Justin Smith hopes this isn’t last year with 49ers


49ers defensive tackle Justin Smith hasn’t resumed a full schedule of football activities after the torn triceps injury that limited him near the end of last season, but he has started talking about his rehab in the past tense.

Smith said Wednesday that he thought the rehab “went pretty well,” even though he says he’s still short of being 100 percent. The expectation remains that Smith will reach that point by the start of training camp in six weeks and that he’ll take on a full workload once camp is underway.

At that point, Smith will start building his case to stick around the 49ers beyond the 2013 season. Smith’s entering the final year of his contract and turns 34 in September, something he realizes has worked against other veteran players when they hit the open market.

“At my point in my career, nothing’s a given, nothing’s a guarantee,” Smith said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group. “They don’t like old guys anyway for football. So I’m going to enjoy this year, do the best I can this year and hopefully it’s enough for us and the team and we’ll get it done.”

The 49ers signed Glenn Dorsey and drafted a pair of defensive linemen, additions that could help Smith stay fresher by taking on fewer snaps this season than he’s seen in the past. Of course, a strong performance by those rookies — Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial — could play into Smith’s future, although both of them are injured at present and their outlook for training camp is less clear than the one enjoyed by Smith.

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  1. Every team hits the salary cap ceiling eventually. Then they have to make hard choices as ‘bottom feeder’ teams siphon off their free agents. Wait till Kapernick needs a contract. Think Ravens and Joe Flacco … and don’t stand near the door.

  2. 9 er’s better hope Justin is 100% because Aldon is seemingly worthless without Justin taking on the double teams. I believe Aldon was sackless in the final 6 games or in that realm while Justin was beat up.

  3. The difference between the whiners and the HAWKS: defensive depth. Without Justin Smith, that D line is very pedestrian. It showed when he went down and his little brother from another fell off the map. I believe this is what will separate the two this season. The HAWKS D is deep, young and hungry.

  4. 49ers will extend Justin if he’s willing to reduce salary to stay. His cap hit this year is $7.5 million. He has been worth every penny but won’t get a huge contract like that again. He either stays with the niners for less or takes a big paycheck somewhere and they cut him in a year or two when his age and cap number don’t make sense.

  5. jayhawk777 says: Jun 13, 2013 8:43 AM
    FWIW, Aldon Smith was playing through a labrum injury over the last six weeks of the regular season and playoffs. He had surgery over the offseason to clean it up.

  6. I think this is actually a big thing the media is missing with the 49ers. Even if he stays(and he probably will), Justin Smith is going to be 34 this year and you have to wonder how much any player has left by their late 30s.

    They’re an excellent team with a lot of youth, but if you want to see what this defense is like without Justin Smith, look when he was down for just a little bit against New England; they got no pressure on Brady now that Aldon was getting the double teams instead of Justin and the Pats scored 4 TDs in 11 minutes.

  7. I’d say he’s gone unless he takes a dramatic pay cut…I dont have a lot of confidence in Glen Dorsey but I hope he can take some pressure off of Justin Smith to play every down.

  8. Shocking the Hawk fanbois are out spewing their same pathetic garbage. The Hawks have never won anything significant, the Hawks cheat, and you didn’t even win your division last year with a gift wrapped win that you shouldn’t have gotten.

    As usual, get to the back of the line where you belong scrubs.

  9. You seadderal fans are ridiculous.
    Aldon had a torn labrum, thats why his production fell off.
    Its all good, him and justin will be 100% and smashing your oompa loompa QB all day come september 15th… 1, 2, the smiths are coming for youuuuuuu!

  10. Next year the 9ers have to re-sign Crabtree
    That’ll take a lot of cap money
    I hope they can bring back Justin to play in passing situations in 2014 and beyond
    A real pro

    What is a SeaHog, anyway ?
    Are they the fish that take performance enhancing (and other) drugs ?

  11. @jayhawk777

    Should have expected this from an Seahawk fan.

    1) As many have already said, Aldon was also playing hurt.

    2) Aldon has 33.5 sacks in the last 2 years. Justin has 10.5. If any teams are double teaming Justin and leaving Aldon 1 on 1….they really need their heads examined.

    3) ALOT of other players in NFL history have played next to guys as good as Justin Smith. NONE of them have EVER had 33.5 sacks through 2 seasons. Not Reggie White. Not Derrick Thomas. NOBODY.

  12. Talk about a guy finding the perfect system for him late in his career. He was an okay player when in cincy, but he’s been the heart and soul of the 49er defense in their version of the 3-4 scheme. Who would have ever known?

  13. Some big name players are going to end their careers elsewhere much like Roger Craig, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice once did. The new names will be Justin Smith, and Frank Gore. I doubt Crabtree stays in SF either.

    Harbaugh will go all in on Kap’s new contract. The good news is the OL is pretty much locked in with some nice long term contracts to protect Kap. And, there are plenty of good, young (cheap) RBs behind Gore. I think Vernon Davis is locked up too.

    WR is a big unknown though. Someone needs to step up.

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