Kevin Gilbride praises Rueben Randle, says Cruz and Nicks missed a lot


With wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz skipping OTAs this spring, Rueben Randle had a chance to catch the eye of the Giants coaches and improve his bid for increased playing time in his second season.

He seems to have done just that. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride couldn’t say enough good things about Randle after the end of the team’s three-day minicamp, calling him “the bell cow” of the receiving corps and said that Randle would be playing a lot come the fall.

“Rueben you saw emerge from a guy that showed flashes at times and always caught the ball well, but maybe didn’t always run the routes as precisely, as crisply as you wanted, didn’t have quite the understanding you wanted,” Gilbride said, via Ohm Youngmisuk of “[Over the past month] he looked like a guy that’s been here for five or six years. He really benefited from the opportunity.”

There was no such gushing about Cruz or Nicks. Gilbride said that both players missed a lot of chances to grow as players during the spring sessions and thinks that they’ll be worse for it.

“They haven’t been working, listening or growing,” Gilbride said, via Michael Fensom of the Newark Star-Ledger. “They haven’t been developing. They haven’t been receiving the coaching that they need to get better. To be quite frank, both of them need it.”

The Giants haven’t been shy about their displeasure with Cruz and Nicks, but the entire subplot will be forgotten if both arrive at camp on time. And if Randle’s improved as much as Gilbride says he has, it will be hard to notice any missing growth from the other two guys.

14 responses to “Kevin Gilbride praises Rueben Randle, says Cruz and Nicks missed a lot

  1. A lot of “ifs” but if Cruz and Nicks stay healthy, if RR can duplicate what Manningham gave this team and if Wilson shows growth from his rookie year, this offense will be extremely difficult to slow down.

  2. Cruz and Nicks have teams prepare specifically to stop them. Randel could be that better version of Manningham if Gilbride isn’t full of BS. But he’s not gonna be a replacement of either just because Gilbride says so. Talk is cheap.

    Hey Kevin! You want Cruz at camp you imbecile? Pay the man! Stop selling us on this “oh looky here, my camp is so special, we don’t need those two” crap!

  3. If I was Cruz or Nicks, I would tell Gilbride to kiss my a** and dare the Giants to trade me for doing so. They need Cruz and Nicks much more than they need an average offensive coordinator.

  4. As a Giants fan, it is hilarious how badly Gilbride is treated in the stands and in comment sections.

    He has two rings as the OC of the Giants, but every time Eli calls an audible, it’s “Killdrive you suck!”

  5. OTAs optional for the players but not for the coaches, they’ve got to be there, so I can understand why they try to guilt trip the players when they miss workouts.

    But again, those workouts are optional so coaches probably shouldn’t complain and risk alienating their own players.

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