Ogletree finagles three years guaranteed, no offset


The Rams wanted to get all of their 2013 draft picks signed at once.  In so doing, they’ve given the players taken from No. 21 to 29 a little extra leverage.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, the contract signed by linebacker Alec Ogletree, the 30th overall pick in the draft, includes three years of fully guaranteed salary with no offset.

Ogletree also will receive a $350,000 roster bonus and a $350,000 training-camp reporting bonus in the fourth year of the contract.  It’s a feature that typically exists only in the top half of the bottom third of round one.

Despite multiple off-field incidents at Georgia, the Rams feel strongly about Ogletree.  If he plays to his potential and stays out of trouble, plenty of teams will be regretting passing on him.

The players taken between Ogletree at 30 and Kyle Long at 20 won’t be regretting the wait.  Ogletree’s contract arguably sets a floor that could allow them to get better deals.

6 responses to “Ogletree finagles three years guaranteed, no offset

  1. It should only be noteworthy when a player does agree to offset language. Absence of an optional penalty that is not standard is to be expected. In other words, a player and an agent shouldn’t get bonus points for negotiating a contract without offsets. But a team should be given bonus points when they can get their players to bite and agree to it, and naturally the agents should be pressed to justify their rationale for agreeing to those terms.

    Still a few teams out there that are missing out on securing deals for their players by overestimating their chances at securing the offsets. A small but still relevant mistake for those that can’t get it in there.

  2. It’s like the Rams are conducting a sociology experiment with their draft class.

  3. Wonder what Miami is thinking right now…!!! They’re trying to get the 3rd pick overall to agree to a contract without offsets.

  4. so a week ago all these people were overreacting about the players practicing without a contract seems kinda moot now doesn’t it?? and now with the language all the teams still trying to get their first rounders signed just had to possibly pony up more money I like the way the rams do things

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