Stephen Jones: Cowboys can compete for title


Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said Thursday he was confident his team could “compete for a championship.”

Well, sort of.

Jones said he thought the Cowboys were good enough to belong to the club of the-many-teams-who-have-a-shot-in-any-given-year.

“The last three teams that won championships barely got into the playoffs and did something about it,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of “You’re probably not being realistic if you don’t think things have changed in the last 10 years. There’s probably a lot of people who feel they have a chance to win a championship based on the level playing field and how the [salary] cap has affected the game.

“We feel like we have an opportunity to compete for a championship.”

From that standpoint, he has a point, even if the Cowboys have consistently underwhelmed.

They’ve gone 8-8 the last two years, have made the playoffs once in the last five and have one postseason win since 1996.

But they also have, by any reasonable expectation, a puncher’s chance.

Quarterback Tony Romo has played well, in stretches, and can be outstanding. They have a wide receiver in Dez Bryant who might be as talented as any in the game.

Coupled with an expected bump on defense from replacing Rob Ryan with Monte Kiffin at defensive coordinator (given two good pass-rushers in DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer), and it’s feasible to see the Cowboys making the postseason.

“I feel like the teams that won championships last year, we can compete with them and were right there competing with them maybe without a full deck,” Jones said of last year’s injury plagued defense. “We have confidence that this team will win a championship.”

Or of having a shot, which is probably being honestly believed in about 20-some-odd camps right now.

Maybe more.

38 responses to “Stephen Jones: Cowboys can compete for title

  1. So the Cowboys lost, that’s what this statement means to me.

    The name of the game imo is to be able to confidently say that “to open the season, our team is clearly the most likely team to win it all”.

    If you can’t make that statement, then you are a Loser.

  2. Question: What are the odds of the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl — 1 in 10, 1 in 100, 1 in 1,000?

    Answer: More like 1 in a million.

    Stephen Jones: So you’re telling me there’s a chance. Yahoooooooo!

  3. Dallas and competing?? Hasn’t happened since the big 3 hung them up years ago. So long ago, that all 3 are already in canton!

  4. The day a front office member publicly says that the team he works for doesn’t have a shot at a championship is also not-so-coincidentally the day he or she files for unemployment.

  5. As long as Jerry’s GM, even getting to one and done in the playoffs will be a bloody miracle, as they say in London, the site of the franchise that should go to Los Angeles.

  6. He’s absolutely right. If they make the playoffs and get hot at the right time they can win it all…they definitely have the talent to win it all. But maybe not the leadership.

  7. to be honest as a NYG fan dallas scares me the most out of any team in the division.. philly is a joke. DC had 1 lucky year RG3 and his leg are both overhyped.. but dallas is always that darkhorse but im not worried about seeing them champs..maybe east champs if Eli and the giants have another 2nd half collapse..but not nfl champs

  8. RGknee and the Skins are pretenders. Cowboys could have a chance if they stay healthy. Murray won’t be healthy so there goes their chances. Filthadelphia Eagles have 4 an 12 written all over them. NYG win the east at 10 an 6.

  9. Invincible Dallas “can” win it all. So “can” 31 other teams, some with admittedly infinitesimal chances but many with a far better chance of winning it all than Mighty Dallas.

    “Can”, “could”, “may”, and “might”–the Fearsome Foursome of weasel words.

  10. The Jones family should just stay QUIET! I mean, one of the first things Jerry said when he bought the team was, to paraphrase, “we’re sure as hell gonna win more than three games!”

  11. Get a real GM and the Cowboys improve their chances right away. As it stands now, they will always be a day late and a dollar short because of incompetence at the GM level.

    Exhibit A is their first round draft choice, that’s laughable but then consider exposing your draft board to the world for 2 straight years. Jerry is a joke.

  12. When your a player on a team that’s been ‘anointed’ “God’s team” , “America’s team”-“greatest team ever” ect, ect.. you don’t have to do the work to earn the title-you already have it.

  13. Jerry Jones a barefoot hillbilly, went to Dallas just looking for food for his hungry family, now Jerry and family just laugh at Dallas fans while counting their money Also a TV series is in the making titled Jerry does Dallas Staring who else but Jerry

  14. What do you expect him to say? “uh… no I don’t think we have a shot in hell…”. If he was trying to boast about how great the team is unprovoked by media or Irsaying the crap out of Twitter then I’d have a problem. The media loves to harp on the Cowboys’ mediocrity even when the team is keeping their heads down and putting in work.

  15. “I feel like the teams that won championships last year, we can compete with them and were right there competing with them maybe without a full deck,” Jones said of last year’s injury plagued defense. “We have confidence that this team will win a championship.”

    Without ‘full deck,’ eh?

    That sounds reasonable.

  16. God I want the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl… Just to shut up the haters!!!!! But yea, probably not gonna happen. Six being a Cowboy fan sometimes.

  17. Dallas is the best team in the division on paper. If they get lucky with injuries this year they could get 10 or 11 wins.

    Chip Kelly has Steve Spurrier written all over him. Two years and he’ll be back in college.
    Coughlin is a good coach, but seems to stand around scowling waiting for something to happen.
    Shanahan doesn’t worry me – he doesn’t have Elway.

  18. Delusions run in the Jones family. It might take a couple of decades until young Spaulding Jones inherits the team until they really contend for title.

  19. I was concerned that Jerry would only be able to run this team for about 10 more years. but knowing that Steve Jones will take over I’m thrilled the Cowboys will be incompetent for at least 40.

  20. How many years has it been since Philly won SB? Hmmm. How many decades since Washington even made it to the SB? (cricket, cricket, cricket)

    Yeah, keep laughing at our dumba55 owner. Yours hasn’t no more Championships than we do in that time. NYG are the only ones with any sort of bragging rights against Dallas.

  21. “Barely made the playoffs.”

    Last time I checked the ravens won their division and had a home playoff game. They were not a 1 or 2 seed, but you could hardly say they barely made the playoffs.

    What they did do that the Jonz whelp did not mention is they got hot and healthy at seasons end. That is the recipe that he is looking for and one not likely to find with tony romo as his qb. Romo, like Peyton manning, plays smaller at the end of the season and the playoffs. Not that I would EVER put romo in meanings class. But if the cowboys are to win the Superbowl, romo will need to do what flacco did by getting hot at the end of the season and being a difference maker for the good instead of fumbling pat snaps and throwing foolish interceptions.

  22. Last I checked, at this point in the season, every team is un-defeated and has a shot. Some have better shots than others, but all have a shot. I don’t get the negitivity on his statements. He is just staying upbeat and positive and trying to promote a winning foundation. Nothing wrong with that.

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