I would like to know who the starting QB is now…so what?

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