Tarvaris Jackson, Brady Quinn to compete for Seahawks backup job

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When Tarvaris Jackson was released by the Buffalo Bills earlier this week it didn’t take long to connect the dots and think that the Seattle Seahawks could likely be a landing-place for Jackson.

Jackson – the Seahawks starting quarterback in 2011 – lost a three-way battle for the starting job last year to Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn. The Seahawks weren’t going to keep Jackson on the roster as a third-string quarterback when he was scheduled to make $4 million in base salary last year. He was traded to Buffalo for a seventh-round draft pick and served as a backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick last season.

A year later, Jackson all of a sudden made a lot of sense for Seattle. The team announced Thursday night Jackson had officially agreed to terms on a one-year deal

Jackson had earned the respect of his teammates by playing the majority of the 2011 season with a torn pectoral muscle and winning seven games as the team’s starter. With Wilson firmly entrenched as the Seahawks’ starter, Jackson would be rejoining the team with a clear understanding of his role on the team.

Though the move wasn’t official after the conclusion of Seattle’s mini-camp on Thursday, head coach Pete Carroll spoke about the team trying to bring Jackson back to Seattle.

“We thought of Tarvaris as a tremendously tough football player and competitive kid that battled for us. We’re a little better than we were in those days so we bring him back with the thought that he’ll make this a very competitive situation,” Carroll said. “He’ll compete with Brady Quinn, and that will be a really good battle for us.”

Carroll said the signing of Jackson isn’t a reflection on the job Quinn has done this offseason. That being said, if Quinn had alleviated all concerns about his ability to backup Wilson the Seahawks may not have pursued Jackson again.

Jackson knows the Seahawks system and organization well and should being to hit the ground running with the team when training camp opens in July.

“We’re just seizing the opportunity to that one of our guys is out there and we can bring him back in and he’ll be able to help us,” Carroll said.

26 responses to “Tarvaris Jackson, Brady Quinn to compete for Seahawks backup job

  1. Would be more interested to see Vince Young get a chance to compete in place of Tarvaris. VY is the starting QB on the all-unemployed team, and Tarvaris shouldn’t be if he was out of a job. He just doesn’t have any talent. He can’t even run with the ball for a side bonus. VY can make plays on the ground and has a chance to be useful if he gets some quality coaching for once. Support the guy and give him a chance!

  2. I always liked T-Jack. He will probably never be a starter in the league again, but I thought he did an admirable job in 2011 as our starter. He played through injuries and a pretty bad O-line. Welcome back to the family!

  3. Based on previous production the job should be Jackson’s, but maybe the ‘Hawks coaches will see something different in camp.

  4. Great signing. This guy will be a great backup qb who is well respected in the locker room. You have to love he has experience with every reciever already and knows bevels system. SEA-HAWKS!

  5. I will never understand why Buffalo did not give Tarvaris a shot last year. Fitzpatrick was so putridly abysmal, other teams were laughing in his face. I would have enjoyed rooting for #7.

  6. Brady Freaking Quinn. I’ve rarely seen anyone get so many chances and produce so little. He certainly can never say that having attended Notre Dame didn’t help his “career”, as there is no other possible reason for him being signed anywhere.

  7. So Seattle will be the home to three backup QB’s come 2014? Wilson is good, but they struck lightning in a bottle. Flutie 2.0? Hate on haters…

  8. People love to rip on TJack, but anybody who watched the Seahawks play with him as the starter know he’s not that bad. He’s a mediocre qb who, if he could handle pressure better, would be a pretty good starter in the NFL. He’s tough, has a great arm, good accuracy, good athleticism. But he freezes when he gets pressured. I’m sure the Seahawks are thrilled to have him back in a backup role and he should beat out Quinn pretty easily.

  9. Jackson and Quinn, Huh? Just like %90 of NFL teams, Boy, are they ever in trouble if the starter goes down!

  10. I have to say I am rooting for wilson to go down for the year. because the two stars backups would be so funny to watch the rest of the year. great signing of backups this is why this team won’t win anything. in this century. go seagulls.

  11. This one is pretty easy to program…

    [a=Seahawks; b=Wilson; c=Quinn_Or_Jackson; d=Out_For_Season; e=End_Of_Season]

    If week1 to week16 ‘b’=’d’
    AND is then replaced by ‘c’
    THEN ‘a’=’e’

  12. Jackson holds the ball too long – too afraid of making a mistake to make quick decisions at times – but that’s far from the worst trait a backup QB can have.

    At least he knows where the good restaurants are already, right?

  13. This is a good move and I am glad T-Jack is Back. He will win the #2 position in all likelyhood.

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