ProFootballTalk: Who ya got: Ditka or Sayers?

Some fans were up in arms after Mike Florio revealed that Gale Sayers had made his Bears’ Mt. Rushmore over Mike Ditka. Florio explains his decision and defends it with facts.

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  1. Sayers was a great Chicago Bear no doubt.. but Ditka did it on the field and as a coach. You cannot in any situation compare what Ditka did for the team and city bringing home the hardware. Florio is a Vikings fan he shouldn’t make this call, the fans should have been listened to. There is a reason this really bothers Bears fans… its wrong.

    Papa Bear; Walter; Ditka; Butkus


  2. Florio’s argument about Ditka not being a good enough coach is off base. He won a Super Bowl, and a bag of division titles. Who won the other Super Bowls that Iron Mike should have won? Walsh, Gibbs, and Parcells. Hall of Fame coaches who were leading dynasty level teams that were just as talented, but more balanced than the Bears. Ditka isn’t a hall of fame coach, but he was a good one, and he is a hall of fame player. None of those HOF that were winning the NFC in the 80’s can claim to be a HOF player, and none of them won championships for their team as both a coach and player.

    Sayers was a great player, but his career was short and he never won anything. Being a transcendent talent for 3-4 years can’t match being a HOF player who won a championship, and was one of the first at his position to be elected to the HOF. Oh, and that guy coached the same team to a Super Bowl win…it’s not even close. And again, not to knock Sayers. The guy was amazing, but with a team that has had this many great players you need to have something extra with your amazing.

  3. Ditka changed the way the tight end position is played. His resume as a player alone is almost able to go head to head with Sayers even if he had never coached. When you think of the Bears you think of Ditka not Sayers. I went to 2 bears home games you wouldn’t believe the number of fans wearing Ditka jerseys. Ditka is a legend. Sayers is not, its that simple.

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