Kraft says Tebow’s a “winner,” hails his “spirituality”

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Say what you want about Tim Tebow or his relative ability to throw the forward pass.

He’s been able to convince at least three very rich men to employ him, and the same words keep coming out of their mouths.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft even encroached on some of Jets owner Woody Johnson’s material Wednesday, saying “You can’t get enough people like that,” in reference to his new third-string quarterback.

“If you want to win in this league, you need quality depth management, in the age of the salary cap,” Kraft said, via’s Mike Rodak. “Whenever you can get a competitive, first-grade person to join your team, you never know what happens. But for me personally, having Tim Tebow on this team, he’s someone who believes in spirituality, he’s very competitive and works hard, and has a great attitude, and he’s a winner.

“So having him as part of our franchise is great, but he has to compete just like anyone else. We’re blessed to have a lot of people like that, but the fact that spirituality is very important to him is very appealing to me.”

Kraft made other references to Tebow’s “spirituality,” during the Q and A, which lends credence to the idea he’s being brought in as a bit of a mascot. No one has ever questioned Tebow’s character, and adding that to a locker room can only be an issue if his spirituality draws too much attention to a player who’s not adding much on the field.

Kraft was also asked about his comments when Michael Vick was available four years ago, when he said “Why would I ever want to take Tom Brady off the field?”

“In my mind, we have the greatest quarterback of all time on our team, and every time he has the ball in his hands, we have the chance to do something great,” Kraft said. “So nothing has changed in that regard for me.”

And it shouldn’t, as long as Kraft doesn’t get carried about with the hype of the new guy the way his business partner in New York did.

25 responses to “Kraft says Tebow’s a “winner,” hails his “spirituality”

  1. tebows spirituality brings to much attention with little production on field? but yet this website is worshiping jason collins(production is through the roof). kind of a double standard on this website. if your gay come out and lets celebrate, you’re a Christian keep that to yourself.

  2. Another day, more perpetuation of the Tebow urban legend. Anyone with google can learn that Tebow has NOT been a winner in the NFL and only won one championship as a starter at Florida. And plenty of people have questioned his character. There’s a reason that both the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and NCAA have passed “Tebow Rules” to prevent others from doing what Timmy did while he was there. How many other players can say that?

  3. Tebow is one of the oddest creatures to ever walk an NFL field. All you hear are great things about him, then Denver couldn’t wait until he left, the Jets decided he was “too much hat and not enough cattle”, and now he’s taking his circus to New England. He wins playoff games at Denver, then he’s gone. He can’t beat out a failing QB in Sanchez at New York and he’s gone. They talk about making him a tight end.
    If praying made you a great NFL player, Tebow would be in the Hall of Fame.
    He’s a man without an identity, other than a preacher, and still a team with the cred of New England gets into the revival tent. Amazing.

  4. Why is “spirituality” in quotes?

    Is that “controversial”?

    I wonder if the kid were a muslim – would it be so controversial then? Would the comments insulting his religion be allowed then?

  5. If Kraft thinks Tebow is going to eventually turn into another Tom Brady, he’s in for a rude awakening.
    Tebow is no more of a “winner” than Vince Young. This “he’s a winner” talk is old, stale and inaccurate.

  6. They’ll clean him up and polish him a bit, let some of their young guys learn from his work ethic, and then trade him next year for a 7th. Not a bad ploy….

  7. Its hard for me to listen to writers and pundits say how this is a bad idea when the Patriots have been the most or one of the most competitive teams in the 2000’s era. They seem to know what they are doing at football.
    Even when they missed the playoffs (without arguably the best player in football) they still won 10 games with a back up QB.

    This is coming from an Eagles fan who heard how great an idea it will be to bring in all-stars like Asomugha, Rodgers-Chromartie, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin, Vince young… etc

    I’ll double down on Bill B and Kraft instead..

  8. I knew Kraft was behind signing this dude. I’m not a fan of the Patriots or Belichick but I like Robert Kraft, he is one of the classiest owners in all of professional sports. Adding Tebwo will add a little excitement to his younger fan base, he might even grow it a big if thats possible in NE. The guy didn’t become a billionaire because he’s dumb.

  9. “No one has ever questioned Tebow’s character, and adding that to a locker room can only be an issue if his spirituality draws too much attention to a player who’s not adding much on the field.”

    Er… didn’t you just do that? I swear, I half want Tebow to get caught with a bunch of hookers and blow just to see so many sports columnists and bloggers have a scanners style head explosion…

  10. Hails his spirituality … when has that mattered in the NFL? Tebow must hypnotize these guys.

  11. Somehow I don’t see Mr. Kraft getting carried away by the Tebow hype “the way his business partner in New York did”. I think Tebow would add a fresh, positive attitude to any locker room that doesn’t thrive on drama. He seems to be a wonderful human being who wants to play football. As a Patriot fan, I am glad to see him in New England. If he can be molded into a great player, he’s learning from the best. What a great opportunity for him! I wish him the very best!

  12. Carried away by the hype? How the hell did the Inheritor (Johnson) get carried away by the hype? He had a playoff winner with a better rating than his starter sitting on his bench…& he acquiesced to Rex Ryan, & enjoyed a miserable season. Anybody think Denver wishes they kept Kyle Orton in?

  13. But how is McLeod Bethel-Thompson doing? You know… the 3rd string QB for the Vikings.

    I’d love to know about how he’s progressing with the third string offense. What does Christian Ponder think about being his teammate? What packages will he be used in if he’s not the starter???


  14. Please don’t compare Kraft, one of the best couple owners in the league to Woody Johnson who’s little more than a laughingstock of the league.

  15. Most have overlooked the key comment by Kraft:

    “If you want to win in this league, you need quality depth management, in the age of the salary cap.”

    Translation, all the spirituality nonsense from a billionaire, as usual, boils down to him saving money.

    In Tebow’s case “quality depth management” (QB quality certainly problematic at best regarding Tebow) comes with an un-guaranteed two-year contract for what amounts to peanuts in NFL salary terms.

    With all that said, it will be interesting to see if Belichick can actually come up with a way to use Tebow this year on the field. I don’t see him keeping the kid just to tell all the guys in the locker room, “Let’s take a knee” before and after every game.

  16. Harrisonhits2: Please help me clarify your point. When Woody Johnson signs Tim Tebow, he’s a laughing stock owner, but when Robert Kraft signs him, it’s a bold move by a great owner??? Uh, ok.

  17. Cuda always leaves out the fact in the first national championship game where tebow was not a starter. He ran for 1 td and passed for another, but never let something like facts get in the way of hatred for timmy.

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